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processing digital images

tricky66 15 24 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2009 8:53PM
What exactly determines a processed image? There are some stunning images posted on the site every day and some of these are obviously "processed" and by that I mean they are not just subjected to a saturation boost and a tweek to the contrast, but they leap at you. I am in total appreciation of the lengths the creator has gone to, to capture that particular moment, angle, time, location.... you name it, we have all been there...well i have! i think my basic question is how are these images given such life. It would be unfair to name but a few of the contributors to the site( plus there are a few ) but they and you may know who I mean. I really want to expand the after shot experience and would be very grateful for everybodies comments and even suggestions?
arhb 14 3.4k 68 United Kingdom
24 Oct 2009 9:06AM
Hi Rich,
I like doing a bit of 'photoshopping' every now and then, and what I do is quite image dependent.
I had a job about a year ago, when a model friend of mine asked me to do some touch-up work on some images she had, which involved skin smoothing/unwanted blemishes etc. I did a search for glamour touch-up tachniques, and found something suitable.
Having worked out what to do, I have since used the technique and applied it to images in the way I want to use it.
I also found another technique used for selecting a difficult subject, in order to move the subject to render onto a different background. Again, learn the technique, and apply it in the way you want to use it.
Finally, I found by uploading images for critique/modification, you will get pointers from various comments in how to process images in order to get the most from the image via photoshop processing.
Hope this helps.
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
24 Oct 2009 9:55AM
As Andrew has said. Its all very dependant on the image, But add to that the intent, Or what the image is for ie: Intended target.

Targets may include, Paper/Mag/Web/Print/Personal/Sales etc etc.

In the past when working with film, Unless you had your own darkroom, You relied on 3rd party processing, To some extent you put up with whatever came back, This became more so when dealing with colour film.

Todays digital Photographer, Is usually his own processing lab, Once you have your base image, What you do with it, Is only limited by your imagination and in some cases software.

There are so many possible permutations to arrive at a finished product, Its not easy to say, Do this or do that, On the face of it, Theres really no wrong way, Just variations on the theme.

Best advise I can offer is, Create your very own workflow, From the click of the shutter, To the finished/printed image, Then try and stick with the same workflow, For an easy life if nothing else...Smile

Oh! And do make sure you have some sort of catalogue system, As well as safe back-up methods in place....Wink
tricky66 15 24 United Kingdom
25 Oct 2009 9:49PM
Thanks for your replies. I think I am asking an impossible question but would you agree that some of these images are subject to HDR treatment?
How else would you get the results of perfect ground to sky exposures and such vibrant colours?

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