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r2880 ink issue

monstersnowman 12 1.7k 1 England
6 May 2011 2:29AM
OK my first one is that I wanted to just check my heads werent blocked after a period of not using it ... so I printed a nozzle test sheet that is only a tiny print but after lots of whizzing and churning the print came out (fine) but all of a sudden 4 inks were flashing low. So, does this actually prompt the printer to run ink through the heads in a cleaning process before printing the nozzle check print even though I didnt do a nozzle clean? AND now half the inks are flashing and the rest are quite low - I intend to change to photoblack ink rather than the matt black ink (swapping cartridges in the same slot). Will this then cause all the cartridges to recharge, thus consuming even more ink and possibly rendering the flashing inks empty and the low ones now to flashing state. Needless to say I would then need to change the empty inks immediately, requiring ANOTHER recharge of the ink and another waste of ink, which could then render the next set of now flashing inks possibly empty - thus requiring them to be changed and another recharge. I can foresee the exchange of one black cartridge resulting in a further replacement of the other 8 cartridges and 3 sets of ink recharges and a considerable waste of VERY expensive ink ... Anyone care to tell me if my suspicions are likely to be fact, before I embark on this procedure. I feel a permajet continuous flow system on the horizon :o( If that is a possibility has anyone experience of their system which is more expensive than others like Lyson and Fotospeed. Thanks in anticipation of any help.
Regards, Paul D

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dcash29 12 2.3k England
6 May 2011 8:18AM

Quote:Anyone care to tell me if my suspicions are likely to be fact
To my knowledge they are. I think the figure is about 10% ink used per cartridge change

You could always send an email to Epson asking this of course.

Before you do embark on a CIS system check this place out http://www.inkexpress.co.uk/checkout.html
They only supply an 8 ink system and not nine. Their ink longevity is 85 years, matched to other manufacturers youve mentioned and is half the price. Their technical are very helpful in answering any questions you may have, although if you choose not to use them I find Marrutt's the same.

Grampy 8 507 71 England
6 May 2011 9:20AM
I have the Lyson cis system and it's great and a lot lot cheaper in the long run . I use the 9 ink system as I use a lot of matt paper , although they told me that it's possible to print everything on a 8 ink setup as they have suitable matt paper to use on gloss black( sounds strange to me)

Another tip is to setup in the printer set up two printers add one when the gloss ink is in and the other when the matt is installed the computer will then give you a choice of printers and it saves the problem of setting up the computer each time, now this works on a mac but I've no idea on a pc. Another tip is if you go away for more than two weeks then attach the computer too a time switch so that it swiches on and of every week to stop inks clogging.
peterjones Plus
16 4.7k 1 United Kingdom
6 May 2011 9:45AM
you can certainly install identical printers in a PC; just give them different names e.g "my wasteful printer matt ink" and "my usealotofink printer gloss".

mattw 14 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
6 May 2011 9:52AM

Quote:So, does this actually prompt the printer to run ink through the heads in a cleaning process before printing the nozzle check print even though I didnt do a nozzle clean?

Not ususally on my printer (1900), but it does seam that if the printer detects a problem on it own (maybe a total blockage), then it can decide to go through a cleaning routine automatically.

The anoying thing is that we don't seem to have a way of cleaning JUST the blocked nozzel - but have to do all of then together.
LesF 11 182 9
6 May 2011 2:00PM
Nature of the beast I suppose, I use this printer and find when the ink's that are low start flashing, there is normally 3 or 4 more prints to be add, depending of course on print size and colour make up of the prints.

The small inks and the third party ones was why on the R2880 replacement, the R3000 they have gone to larger ink tanks, Word of warning to consider using third party inks is the repair costs when the printer goes wrong, who's faulTt the inks manufacture or the printer manufacture. The choice is yours

Grampy 8 507 71 England
6 May 2011 2:08PM
Mine has just gone wrong, the paper feed , I just sent it back with the origional cartridges in. Also Lyson claims it's the same quality ink. Anyway if it's out of guarentee there's no problem
bikerbob 16 179
6 May 2011 4:52PM
Hi there I have an Epson R2880 and I have regime which I always follow which is if you have any ink low warning lights flashing then use the printer until one is empty then change the empty cartridge along with the ones that are flashing check to see if any other cartridges are very low if any are then change them also as you will find that if you only change the empty one and the flashing ones when the printer recharges you will invariably find that one of the low ones will start flashing and you will just be wasting ink changing one at a time. Also I leave my printer switched on 24/7 I only ever turn it off if I go on holiday that way it does not do wasteful cleans every few days. I do however if I am not going to use the printer for a while at least once a week run atest print thro this test print is ascan of an old kodak Ektochrome test card which has all the colour swatches Isaved it as asmall 7in + 5in print which I then print out onto ordinary photocopy paperso you are using a miniscule amount of ink this keeps the heads clear, I have used this system now for about 10 months without ever having to do a clean.
I used the above regime on my previous printer which was an Epson R1800 for 5 years until the head did eventually pack in. As regards using third party inks which I did on the R1880 while it was under warranty and it did pack in Epson when I contacted them insisted that I remove the third party inks install genuine inks also use Epson paper and do a test print the problem was still there so they sent out an engineer the next day who agreed that the printer was faulty and replaced it. You also can take your Epson printer to any Epson service center if it is still under warranty you need to take proof of purchase and they will either repair or replace the faulty printer I have also done this and had a printer replaced, at the time they did not have one in stock but they delivered one to my home 3 days later.
Dave_Canon 11 1.4k United Kingdom
6 May 2011 5:59PM
Paul, I did have chance to question a couple of Epson reps at my Club recently. They insisted that the various noises you hear when you switch on an R2880 is simply charging the ink system and does not consume any ink. Naturally, we were not convinced but they insisted that this was true. They also claimed that unless it was very hot and dry there is no need to run a nozzle check to avoid blocked heads every week (which does use ink). They did suggest that you did not go more than three months or more often if hot and dry. I am not sure I believed this but that is what they were told to say. I tend to run the nozzle check every 3 weeks if not using the printer and so far this has been OK.

