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PS CS4 hardware requirements (user recomended not Adobe)

IPfreely 11 38 England
28 Dec 2008 10:25AM
I'm looking to upgrade from elements to a full version of photoshop and while my system spec exceeds the minimum Adobe recomend I was hoping someone here could shed some light on what is realistcally needed.

I hope to be running it on my XP machine, but would consider Vista if getting a new machine.
I would consider CS3 over CS4 if it meant I wouldnt need a new machine, is 3 still available and would I miss out on much?
I only intend getting and using PS, I dont do video so wont be getting one of the suites.
Since I am somewhat out of touch with all the tech lingo I would be greatfull for as much explanation as pos.

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redsnappa 15 2.0k United Kingdom
28 Dec 2008 11:24AM
download and install the cs4 trial from adobe to try it out first.
IPfreely 11 38 England
28 Dec 2008 12:55PM
I have been considering a new machine for a while and was wondering if this could be the jutification needed .... I'll give the downlad a go later on, it's huge tho!
cameracat 14 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
28 Dec 2008 1:05PM
If you intend upgrading your computer, And foresee that you may well be running Vista, Then the following may be of help...!

At least a " Dual Core " CPU, prefferably 2.8 or higher....!

Ideally a " Quad Core " CPU around 2.5 per core...!

Minimum of 4Gb of RAM, With a 4Gb " Raedy Boost " flash drive.

A graphic board with a minimum of 512 on-board RAM. Yeah! I know your not into Video or 3D stuff.......But trust me Vista will take system RAM for graphic useage if your board is anything less than 512......!

Hard drives are up to you.......Should be SATA 2 at least, With raid as an option......!

Then back this lot up with a really decent Power Supply of around 600 watts......Something like a " Corsair " Or " SeaSonic " Brand.

If you are considering either CS3 or CS4 you'll find they work better with Vista anyhow..........Especially CS4 on a 64Bit system.......!
IPfreely 11 38 England
28 Dec 2008 1:48PM
I was hoping not to upgrade just yet but if I do, I want it to be done in one shot, so thanks for the info cameracat. Redsnappa, just beack from adobe site, I wont be downloading a trial, nice as it seems its almost a gig!!

I hear nothing but bad things about vista so am duely cautious, however if it will be the way we all go eventually ....maybe I should. I'm fine with the processors and ram but all ths talk of 64bit goes right over my head as does a ready boost flash drive ......... oh and should I be looking for a DDR3 board?? anyone care to expand for me?

I have successfully understood and built my own machines in the past but have lost tough in the last 4 years ...... so I'm noticalbly rusty ... bring it on please!
redsnappa 15 2.0k United Kingdom
31 Dec 2008 6:57PM
I've installed the trial version of Photoshop CS4 to my XP computer and find it to be quicker than CS3.
(My PC Specs: AMD dual core 4200 - 2GB RAM & AIT radeon 1650 graphics card.)

Quote:I wont be downloading a trial, nice as it seems its almost a gig!!

The 860Mb dowonload was only about 20mins in my 8MB broadband..

What is the spec of your current pc IPFreely?
tomcat 12 6.4k 15 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2008 8:19PM

Quote:I hear nothing but bad things about vista
..only from the uninitiated Smile

Happy New Year
ardclinis 10 5 Ireland
31 Dec 2008 8:25PM
Hi I also need some advise I have a dual core amd 64 3600 1.91ghz running on windows xp and want to install a graphics card to use with cs4 what should I look for I will have 3 to 4 gig of memory to play with and I also have a 500gig external can I fine a way to use some of it.
OMG 9 51 2 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2008 11:56PM
I have been having huge trouble with Elements 6 freezing solid, to the extent that the only way to get out is by physically switching off the computer. This is ever since I bought a new computer.

