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Problem uploading pictures for January competition

Paul H Avatar
Paul H 20 63
29 Jan 2003 11:52AM
I have been trying to upload a coouple of pictures to the January competition for a few days now, without success.

My file has been saved for the web as a JPG file using microsoft Picture it. The file size is 24KB, and as far as I can see, it should meet your submission requirements. I have logged in before attempting to upload the file.

Is there anything I am missing? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Pete Avatar
Pete 22 18.8k 97 England
29 Jan 2003 11:57AM
Sounds as though you are doing everything right. Are you getting an error message. We've found a few pictures struggle when the filename has spaces. If this is the case rename without spaces and try again.
Will Avatar
Will 22 1.8k United Kingdom
29 Jan 2003 11:57AM
Sorry you're having problems Paul.

What Operating System and Web browser are you using?

What error messages are you given?

Please give as much information as possible about what happens.
Will Avatar
Will 22 1.8k United Kingdom
29 Jan 2003 11:58AM
Woops, replied at the same time as Pete there! Follow his advice first, it may well fix the problem.
Paul H Avatar
Paul H 20 63
29 Jan 2003 12:03PM
I don't have spaces in the file name - it is simply "comm1.jpg". I have also tried renaming it just "comm.jpg", by opening the picture in Microsoft Photo Editor to see if it is something in Picture It, but it still won't go through.

Does the picture have to be in a specific location on my PC to upload? I have tried from a folder within "my documents", and from my desktop - neither have worked so far.

I have also now tried turning off my firewall. Still no joy.

The error message I recieve is "cannot find server or DNS error". This dosen't happen for any other pages that I open from EPhotozine.
Paul H Avatar
Paul H 20 63
29 Jan 2003 6:08PM
I have just re read my last post and realised that it hasn't responded to all the points Will asked about.

I am using Windows 98 and Internet Explorer version 6.0.

Hope this will allow you to help me!
Badger Avatar
Badger 21 4.7k 20 United Kingdom
29 Jan 2003 8:10PM
I seem to have managed to upload my entries to the january competition, but still haven't had any confirmation they have been accepted or not.
I have re-submitted the entries as Pete suggested I did, to be safe.
Has anybody else had confirmation their entries have been accepted. I really don't want to miss out on a chance to win.
bppowell Avatar
bppowell 22 2.2k 2 England
29 Jan 2003 9:46PM
uploaded my images a couple of days ago but the only confirmation I had was from the upload page itself(thank you for submitting).

J-P Avatar
J-P 20 396
30 Jan 2003 7:59AM
Me too. Can't remember if it was like this last month
Pete Avatar
Pete 22 18.8k 97 England
30 Jan 2003 8:35AM
Our picture acceptance system is set up so that when we make a picture active an auto message from me is sent out. To save developing another system we have the same thing in the competition. So the only time you get a message, other than the instant onscreen thank you mentioned by Barry, is when the pictures are made live when the competition ends. We obviously need to change this! The response to this competition has been much better too. Over 200 entries so far and much better than last time in terms of ideas and quality.
Paul H Avatar
Paul H 20 63
30 Jan 2003 8:56AM

Any other ideas how I can get my picture uploaded - it still won't go through.


Pete Avatar
Pete 22 18.8k 97 England
30 Jan 2003 12:10PM
Not sure what else to suggest other than we come and look at your system and process, which we don't have the resource to do. Anyone else had problems that they've solved using methods other than those explained here?
Paddy Avatar
Paddy 21 254 8 England
30 Jan 2003 9:35PM
Hi Paul,
when I was having this was me..I was saving the pictures in another format or though I didn't think I was...I got rid of 'picture it express' because it caused me so many problems... Once I saved them through another program the problem you have another program to save them through? it digital or are you scanning?...Just "save as" in another programme, then it should be ok.. hope this helps ..Paddy
Paul H Avatar
Paul H 20 63
31 Jan 2003 5:22PM
Thanks for the suggestion Paddy.

I have now tried opening and saving the file in my Olympus camedia suite software. This resulted in a larger file for some reason (38Kb v 24Kb), but still no upload.

It appears to me that the problem must have something to do with internet explorer, and its interaction with ephotozine.

when I press the upload button there is a very brief period of activity, then nothing. The status bar on explorer says "opening page" and I wait, and wait and nothing happens until the error message appears. Very frustrating.

Tom_T Avatar
Tom_T 20 16
31 Jan 2003 6:10PM
Paul, it may sound strange but do you use a download accellerator, if so uninstall it and try again. I had a similar problem with a different site caused by my download accelerator.

Its worth a try..


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