You should consider carefully before changing to CIS. I recently considered the Lyson CIS and whether you can save money depends on how much printing your do. I print about 70 near A3 size prints p.a. for competitions and this uses two each colour cartridges plus 2 Matte Black and one Glossy black at a cost of 153 p.a. or 918 over 6 years (genuine Epson inks). Over this period the CIS would be 60% the cost though you would still have significant quantities of ink left after 6 years with CIS. However there are some problems, if your printer fails just after buying several 125mL bottles of ink, you could actually lose out. The CIS system is difficult to install and swapping Glossy/Matte is a problem (much more so than with cartridges). Lyson also had to withdraw one of their inks which caused problems for many at the time. An alternative is the Lyson refillable cartridges which are easy to use but again if your printer failed after year 2 you will have a lot of ink that you cannot use (unless you buy a compatible printer). Also the shelf life for these inks is 18 months whereas a 125 mL bottle would last me 5 years!. I also considered buying an R3880 (larger cartridges) but at my consumption it would take 5 years to break even.

For me printing 70 near A3 per year, using a 3880 may be a marginal saving, refillable a saving providing the printer lasts and the inks have a much longer shelf life than claimed. CIS could make a saving but with significant hassle and risk. If I were printing twice the quantity or more it would be worth my while.

monstersnowman 12 1.7k 1 England
6 May 2011 10:29PM
@ Dave - I was under the impression a nozzle check was just that .. a check print and that it only consumed the small amount of ink for the actual print. I think that your post has made me at least reconsider using CIS .. I will look into it more. This first set of inks I am using are the ones shipped with the printer and I have done VERY little printing and NO large prints at all .. and they are all nearly empty - I presume they are much lower capacity than the ones you buy.
Dave_Canon 11 1.4k United Kingdom
7 May 2011 11:39AM
@Paul, I have had my R2880 for over 2 years now so I cannot remember if they short filled the original cartridges. To get the most prints, I tend to print in bursts so I may print 5 or 6 each typically about 36cms by 28 cms and I might do this about 15 times a year with an average of 3 week intervals between printing. In practice this is not spread evenly throught the year so I definitely have periods of longer than 3 weeks without printing and thus do a few nozzle checks. It is best to avoid swapping between the matte black and glossy black. I have found that, if you take out a black cartridge which is say 80% used up, the printer claims that it is empty when you re-insert so best to use up Blacks before changing. This could be a problem if you need to frequently change but I tend to use mainly the Matte Black (I use a lot of Matte and art Papers) and once a year, run a Glossy cartridge for all my Glossy prints. It is easy for me to do this because I tend to create a stock of suitable prints for competitions. I have successfully swapped the Black catridges when they were at least half full but it still wastes ink when you change them. It is also best to make careful judgements as to whether to print colour or mono. So if one or two colours are very low (flashing), I will probably print mono until they are used up. If you did have a refillable or CIS system, you could probably afford to manage the ink less efficiently. If my Club had a clubhouse, we would consider buying an R3880 with CIS, which would then be so regulalry used by members, it would make huge savings but sadly (like most Camera Clubs) we do not have a Club House. I am certainly not against CIS systems and would certainly use one if I was selling prints. Interestingly in a conversation with another club member, he said that bying individual cartridges in small numbers he does spend nearloy 150 p.a. on ink but his wife does not notice. However, if he tried to order even a couple of 125 mL bottles of Lyson ink (let alone a complete set), she would certainly notice 60 (or 243 for a full set). This is not a sound economic arguement but he assures me this allows him to print and keep the peace.


Grampy 8 507 71 England
7 May 2011 11:48AM
He could buy the 60ml size .Smile
monstersnowman 12 1.7k 1 England
10 May 2011 1:11PM
Thanks guys for all the advice .. time to nail my flag to either the CIS mast or gen ink. I have one full set of gen ink to put in for printing the next exhibition prints so see how that goes, then make a decision.

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