So being very nontechnical, I also could do with some assistance.
Because of the amount of RAW files I now store, I had decided to buy a new computer and on the advice of my computer man, I bought one with the following spec:
Intel Quad core Q6600 processor, 750Gb Hard DiscDrive, 4gbDDR2 667 memory, ATI Radeon 2400 Pro graphics card with 256MB supporting 1GB Hyper memory, 450Watt PSU Sider Windows
I run Windows XP 64bit edition.

I spoke to someone at Adobe on their help line and they said that there was a known fault when using a Quad core processor and downloading a large number of RAW files. They sent me an email on how to "Remove the Multiprocessor Support Plug in" I followed their instructions to the letter but when I tried to paste the very long file they gave it said the file was not recognized. So I am still only able to download about 4 RAW files otherwise Photoshop freezes.

I have been thinking of upgrading to PS4 but when I asked the Adobe rep whether this could accept a Quad core processor, I was amazed when he was unable to say definitely that it would.

I leave for a weeks holiday tomorrow, but would be most grateful for any advice anyone can give.

Best wishes

SuziBlue 15 16.2k 10 Scotland
1 Jan 2009 6:15AM
I'm probably going to suggest something really basic Derek but how do you have your scratch disk set up? It reminds me of when the space I'd allocated just wasn't adequate for the amount of work I wanted to do, so in the end I dedicated an external hard drive to the image work. Was fine after that. If I'm teaching you to suck eggs just move on Wink
kinfatric 13 550 9 Scotland
1 Jan 2009 11:21AM
Agree about having the scratch disc allocated to a separate drive as Suzanne says but also make sure your computer is optimised in the bios for best performance
OMG 9 51 2 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2009 12:45PM
Thanks Suzi, Kinfatric and Chris,

I have just got back from our holiday and am catching up.
Suzi you are not teaching me to suck eggs, I haven't even found them yet!! I really am very computer illiterate and I don't even know what you mean by the scratch disc and certainly not how to set it up! Nor do I know how to set up my computer to be optimized in the bios!
Can you kind people explain how to do these things.

Chris I imagine that it is Adobe Bridge, but am not sure. Because of the problem I have been having, I now download to my computer using Nikon Transfer and then using Photoshop get just about 10 images from there into Photoshop. This seems to work OK but many more than 10 images and it can freeze.

Sorry to be so dim.

All the best

SuziBlue 15 16.2k 10 Scotland
9 Jan 2009 6:41PM
Set up the scratch disk for photo software as follows - (I use Elements too but I'm on 3 at the mo and not 6 but I guess it will be the same).

Go to the top menu bar and click on Edit. Scroll down to Preferences and then on the menu that appears scroll down to Plug Ins and Scratchdisks. You should have a number of options there, with the first being First .. haha On the dropdown menu in "First" you should see the drives you have on your PC, and you want to select one which has a large amount of contiguous space so that it will have room for Elements to spread out and work when you're editing photographs. hat should do the trick. Don't bother about second and third etc.

Picture it like this - currently you have a small table on which you're trying to write letters, work on photographs, eat your dinner and read the paper. What you actually want is a separate, bigger table where you can spread out your photographic work without getting all messed up with the other work going on at the little table. The bigger table is the drive you choose to be your scratch disk.

You may have to reset the scratchdisk each time you use the software - I don't know - mine was like that for a while on my previous desktop but then it stuck to the scratchdisk after a while. I tend to clean up and defrag my scratch disk on a regular basis so there aren't bits of files clogging up the "table".

With anything more technical than that I'm hopeless but I'm sure someone else will be able to help!
kinfatric 13 550 9 Scotland
9 Jan 2009 6:59PM

Quote:optimised in the bios

Immediately after starting your computer hold down the Del key this will take you to the bios area, look for something in the lists that you see that says ' optimise performance ' or similar, once you have done this follow the menus for instructing you on how to exit the bios and when you do this it will ask to save the current settings, do this and the computer will reboot.
10 Jan 2009 5:26PM

Quote:Download and install the cs4 trial from adobe to try it out first.

Totally agree. Read my post here as to why you should do this.

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