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Problems with ''A'' mode with Z7.

Daffy1 14 421 Ireland
18 Nov 2020 5:47PM
During the lockdowns here in Ireland (I live in a small village ), I have been taking portraits of the local people and put them up on my FB page as B&W portraits. I have problems in ''A'' mode , I set the camera to f4, ISO 500 and ''centre wt'' exposure but a lot of the picture are underexposed . Why ?
I switched to fully auto and perfection !!!
Whats wrong is it me or my beautiful Z 7.

Jestertheclown 13 8.7k 255 England
18 Nov 2020 7:01PM
I can't give you a definitive answer but I'd have to suspect that "centre wt" exposure; presumably, you're referring to metering, is where the problem lies.

I too use a Z7, usually in "aperture" and I haven't had any issues but then I use matrix metering. Try that perhaps?
18 Nov 2020 10:20PM
I would also suspect that if they are underexposed then you need a wider aperture or a slower shutter speed. And if you decide on a slower shutter then you need a tripod or very steady hands. Are the photos of the villagers careful portraits or just casual images? And are they outdoors or indoors?
Daffy1 14 421 Ireland
18 Nov 2020 10:42PM
i think it is the metering i'll try 'matrix metering' tomorrow and see what happens. the lens has a max of f4 so i increased the ISO to compensate and get a faster shutter speed. Damian
Jestertheclown 13 8.7k 255 England
18 Nov 2020 10:43PM
Angie, in aperture mode, with the aperture and ISO already in place, the exposure time will take care of itself.

That time will be dependent though, on the information provided by the metering which I think, is the likely culprit.

the lens has a max of f4 so i increased the ISO to compensate and get a faster shutter speed

What speed is the camera showing you?
hobbo Plus
11 1.8k 4 England
19 Nov 2020 6:25AM
This, may, or, may not help....but here goes....

I have recently been studying the fantastic mono portraits of professional Photographer.....Jane Bown....she worked for the Observer Newspaper and Magazine in the 1950s and 60s....she never used flash or artificial light....always, whatever light was available...

I noted during my study, that her default settining was F2.8 ... S 125 ... she would have bedn shooting on 400 ASA mono film....

I do mono portraiture, I have been using these settings too.... adjusted to suit ambient conditions.... my portfolio is available of EPZ ....and Jane Bown’s work can be studied on the Net and on YouTube.

LenShepherd 14 4.5k United Kingdom
19 Nov 2020 8:38AM
The problem may be your lack of understanding of how centre weighted or spot modes meter.

Auto - as in matrix - works out whether the subject is lighter or darker than average - and adjusts the exposure accordingly.

Spot and centre weighted measure what is in front of the camera - and you have to adjust the exposure if the subject is lighter or darker than average.

If you meter from close to a light coloured face in centre weighted or spot mode the meter assumes a bright coloured subject and reduces the exposure time.

If you centre weighted meter from a little further back a person in very dark clothing the meter assumes a dark subject - and gives too long an exposure.

Centre weighted and spot are only convenient if you are expert enough to recognise a light or dark subject - and also able to calculate what exposure compensation is needed.

Your camera is working good as matrix metering gets exposure right.

If you download Nikon's free NX-D you can easily improve a photo that is either too light or too dark.
Daffy1 14 421 Ireland
19 Nov 2020 9:52AM
I'll use my 'Matrix' metering today and see what happens. Thanks Lensheperd your explanation make sense. I'll keep up to-date . Damian

Daffy1 14 421 Ireland
19 Nov 2020 1:07PM
Problem solved I did ' Matrix ' metering and all good.

thank you

Jestertheclown 13 8.7k 255 England
19 Nov 2020 1:12PM

Glad to help.

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