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Problems with colours

12 Oct 2010 8:06PM
Dear Ephotoziners,

I recently bought new monitor and got a Spider kit to calibrate it so that I could get all colors correct for printing.

The problem I'm experiencing now is that the colors look great in Photoshop (after I tweak the raw files) but look rather different when opened in any other programme. Both tiff and jpg files seem to have more red in them when opened in lets say Faststone, Windows gallery or using any other aplicaion yet same files look great when opened in Photoshop.

Can somebody help please?

Many thanks

strawman 19 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
12 Oct 2010 10:10PM
This could be related to colour settings in Photoshop. in my version it is Edit>Colour Settings.

Often the No Colour management box is selected. I use the Allow me to choose option.

If you have No Colour management setting selected then it ignores the colour management information embedded in the file. Also check your FastStone Colour management settings. It is in

Settings> Settings> Then in the Box that opens pick the CMS tab and check the enable Colour management system. You probably need to close it and start again, but you may now find that images look the same in Photoshop and FastStone.

Another problem can be if the tools are all in different colour spaces. Most programs support sRGB, only a few support Adobe RGB. So another cause could be that your version is working in Adobe RGB while the others are not.
13 Oct 2010 11:08AM
Hello Strwaman,

Thank you for advice. I did change the setting as advised by you (Edit>Colour Stettings> Allow me to choose) but same thing is happening. All looks good as long as opened in Photoshop.

As for the tools working in different colour spaces... not sure? I have Elements 5 if that helps?

strawman 19 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
13 Oct 2010 12:44PM
OK as a test, change an image you open to have an SRGB colour space, then save it as a new file. Open the new file in another application does it still look different? An did you do the FastStone CMS setting change I mentioned also?
13 Oct 2010 2:07PM
I did that and there's no difference... still all looks goof in Photoshop but rubish everywhere else...

I'm just wondering maybe I need to load the calibrated profile into the photoshop or something like that?

As for Faststone I don't mind it showing me the colours same as windows all I'm after if for the customers to see the colours like I do in Photoshop :-(
13 Oct 2010 2:21PM
First of all, your monitor calibration has no direct influence on what gets printed. There is a printer profile for that. The monitor profile affects what you see so make sure the monitor profile is being loaded into your video card (you should get some sort of information when you start up your computer and you can also check that it is the default system profile)

Make sure you edit in AdobeRGB and that in color settings, you have the boxes checked to prompt for a profile mismatch (you don't want an incorrect embedded profile to be ignored or automatically converted.

You need to remember that many other programs do not support or recognise color management profiles so assume it will be something like sRGB which will make them look odd. I am not sure why you want to use other programs alongside PS but if you do, you might be better off saving a version of your Photoshop edited file as one converted to the sRGB colorspace

Other than that, it is really difficult to give precise help without knowing all of your set up both in terms of profiling and Photoshop settings but as I say, the key is to remember that your monitor profile is just for your monitor and should make no appearance in any of your Photoshop settings

Hope this helps a little Smile
13 Oct 2010 2:38PM
Hello Barry I don't know who's talking about printing?
What I'm bothered about is the difference that I get from viewing my pictures through different software.

And yes my monitor profile does load into the video card each time I switch it on no worries.

To answer your qustion the reason I want to use other programes to view the pictures is that my customers are not going to view my work through PS, they'll use other common programmes that non photographers use and I'd like my photographs to have same colours in them.

13 Oct 2010 2:51PM

Quote:Hello Barry I don't know who's talking about printing?

Maybe it was you?

Quote:I recently bought new monitor and got a Spider kit to calibrate it so that I could get all colors correct for printing

I'll give up now Smile
13 Oct 2010 3:18PM
Yes that was the reason for buying the spyder. But the problem I'm talking about here is not relating to printing but colour difference when viewing images through diffrent applications.

To be honest with you your answer contradiced the person before (Strawman) who actually seemed like they understand what I say better then you do and made more sense to me...

