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Positive feed back

HuntedDragon 9 118 United Kingdom
17 Dec 2008 4:32PM
hi all, anybody body want to send hints this way it would be welcome...
i'm at a stage where i'm starting to look and think what the theme is on here, what goes and what flops...(obviously it's horses for corses, but i'm thinking learning new corses is sort of vital in photography..).

basicaly i've notised pop a bitta sunlight on the votes go up a little.. flash the colours a bit a few more votes, but thers obviously more to it, looking at the likes of KathyW's landscapes and kitsch etc.. clive, the guy who dose those amaizing battle ship scenes..some cracking model shots..nature etc etc, i'm seriously lacking in the wumph department.

a spades a spade... a simple it's crap doesnt wash with out a why...

bring it on, rip it to bits...cant learn without posative critism.. even if it's 'i dont like it..because of...'...

my terminology sucks... so it's a new language and self terminology for it 'does that' crossing over to real 'proper' words for me...

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NEWMANP 10 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
17 Dec 2008 4:37PM
have a look here and follow it thro, you just may be interested, and you will deff get the comments, help you seek.

some very good and interesting stuff on your pf, i look at a lot in the gallery but havnt seen any of yours yet so i dont know if you post in the middle of the night or something. some areclickable some not so epz "friendly" you need to get posting a peak times, comment on a few shots and they soon will have a look at yours, maybe give you some help etc.
all the best
csurry 16 9.2k 92
17 Dec 2008 4:40PM
It shouldn't be about what is popular or does well on here, it should be about what you want to shoot.

I would caution against copying/emulating some of the styles that do well in vote terms, just because they score well does not mean that they are good shots. There are as you say many more factors at work, like socialising and commenting on hundreds of pics per day will bring votes, but not the critique that you desire.

So keep posting, interact with those whose work interests you and ask questions on their images.

Enjoy is the most important lesson.
sidaorb 12 3.9k 2 England
17 Dec 2008 4:49PM
Echoing Cheryl's sentiments, its not all about votes (if it was I would have left years ago), its about enjoying and learning within it.

I would suggest putting some of your images to the critique team, when you do though explain why you took the photo, what prompted you etc.

Just had a brief glimpse at your pf, you appear to have a few images with poor focus / DOF and a couple with lighting colour issues. Dont be disheartened though, absorb and learn, I know I have Smile

Also if you can try and get along to an EPZ meet, great place to learn Smile
digipix76 11 577 England
17 Dec 2008 4:56PM
Hi Alan, dont get down mate Smile.....Work towards being as individual as you can and be patient! Above all enjoy what you do Smile
Anthony 16 5.6k 17 Scotland
17 Dec 2008 5:07PM
I realised long ago, I post what I like, and if others like it, thats great, if not, they can move along. Smile

Do what you want, that way you will keep the enjoyment. Make sure you are doing something for you, not them.

Best of luck.

HuntedDragon 9 118 United Kingdom
17 Dec 2008 5:09PM
i'd agree with find your own way, but still it's good to learn as you go, the main downfall being getting stuck doing other peoples stuff.. so a 50 50 weather you develope or go backwards to sheep's-ville lol

as for posting.. i do ocationaly but as far as stuff like 'wow nice tits' or 'love the grass'..'pritty innit' lol... hardly worth a coment realy. would be nice to say something like ''great contrast' and actualy be right it..

newmap..thatk you for that..

sidaorb.. what board? lol... and wow real feed back..ty

ty all.. i wasnt getting down but not far off it... seems i was given a cameda and pushed buttons till 'summut' happened, had a micrografix program and ermm..pushed buttons to see what would happen, from there semi desent jpegs became sunbject to some horific mangling... from there the greatful arival of the 300d..wow! arghhh theyre desent images to start with, the doodling a jpeg tactique sort of looses its chalenge or efectiveness lol..

a new dawn a new horizon as they say.
dougv 14 8.4k 3 England
17 Dec 2008 5:19PM
I know it is easy to get downhearted when it seems that your photos are not being appreciated by others.

If you look through my portfolio you will see that I do not have a particular theme or style that I follow.
Some photos do well as far as votes go and some don't.

I upload the photos that I like and hope that others like them too.
If they don't then I don't stress about it.
It just means that other people have different tastes to me.

Just be yourself and let your particular style develop over time.

As regards the votes, well I wouldn't miss them if they were done away with tomorrow.
I would much rather get good comments or advice from the really good photographers on here.
It's much better to have someone tell you how you can improve a shot than have someone vote on it.

Keep your chin up and remember that photography is meant to be fun!

Doug Wink
Artois 12 405 1 United Kingdom
17 Dec 2008 5:33PM

Keep your chin up and remember that photography is meant to be fun!Doug

That is what is important - that you enjoy what you do. Of course it is great when others appreciate your pics but what matters is that you like them. Just keep taking pics and maybe you will find a style that is distictive to you. Or just keep experimenting, doing is the greatest way to learn!
HuntedDragon 9 118 United Kingdom
17 Dec 2008 8:07PM
well ty... the vote is definatly enjoy it.. i cant argue with that one.
KathyW 14 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
17 Dec 2008 10:13PM
Yes, enjoy it. With all due respects, you're not actually allowed to get bogged down until you've been taking photos for at least five years... Smile
Some styles are very popular on this site, that doesn't mean all the other photos are no good.

It's good that you welcome feedback - it is a good way to learn, but bear in mind that everyone will see things differently. Some of my shots which are very popular on here are actually quite loathsome to me...

When it comes to an individual style I'd say you already have one, but I presume you wish to move on. So, don't worry about it, just get out there and take some bl**dy photos (preferably in daylight) nand try not to mangle them too much.

Think about composition and light before you start. Move around, look for different angles, look for the shot that nobody else has seen. If it's a dull day, or the light isn't quite right ask yourself if it would work in black and white. Take the shot anyway, just in case...
kitsch 12 439 4 United Kingdom
17 Dec 2008 10:26PM
as has been said already really...
don't be too bogged down by what apparently works for other people, just what works for you!
try different stuff that interests you & most of all enjoy yourself! Smile

have you seen the beginings of my PF?! lol
i like leaving them up though,
have been taking photos (& been on here since then) nearly 3yrs & learn stuff all the time
User_Removed 11 2.1k 7 England
17 Dec 2008 10:50PM
It only matters what what works for you. Sod what anyone else thinks. If they like it they do if they don't they don't. It only matters if you are trying to be very good at taking a particular type of shot. Then you can learn from someone who is good at those shots. Depends on what you want out of your photography. I like Haized and Dark Corn from your Pf.
HuntedDragon 9 118 United Kingdom
17 Dec 2008 11:11PM
hmmm sounds like i'll like it here.. not fuddy duddy in the clan lol..
Puffbilly 9 4 New Zealand
3 Jan 2009 8:55PM
Gosh I feel really stupid. Over exposure on my first photo..... I understand the cropping but the over exposure on the right is sunlight. So if I wanted to print this photo off I would crop the sunlight part of the picture out?

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