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Pricing for prints

peterjones 18 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
11 Oct 2005 10:52PM
I have to agree with the above, the more you charge the more people respect you and your work.
I have no problem with starting inexpensive and as your experience grows increase your prices.The trick with charging a lot is to ensure that you are more than worth the price.

Rgds Peter.
User_Removed 16 3.3k Russian Federation
11 Oct 2005 11:14PM
Jany, the insurance issue is more to cover your own back, and to make sure that your kit is covered in the event of any accidents. If someone trips over your camera bag and decides to sue, then you're going to be happier if you've got professional indemnity.

There are lots of threads covering insurance if you search. Glover & Howe seem to be quite popular for specialist insurance, though you may be able to add something to your household policy for a little less.
elowes 16 2.8k United Kingdom
11 Oct 2005 11:27PM
I agree with Peter and others about charging. Make sure it is at a higher rather than lower rate but don't price yourself out of the market.

I used to do kiddies portraits and charged too little. I was contacted by someone who wanted some 10x8 b/w's done as they had seen some I had done for a friend. I gave them a 'friends' rate.

These people didn't come back to me with a date and I later found they had gone to a studio as they felt I was too cheap. Seemed odd to me considering they liked the ones I had done for the mutual friend.
UserDeleted 17 3.6k
11 Oct 2005 11:32PM

You are confusing some of the terms.

Professional Indemnity covers you if you fail to perform a service (lose negs/files, all out of focus, don't turn up etc). It is usually imperative if you have this for once only events such as weddings, events where the cost to restage is high.

3rd party Public Liability covers you if someone is injured or dies as a result of your actions. It is this that Jany needs for the general work such as photographing the OAPs.

Also household insurance only covers you for amateur usage. As soon as you enter semi-pro status then you will need a separate policy (assuming you want to have your kit covered). Household policies are good at exclusions and if they find that the kit is being, or was being used for paid use in the period then they could refuse to pay out.


Finally check my post above for hourly rate discussions - I'm afraid that it's down to you. The answer is much higher than 5/hour but there is no set scale, and no limit.

jany 17 94 United Kingdom
12 Oct 2005 5:28AM
Thank you Guys for your replies,
I shall look into insurance its obviously an important factor. I had absolutley no idea, need to read the freelance forum more!!

Mike, I have black folders with sleeves which would look more professional but again with OAP's will they pay 5 plus. Maybe do a price list of with and without folders??.

Eric, I have done friends portraits too and charged more, in this situation I feel OAP's can't or won't pay alot for 6x4's or am I just too soft hearted Smile

One more question, how can I eliminate flash bounce on specs/glasses? The event is indoors. Would a polariser help? I only have the standard flash on my 300D.
UserDeleted 17 3.6k
12 Oct 2005 5:38AM

You can't really avoid it. A polariser won't help. The only things you can do are have an external flash and bounce it onto a wall or the ceiling, or ask them to remove their glasses.

Otherwise it is post-processing.

peterjones 18 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
12 Oct 2005 6:49AM

Assuming your clients aren't wearing non-reflective glasses (and they don't always volunteer that information!!) you can avoid some post processing grief by asking them to tilt their glasses ever so slightly downwards so that the reflection doesn't bounce into your lens.

You have to be careful as you want to avoid the stern headmistress look which your clients may or may not want to be pictured as !!

Rgds Peter
abel 16 518 United Kingdom
12 Oct 2005 1:42PM
Also, make sure you carry a cheap pack or two of lens wipes with you and insist on anyone being photographed cleaning their glasses. If you can't bounce flash off the ceiling or wall (my first suggestion) then you will have a hell of a pp job cloning out mucky fingerprints - all for 1-50 a shot, forget it!

6x4's I suggest you charge 4-5 - and a couple of other points. I think that your market might be the families of the OAP's - how many OAP's would have the eyesight to look at a 6x4 anyway? My parents can't and they've just turned 60. And there's the cost factor - I know that this is a generalisation, but most OAP's seem to have less cash to spend than the average 12-year-old, so go for nicely emotive images that sons and daughters will want to buy. And if not, then you've still got some good practise in, I guess.

You might get some nice exposure by putting all the shots online somewhere like PBase or Smugmug (with a watermark) and make sure everyone has a card with the web address.

I think the organiser is trying to stiff you. Ripple effect my *rse (although I say this as someone who doesn't advertise and has got every single paid job this year through word of mouth, lol). He wants you to do the job for nothing or next to and you have to bear in mind that he won't accept any lesser quality from you for being so cheap - in his mind he's booked a 'photographer' ...

HTH - just my penny's worth (with a bit of a rant thrown in, lol).
jany 17 94 United Kingdom
19 Oct 2005 5:42AM
Thanks for all replies, realised pricing is a complicated subject, especially when it comes to communtity events. Anyway I did the event and am just waiting to hear what the organiser thinks of the shots. Enjoyed the experience though.
Bonus though, in the hall next door was a Star Trek convention so after 'chatting up' Captain pickard I managed to get some shots of him, Riker and several sinister looking klingons! Oh the fun of having a camera with you.
rletham 16 890 United Kingdom
19 Oct 2005 5:45AM
load some trekkie shots then ;o)
jany 17 94 United Kingdom
19 Oct 2005 5:47AM
ok will do then, but it'll be later as i now have to pick up the sproggs from school. bye for now.

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