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Printer suggestions?

Daisy_intheMill 18 145 1 United Kingdom
19 Apr 2011 1:59PM

I'm looking for a suitable printer for an event. Is there a 6x8 printer that is of reasonable quality out there? I've been pulling my hair out looking at reviews etc but even more confused now. If not any recommendations for a professional quality 6x4 printer?

It's not the sort of thing I usually do - but have been asked to do it for charity. Usually use a professional lab but wanted to offer on site prints.
Many thanks for any help.
LindaD3x 18 197 United Kingdom
19 Apr 2011 2:25PM
Hi Jude

I used a 6x4 dyesub printer for a charity do and it was brilliant. A dyesub produces great quality pictures and the first is as good as the last and they are dry to touch instantly. I bought some frames (the cardboard mounts) and popped the images in these plus a sealed bag too and everyone bought the images for £5 a time. You have to sell them at the tables on the night or people are less likely to buy after the night.

We use the large professional dyesub printers here so i knew what the quality was like.

Hope this is useful.

Lin Smile
Daisy_intheMill 18 145 1 United Kingdom
19 Apr 2011 3:17PM
Hi Linda,

Thank you for that.Smile I was wondering if there was a dye sub printer that printed 6x8. Apparently there was one - Kodak 6800 but no longer available. Just wondered if anyone knew of anything else at that size. The organisers were interested in 8x10 but I knew I'd not manage that without either lugging a quality printer to the venue ( and expensive) or doing 6x4" prints as samples and 8x10 in the post - but it just seems like a faff!
It's a Royal Wedding Charity do - so sort of my line of work! Ha - bit of fun!
LindaD3x 18 197 United Kingdom
19 Apr 2011 3:32PM
Ah... I have an idea... get a little 6x4 and sell those then offer an enlargement (after) service. At least you'll make a load for charity at the venue and then even more after - happy days!

We use the large dye subs at work (£000's) and they're heavy its hard enough moving one of those things if you need the desk space let alone lugging one along to a venue lol...

Sound like fun... enjoy and good luck Smile
Daisy_intheMill 18 145 1 United Kingdom
19 Apr 2011 4:33PM
Thanks Linda. That's a good idea!
Phil-LS 19 632 United Kingdom
19 Apr 2011 4:56PM
is this any help ?

Canon Selphy CP800 Black Compact Photo Printer
Daisy_intheMill 18 145 1 United Kingdom
19 Apr 2011 5:09PM
Thanks Phil - that's the sort of idea - just wish it would print larger! Wink
Phil-LS 19 632 United Kingdom
19 Apr 2011 5:23PM
theres here

But there not cheap in my eye's lol
JackField 15 26 United Kingdom
4 May 2011 10:03PM
I use a 3 year old Mitsubishi CP9550DW Dye sub to print my 8x6's at events. It's never let me down in the 3 years of doing events, and although it's not the cheapest on the market (in fact it's been replaced by another model now) it's reliablity and quality make it worth every penny.
KJDPHOTO 13 21 United Kingdom
4 May 2011 11:07PM
have a look for a hiti 730 ps, they can print 6x4, 7x5 and 8x6 are reasonably cheap (i picked mine up on ebay for about £150.00 about 5 years ago and it is still going strong,
prints are available in packs of 30 for about £20-£30 for the 7x5 and 8x6 and packs of 60 for about £25 for the 6x4
prints take about 90 seconds and it can print direct from media card without the need for a computer or can be connected to a pc/laptop via usb2

here is a link to a new one on photomart,4

or photomart offer a printer hire facility

and photomart also do mounts etc.

or check out system insight who are a wealth of infor on event photography and also do a printer hire service.

hope this helps

Daisy_intheMill 18 145 1 United Kingdom
5 May 2011 9:14AM
Thanks for those guys! - I'll give them a look. Did get a small 6x4" for the event I worked at but would be interested in one that can do larger. Grin
mikeweeks 18 978 3 England
22 May 2011 7:59PM
There are basically 2 groups of dye subs, those that do up to 9"x6" prints and those that do up to 12"x8" prints. Many brands have come and gone, Kodak are not that well respected, the HiTi 730 is a childs toy when compared with the professional models. Mitsubishi have the longest history with dye subs and the 9550 has been superseeded many time over. The 9550 was extremely difficult to get accurate colours from.
Sony to the best of my knowledge are withdrawing from making dye subs and the latest HiTi is a plastic cased individually styled machine.

The last couple of years has seen a new make on the market, DNP who have a very long tradition of printing in Japan and are the owners of the Konica brand - in fact they produce the media for many other makers. You are looking at about £1000 for the DNP DS40 which produces up to 9"x6" prints (Photomart are doing an offer including 6 free rolls of media at present worth about £270) and about £1600 for the DNP DS80 which produces up to 12" x 8" prints. If you are worried that you may not have heard of DNP then compare the DNP machines and the Mitsubishi CP3800 which produces up to 12"x8" and is about £100 dearer. They collaborated on the production of the machines.

Mitsubishi have introduced a new series of printers including a double decked version i.e. it can produce 2 different sized prints at the same time.

Both the DNP and Mitsubishi machines have a 2 year guarantee whereas every other machine has only a 1 year guarantee and that is one of the many reasons that I would take only one of these 2 brands. Personally I have been using both versions of the DNP and have had no issues.

Beware of some of the machines being sold on ebay, if it is not a DNP or a Mitsubishi it is unlikely that media is available regardless of what the seller says. Photomart stock the widest range of media so if you are buying second hand check with them if media is still available.

User_Removed 18 3.3k 4 United Kingdom
22 May 2011 8:18PM
Talk to System Insight, they know about the needs of event photographers and are dye sub experts. Have dealt with them in the past and they are good.
mikeweeks 18 978 3 England
22 May 2011 10:04PM
Chris if however you want to talk with the dye sub suppliers that have the largest range of dye-subs on the market then the answer is Photomart - if you want to know about event photography I run the largest event photography forum as well as articles in photo magazines etc. so I hope I can help.

User_Removed 18 3.3k 4 United Kingdom
23 May 2011 12:03AM
Mike, I hope you didn't think I was contradicting your advice because I wasn't. I was talking to the OP with a recommendation based only on personal experience of a purchase for a friend.

That's a very strong recommendation for Photomart. Forgive me asking but is it an independent recommendation or do you have some connection with the firm?

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