So thanks for your help Barry but you're not really helping ta
strawman 19 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
13 Oct 2010 3:46PM

Sorry I cannot think of anything further to help you. when I first started to work RAW files I found they were good in the RAW editor C1, but looked different as a TIFF/JPEG. Then I found if I changed the output colour space to SRGB then applications like word and internet explorer treated them the same as photo editor tools. So the step of turning on colour management in Photoshop and then saving output to things like word as SRGB got around my problem.

If in photoshop, you convert the file to a JPEG using the save for the web function, do other programs open the save for the web file looking the same as photoshop? It sounds like a colour management problem, but I am not an expert.

Regards John
13 Oct 2010 4:08PM
Hello John

Strangley enough when I use the save for the web function the images start looking bad in the preview box in photoshop already. But after saving them they look ok when opened again in Photoshop but still bad (to much red) in other aplications.

Thank you for your help I will try again to redo all the steps as advised by your before. I think you are pointing me in right direction- appreciated!

Best wishes
13 Oct 2010 4:15PM

To be honest with you your answer contradiced the person before (Strawman) who actually seemed like they understand what I say better then you do and made more sense to me...

I think you'll find I do know what I'm talking about and if you try and understand what I am saying rather than being so dismissive, you'll see it does make sense, that what I am saying is correct and does not contradict anything Strawman is saying.

If you want help, you need to try and grasp what is being said and why and not simply dismiss it because you cannot understand it
GlennH 17 1.9k 1 France
13 Oct 2010 7:15PM
Ania, I said this elsewhere recently - but here it is again - 'save for web' is effectively not colour managed by default, so you'll see the same colour in that as you do in other non colour-managed applications.

That's what this whole problem boils down to - you're seeing the difference between an application that uses your monitor profile (Photoshop), and those that don't.

Typically, a wide-gamut monitor will over-saturate sRGB files outside of a colour managed environment, but most people don't own such a monitor.

And, Barrie does know what he's talking about!
strawman 19 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
13 Oct 2010 11:12PM
If it helps I found elements save for the web can strip out colour space info etc. It depends on settings. In my version if I click on the triangle to the right of the 2nd preview window it allows you to alter the colour space settings in the 2nd preview.

So with an Adobe RGB image, if I select standard windows colours the image changes, and bright red items get very un-saturated. If I select embedded colour space its OK. what Ania is describing sounds like the reverse. Is it possible for the machine to be working in sRGB and Elements to open the sRGB image as an Abobe one?

I forgot to ask is the computer an apple or widows machine. The apple default colour space is closer to Adobe so that may be something or nothing. See quote below from Elements help. If you select the colour space for your computer, does the image save for the web produces match now?

And last clutch at straws in preferences saving files is the ignore camera data EXIF ticked.


When optimizing an image for the web, consider how the image will appear on different monitors. In general, an image appears darker in Windows systems than on Mac OS systems. You can simulate cross-platform display differences in the Save For Web dialog box.

1. In the Editor, open an image and choose File > Save For Web.
2. Choose your optimization settings.
3. Click the triangle to the right of the optimized image to view the document panel menu.
4. Choose a display option:

Uncompensated Color
Shows the image with no color adjustment (the default option).

Standard Windows Color
Adjusts the color to simulate a standard Windows monitor.

Standard Macintosh Color
Adjusts the color to simulate a standard Macintosh® monitor.

Use Document Color Profile
Shows image with its color profile, if one exists.

Note: These preview options adjust color only in the Save For Web dialog box; they don’t change colors in the original or optimized image.

GlennH 17 1.9k 1 France
14 Oct 2010 12:18AM
Thing is, this problem cannot be resolved if it's being caused by a combination of wide-gamut monitor and non colour-managed applications - and it sounds typical of that.

You simply have to avoid using programs that are not colour aware. Getting the problem to go away in 'save for web' doesn't alter that, even though it momentarily reduces stress!

On the plus side, this is a local issue and the colour displayed in Photoshop itself should be reliable.

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