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Q about My Job interview..... today

Sus 16 3.2k 9 England
8 Feb 2006 3:15PM
Quite frankly, if you did fall pregnant, with all those pre and post natal classes you'd be going to, hospital and doctor contacts, mixing with other young mums, mentioning that you were a photographer working for so and so with a short break til you started work again - I'd have thought you'd be worth more than otherwise! Contacts and personal communication are 70% in this game, and you'd be in there! Just shows the shortsightedness of some employers...
Carabosse 18 41.6k 270 England
8 Feb 2006 3:15PM
I remember sitting alongside an in-house recruitment specialist when he said to a young female: "I see you're wearing an engagement ring - does that have any implications for how long you'll be staying with us?"

This was a good few years ago. But the question was obviously carefully worded: it made NO reference to future offspring etc but the hint was pretty heavy!

I wonder whether that would be legal now?
rodp 16 1.2k England
8 Feb 2006 3:34PM

Quote:I wonder whether that would be legal now?

To be honest I would say, ok interview over and you are the best yet, let's have a walk around the factory on the way out and you can see if you think you'll like it here. Whilst walking around I mention my kids and how good they are then casually mention how she will enjoy being a mom one day, the answer and expression will give me all the information I need and I never broke the law! Question asked,answer received, decision made, no hassle. Easy peasy, laws an ass, on to the next applicant. Smile
User_Removed 16 279
8 Feb 2006 3:47PM

Quote:Contacts and personal communication are 70% in this game, and you'd be in there! Just shows the shortsightedness of some employers...

I like your style! Innovative.

Oh well, and I thought the DTI had a say in all this too! Interview notes, audits, transcripts....

Ho hum....have I just entered a time warp? Are people still living in the 1970s? Is Alf Garnett still on the telly?

Silly moo, I mean me! Wink
rodp 16 1.2k England
8 Feb 2006 4:05PM
Sorry to disillusion you but in the world of small businesses it hasn't altered much at all, can't afford to. If, and it's a big if, anyone wants to see notes and forms etc they will all comply with current regulations. Be realistic, did anyone think small companies had changed the way they work, all thats changed is the answers on the forms, the decisions are still the same. So far this week I have turned down a fat guy, a bloke that looked like a drinker, a bloke with diabetes and another one with "personal problems". And of course, the women. The first they'll know is when they don't get a reply and it's 99.9999% they will do nothing about it. Legal??? Illegal ??? You tell me.

got to go to bed now, I see if this is still on tomorrow.
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
8 Feb 2006 4:24PM
Maybe your 'abrupt' management need some training in how to get the best out of people, Rod ;-] If staff are well treated rather than thinking of them as two a penny they'll tend to be with you for the long haul. Treat 'em mean and they'll soon be wondering why they bother with the low pay and the heavy workload.

High staff turnover = higher training costs = less pay + more stress to cover the gaps in the workforce.

Low staff turnover with good morale = more motivation = better team work, spirit and production.
User_Removed 16 279
8 Feb 2006 4:34PM

Quote:High staff turnover = higher training costs = less pay + more stress to cover the gaps in the workforce.

Low staff turnover with good morale = more motivation = better team work, spirit and production.


Quote:but in the world of small businesses it hasn't altered much

That's a sure way for small businesses to stay small.
Fujiconvert 16 1.3k England
8 Feb 2006 9:22PM
Some people on here are living in cloud cuckoo land.As has been previosly mentioned it's ok if you are going to work for a large company but take my circumstances for example,
I work for a very small firm (not photography industry)and the liberties they take with the employees is absolutely horrendous.
The thing is that most people are unaware of their rights and my employees love it of course,I will give you just two examples of many,
1.A colleague made an error of judgement and in front of everyone got such a mouthful from the boss and was really layed into and threatened with the sack there and then.This incident was minor and the boss just happened to be in a bad mood as he his quite often.

2.Another colleague has worked there for 7 years and had one day off ill and his pay was docked!

It hardly makes for loyalty does it? They think they are a progressive employers too!!!
What I am saying is that there are a a lot of employers out there that still think that employment law is in the 80's and hasn't moved on and as long as employees are kept thinking that it won't and they will still keep getting away with things like the above.
Before any of you ask why I am still there I need the money but am close to getting out thank God.
sarac 15 63
9 Feb 2006 1:00AM
Oh my god!!! I've just read all the replies. This is quite a thread! I feel I need to fuel the fire some more... LOL

1) The company has 11 staff (all pretty females)
2) He asked me this question twice throughout the day
3) He told me the other woman who has got to the last two interview stage has had her kids and her husband works from home so she has no need to worry about child care.
4) I told him we did want a family eventually.
5) I did really well and he told me that. I took some wonderful pictures bonded with everyone. Made great conections with the kids, mums, dads etc. It couldnt have gone better.
6) I think he wont choose me because I didnt reply to his question therefore he would maybe persume I want a family now.

I do think though that the post from 'sus' was spot on. Its very short sighted of them as my age group is baby mania! I would bring soooo much business to them.

The bottom line is im not sure if this company is the right company to work for.

Sara C
sarac 15 63
9 Feb 2006 1:04AM
My job now at the golf club is simular in the fact that he wouldnt employ me (my boss is an old friend known him since we were kids) I have to be self employed. Cos hes knows me out of work he knows about the trying for a baby. And says his 6 employees business couldnt cope with materity leave. My accountant says he SHOULD employ me cos I work more hours in the shop than teaching. When I spoke to him about it he said like it or lump it!

Sara C
NathanS 16 88 England
9 Feb 2006 3:49AM
Regardless of a legal issues he does not morally have the right to discriminate against a woman because she may wish to have children or is even trying for children.

So if you have to lie to get the job I would not feel you are doing anything unethical - you are only neutralising someone elses unethical behaviour.

Though I would consider what how badly want the job and if you are happy to lie to get it. I would also consider what you think about this person as a future employer.

Having sat on the interviewer side of the fence I would not generally endorse lying in an interview. But this is an exceptionally circumstance.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
Carabosse 18 41.6k 270 England
9 Feb 2006 6:32AM
There seems to be a stereotype of the child-obsessed mum who, after worrying about her kids all day rather than concentrating on her work, must rush away from the job at the earliest opoprtunity to be there for them when they come home.

In my organisation a majority of those who work late, work long hours etc seem to be............. women!
keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
9 Feb 2006 6:35AM
You see...who say's the Tag and ASBO system doesn't work? - at least they know they'll be at home when they get back.
Carabosse 18 41.6k 270 England
9 Feb 2006 6:36AM
Rotfl!! Grin
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
9 Feb 2006 7:52AM
Interesting that it's all young women at this place, Sara, plus him. I wonder how many of them fibbed to get the job Wink and how many will support each other if one of them does fall pregnant ... because it does look as though he asks all women this question. If you did fall pregnant, would you have been able to share that new exciting secret with anyone at work? or would you have been afraid that someone would run to the boss ..

Sounds like you're best out of there. If he does offer you the job, you could always refuse on the grounds that you felt he was being discriminatory 8-} hehe .. there are other options of course like taking the job! but you'll have to think about that I reckon.

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