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Putting your camera gear in the aircraft hold!!

u08mcb 16 5.8k
13 Aug 2006 1:35AM

Quote:I warned them on the return trip that if I had another seat like that I would refuse to use it and stand in the aisle. This worried them and they provided us with seats near a door!

I bet that ruined your fun.
Skodster 14 902 Ireland
13 Aug 2006 12:18PM
On the subject of locks on bags etc.

Modern baggage handling systems provide no places for interference by handlers. The whole thing is automated and the only places that there is a chance of pilferage is between the conveyor and the belly loader.

There are however some issues with 'out of guage' luggage (surfboards, golf clubs etc) but I doubt if any handler would risk pilfering as CCTV is everywhere.

The biggest danger is physical damage. The amount of rough handling by baggage handlers is incredible as they literally throw the baggage up the loaders!

My advice to anyone is either not to take your best gear or invest in a Peli case. Incedentally, If you think that airport baggage handlers are rough, try seeing how your parcels are treated inside a parcel hub!!!
raziel_uk 16 4.9k
13 Aug 2006 6:33PM

Quote:Doesn't your normal insurance cover travel abroad. I'm about to travel myself and I've just bought a hard case to put my equipment in.

Don't assume your insurance will cover you. An article in today's paper was saying exactly this as thousands of claims are rejected because people didn't read the small print on their policy correctly.

There must be some insurer who will provider "camera equipment in hold" cover. After all how about these professional photographers that fly all over the world with loads of gear?

Another tip surely is to disguise your gear as much as possible, i.e. don't use the type of case that screams "Expensive equipment within!"

andytvcams 18 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2006 7:31AM
One very small bag will now be allowed as cabin luggage
samfurlong 14 2.5k United Kingdom
14 Aug 2006 8:56AM
If your insurance won't cover you then use a different company - any uninsured gear going into the hold will end in tears, you know it it will!!!
Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
14 Aug 2006 12:03PM
I've checked with Glover and Howe, the people ePHOTOzine partnered with, and they do insure baggage in the hold.
Link to insurance details here
robmunro 14 15
14 Aug 2006 2:29PM
As far as hand luggage is concerned, even if it's allowed again, isn't there a weight restriction?

The reason I ask is I'm getting a Peli or equivalent but don't know whether to get the carry-on version at extra cost or a standard suit-case type thing as i suspect either will end up in the hold because of weight.

When you combine three DSLR bodies, four lenses, Quantum battery, plus the usual extra stuff that's quite a hefty thing to stuff in the overhead lockers and I certainly wouldn't want it falling on anyone...
keithh 16 25.7k 33 Wallis And Futuna
14 Aug 2006 2:31PM
I'd get the hand luggage size and then you're covered either way.
philwig 15 817 1
14 Aug 2006 3:00PM
Peli cases look neat, but they are fairly heavy when empty. Even with the old carry-on dimensions and weights (changed by BA in June IIRC), the Peli-maximum-legal-carry-on has very little capacity, weight-wise.

You don't see many Peli cases in Alaska, even for the TV crews. The float-plane pilots hate hard-sided stuff on principle, and I guess you can't really "shoot out of" one.

If this continues I thought I'd just use an old Coleman beer cooler and stick my photo backpack in that. Then I've a very lightweight, strong and padded container, which I can carry beer in when I arrive. They cost about $35 and of course they all look the same... so the bad people don't know you've 20k of cameras in there. You see more of these than suitcases in AK airports (they use them for huntin' and fishin').

Alternatively there's jetlife cases which are the traditional way to transport this sort of stuff I think; and amazon cases which look like they'd eat Peli cases for breakfast Wink
pgarwood 16 36 United Kingdom
15 Aug 2006 2:56PM
Glover and Howe, I will try them!!

Thank folks
Will let you know how it goes!!

pgarwood 16 36 United Kingdom
6 Sep 2006 12:42AM
So My trip to the USA. I took out insurance with Glover and Howe. Incredibly good value and so fast.(Highly Recommended!!) I took my cameras in a standard custom sized case and despite a 25 minute exhaustive strip down of every lens, flash and camera by one security person and a Avon and somerset policeman I was allowed to reassemble my kit and take it on board. As I understand it the nice policemna told me that the rules had been slightly relaxed on the day of flying. So I had a great time and came back with no insurance claims to worry about but a pile of very nice pictures.

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