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Q about My Job interview..... today

sarac 15 63
8 Feb 2006 9:30AM
I had my final job interview for a child photographer today Ive been narrowed to the last two and had to go in for the day. I bonded with the photographer who will train me and took some good images and did well in the comminication side of things ie. mums, kids, babies etc...

But... theres always a BUT! He said if they offer me a job they will ask me if were planning to have a family of our own and they wouldnt want to train me then we get pregnant. He'd want at least 6 months of me. Truth is. Weve been trying for over 2 years no success. Do I tell them or not? Are they allowed to ask that?

Sara C x
csurry 19 9.2k 92
8 Feb 2006 9:33AM
Duh - he can't ask that question legally! Sex discrimination and all that. Would he have asked a bloke that of course not.

What you decide to respond is entirely up to yourself, personally I'd steer well clear. Last boss that asked me something like that was lucky to still be walking after I left the office. We never spoke even in passing for the next 2 years. Luckily I didn't have to report to him at any time and told my line manager what had been said and that it would be best if we never had to speak to each other again. He also (as well as the personal question) said he would prefer I wore a skirt rather than trousers. My reply is unrepeatable here.
User_Removed 16 4.9k England
8 Feb 2006 9:40AM
Tell him to get a bloke then........... or lie Smile
UserRemoved 15 162
8 Feb 2006 9:44AM
If you want the job........ lie!
Shar ;o)
marc2 15 51
8 Feb 2006 9:49AM
Just tell them that you've no plans to have kids! - and after a couple of months photographing them, it may put you off for good! Smile
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
8 Feb 2006 9:51AM
Lie. They're not legally allowed to ask that anyway..
StrayCat 17 19.1k 3 Canada
8 Feb 2006 10:13AM
There are some really dense people in this world. I did a flight from Toronto to Las Vegas with a female first officer a few years ago and she told me when she started to get too big for her uniform during her pregnancy, she went tothe company looking for the maternity version. She was told there were none. She asked what she should do, and was told it was up to her. She had alterations made to her uniform and went to work. The chief pilot saw her in the briefing room and called her in to his office. He said you look rediculous, go home. She went home and contacted scheduling and found out she had been put on sick leave. She told them she wasn't sick, she was pregnant. She contacted the head of the union and he gave her no support. He said, oh, so anytime you want a long stretch off with pay, all you have to do is get pregnant. She hired a lawyer and won her case and was paid.
Sus 17 3.2k 9 England
8 Feb 2006 10:16AM
They are not allowed to ask you that. While I do have some sympathy for small businesses and the extra burden imposed on them, which large businesses are better able to subsume, it is the employee that is being protected here, quite rightly.

I would be pretty shocked if someone said something like that to me. I'd go along with the others, lie. If you want the job. My gut instinct reading that is to tell him where to stick it.

This really annoys me. There is still so much discrimination against women in the workplace. So many questions that they are legally obliged not to ask you, but assess or infer from your appearance, age or CV.
pj.morley 18 947 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2006 10:17AM
Just a slightly different slant on things..

First of all lie if he asks.. get the job

Now isn't always the way that if you get the job, you're just bound to fall pregnant within a week.

If you don't get pregnant then your lie means nothing..

And if you do get pregnant well that's great, after 2 years of trying.... you can't lose. What's he going to do? he's not allowed to sack you for it is he? Wink And if he does then you win again because not only will you have a baby to look forward to but you'll also have a bit of money from the unfair dismissal claim to decorate the nursery...

Lie... he deserves it for even considering the question in the first place.
User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
8 Feb 2006 10:19AM
Lie. They're out of order Sara - and that makes it a level playing field.
leeg 18 165
8 Feb 2006 10:24AM
Lie. You could always say it was unplanned.
TimJ 17 482 2 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2006 10:28AM
Yep, don't tell them you're trying for kids, as everyone else has said, they shouldn't ask!

I completely agree with pj.morley.

Let us know what you decide and what happens won't ya.

All the best.

Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
8 Feb 2006 10:47AM
And hope the guy doesn't read EPZ.. Wink
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
8 Feb 2006 10:54AM

Quote:He said if they offer me a job they will ask me if were planning to have a family of our own and they wouldnt want to train me then we get pregnant. He'd want at least 6 months of me.

He's acting illegally.
MDR_Photo 16 872 England
8 Feb 2006 11:22AM

Quote: He'd want at least 6 months of me

Well don't most women work while they are pregnant? Takes 9 months for the little one to come out, so whats the problem?

BTW its illegal in case you hadn't been told! Wink

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