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Problem saving edited photoshop images

sandwedge 14 3.4k 3 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2021 12:21PM
I have had the latest Photoshop 2021 for about a week now and all was fine until yesterday. After editing a picture I went to SAVE AS, Save as jpeg and got the following message frame: "You cant save to H: pictures from H: Pictures (source file) Choose another Location" but same thing happens with any folder I choose in H: I can however save the image in a different remote hard drive IMAGES L:

Any suggestions?
1 Mar 2021 12:42PM
I think may be there is something in Preferences section where it seems to me that a number of alterations have been made. A number of these settings you can now revert to 'Legacy' - which means the way you have always done it. I had a problem with text, which came up as ether inches or pixels and I had no idea - I have always used 10,12.14 - the print settings. So I would suggest that you check these carefully as sometimes they are difficult to spot. I have had no problems in saving to any external drives or internal so I think it will be in Preferences
bornstupix2 4 119 1 France
1 Mar 2021 1:15PM
Is H the card/card reader/camera you have downloaded the original file from prior to working on it in Photoshop?....you need to look at the different drives you have connected and identify exactly what drive H is as you may not be able to save edited files to if it is a camera card formatted for your camera or you have opened the file from within the actual camera.
sandwedge 14 3.4k 3 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2021 1:52PM
Thanks both. I will check the Preferences. The H Drive is an external Hard drive not a card reader.and it worked fine for years on Elements and all of last week until yesterday on the new PS 2021

I am getting a Warning icon when trying to save. It says: The current file format must be saved as a copy because it will not save the document layers" I regret to say I am very much a beginner with Photoshop and I dont know what this means. I made a duplicate Layer copy but it hasnt changed anything when I try to Save.
bornstupix2 4 119 1 France
1 Mar 2021 3:08PM
I had a look at the info from photoshop and it seems that it maybe using jpeg as a first choice "save as" This possibly means you are not saving a layered format
If I have altered the image with DxO etc I save a tif...then a large jpeg and a small jpeg to use with facebook email ect.
As I make my first time download from the camera its always a nef file plus a jpeg.
Dont know if this throws any light on your situation....oh and it is windows 10 I use so a mac problem could differ again
1 Mar 2021 3:21PM
I would say that if you save as a tif, if you want to save the layers, there will not be a problem and if you need to save as a jpeg then I think you will have to merge the visible layers. As you have external drives saving as a tif should not give you any problems. I suspect that the larger size a layered Jpeg would be, is too mach for the ram to deal with - just a guess. I always save as a merged tiff unless I know I want to come back and work on the layers - then I save as a layered tiff and unlike Charles I don't save any jpegs unless I know that they are going to the internet.
1 Mar 2021 3:50PM
Your problem is all about using layers. If you have created any extra layers when you are editing the image in Photoshop, either normal or adjustment layers, these won't be preserved when you save the image as a JPEG file, which is why Photoshop is prompting you to save a copy of the image. With a JPEG, the visual effect of the layers will be saved, but the actual layers themselves will be flattened down to one layer. So if you close the image, the next time you open it you won't be able to see or edit the layers. If you aren't worried about editing the layers, then you can save as a JPEG copy and then close it without saving the image again. Just be aware that you won't be able to go back and edit the layers later on, if you want this option save it as a PSD (Adobe Photoshop Document file format), or possibly TIFF (but this may not retain the ability to edit all of the layer options). These last two formats will create a file that is be much bigger than a JPEG (in the amount of storage it takes-up not the number of pixels in the image) so will take up more space on you hard drive. Hope that helps
sandwedge 14 3.4k 3 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2021 4:29PM
Thanks Chris. I understand what you are saying, however the problem is still there when I flatten the image to save it. Since images save normally in my second remote Hard drive, I wonder if its an issue with the first Hard Drive itself maybe? If that's the case, I dont have a clue what to do.
1 Mar 2021 5:12PM
Is it still refusing to save as a jpeg John? How much space is there on the hard drive? It maybe that the hard drive itself perhaps needs to be defragmented in order for there to be a clear space for your new images. To find out how much space there is on your hard drive go to Windows Explorer (if your not using Windows I'm stuck!!) its the yellow folder in the tool bar at the bottom of your screen. All the drives should be listed. Right click on a drive letter and a menu will appear at the bottom of which is 'Properties'. Click on this and a diagram will appear with a circle in the middle part of it shaded blue. This is a diagram of how much space has been used - the blue section and the empty space is shaded in dark grey. usually drives need at least 1/4 free in which to function properly. If it looks half empty then this is not the problem but if it looks pretty full then at the top there are some tabs, one of which is tools. Click on this and you can then check for errors and optimise the drive. You can also Clean-up redundant files and bits of files by using the 'Clean-up' button which is at the side of the diagram of your hard drive.
sandwedge 14 3.4k 3 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2021 5:22PM
Thanks Angie, I have looked at this and I have 1.75Terabites used and 288gig left Do you think that could be a problem? I will defrag it and see what happens and maybe delete some of the older files.
1 Mar 2021 5:36PM
If you use the Disk Clean-up at the side of the diagram it will actually clear out quite a lot of stuff and could give you the room you need. Defragmenting can take a long time so best to start as you go to bed and leave it on all night.
sandwedge 14 3.4k 3 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2021 7:03PM
Thanks again Angie. Will do that. ZZZzzzzzzz SmileGrin

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