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Rack Your Brains

jonty500 17 126
2 Nov 2004 6:03PM
hi, this is a call for ideas. i recently found my first camera kicking about. its in better nick than my other cameras and still has the case, but tahts not important. ive been wondering whether to mask off the top and bottom to create panoramic images from 35mm. i was wondering what is the best material to make this out of? it has to be available and cheap. light proof and removable for tinkering. so fire away and i'll get back to the good people at epz, on whether it works or not.

thanx all
franken Plus
19 5.3k 4 United Kingdom
2 Nov 2004 6:39PM
Are you thinking of masking off the top & bottom of the area where the shutter runs across? If so, I think you could end up with problems re fouling the shutter and you may not get sharp images as I assume the film will be pulled across the area of the masking and if so you may not get sharp focus as the depth of focus could be effected? I could be wrong over this though? I think you could get the same effect by scanning the shots into your computer and cropping the top/bottom?

u08mcb 17 5.8k
2 Nov 2004 6:48PM
duck tape?
sillyconguru 17 4.4k
2 Nov 2004 9:46PM
I'd go with franken's idea...

You'd have to mask both the shutter opening and the viewfinder screen to achieve a panoramic effect. Much better to shoot normally and perform some selective cropping at the printing stage.
collywobles 17 4.1k 10 United Kingdom
3 Nov 2004 8:36AM
Putting duck tape or any other tape to mask off the shutter inside any camera is asking for trouble. Take the advice given here and do a crop when you come to printing and enlarging.
alansnap 17 577 26 United Kingdom
3 Nov 2004 12:41PM
DON'T muck around inside a camera with sticky tape it's a recipe for disaster.

Why do you want to bother? Take a full frame picture and then get a selective print made. By doing anything else you are wasting film. Why limit the size of the image when you take the shot. You're much better to crop things at the printing stage. That way you can have a long thinny or something just short of full frame.

If you are really intent on getting fixed size pano shots take slides and mount them in an 18 x 35 mm GEPE mount. That way you can mask you slide just where you want it and not in some arbitrary way with tape.

c_evans99 18 7.0k 1 Wales
3 Nov 2004 7:30PM
Everyone's assumed it's a 35mm and/or has a focal plane shutter. Is it?

If it's either uou could use plasticard cut to shape and sprayed flat black, but if MF does it have automatic transport or will you have to respool the 35mm film onto 120 reels and backing paper.

There's at least one piece on the web about doing this with a Lubitel.

jonty500 17 126
3 Nov 2004 8:14PM
whoa, chill this is a 5 point and shoot camera i found while clearing out my room, its a very sible one piece of plastic shutter and its AF. and i had a brain wave to put a cut up piece of film box on the frame piece. but, i used a slighly shiny side to allow smooth transporatation of the film. there seems to bwe no different in the sounds coming out.

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