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Radio 5 Reporting Jessops Going Into Administration.

canonfan46 8 1.1k United Kingdom
11 Jan 2013 8:03PM
I started back in photography about 3/4 years ago and having no equipment left from my earlier profession, I had to start from scratch. Being located in a small country town miles from anywhere big enough to have a Jessops store, I was forced to purchased a lot of equipment on line based on the info that I gleaned from the online sites.

The only piece of equipment that I ever purchased from a shop was a filter that I thought I needed urgently for an air display. I traveled 35 miles to the nearest Jessops shop thinking that this was the place to go for photographic equipment.

It was a small unit in a large shopping centre (Londonderry) staffed by one male and one female, as far as I could see anyway. I knew exactly what I wanted but the guy said they dident have it in stock and then tried very hard to sell me something else saying it would do the same thing. Somehow, after I convinced him that I did'ent want it, lo and behold, he found the one I wanted originally. He then passed me to the female so that he could attend to the only other customer in the shop.

Having already choosen the filter on the internet I knew that Jessops price was 30% more that the net , but I needed it in a hurry, so I paid using my credit card. The girl asked me for my address, which I did'ent want to give, but she insisted saying she couldent process my card without an address which we all know is rubbish. I gave my address and paid, but the whole shopping experience left me feeling that the only way to shop these days was via the net. Even at that time I remember thinking that that retailers time was near up, and that was'ent hindsight.

Unbelievable as it may seem, in the past few years I have spent at least 10,000 on gear, that filter was the only purchase from a high street shop.

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mdpontin 13 6.0k Scotland
11 Jan 2013 8:03PM

Quote:They had everything for sale on a price list that a magnifier was needed to read. It was cheap to produce, but listed everything from the most popular cameras to obscure darkroom kit - including every accessory every manufacturer listed in their brochures.

I'd forgotten about that, Pete! Yes, that was part of the Jessops experience when they were at the top of their game. I remember I'd pick up a copy of the price list any time I was in the shop, and peer at it to find the particular thing I was looking for. Happy days.
canonfan46 8 1.1k United Kingdom
11 Jan 2013 8:06PM
Reading all the posts about how good Jessops were, and how bad they are now, I don't know why anyone is so surprised at the recent events.
scrimmy Plus
9 389 5 Scotland
11 Jan 2013 8:25PM
I'll miss them .....my local shop were ever so helpful (take a bow Dundee) to me .....the vast majority of my equipment was purchased through jessops .. I like the personal touch...

I can purchase a bottle of vodka locally for a fiver .... make me go blind though Tongue
mikehit 8 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2013 8:33PM
This from the Jessops website:

Quote:Repairs Where possible customers should liaise with the repair agent to arrange return of their asset and third party repair agents have been notified about this. If you do not know which repair agent has possession of your asset, we have requested the repair agents to contact customers directly as well.

Please note that the estimate of the costs of repair will need to be agreed with the repair agents directly, and there is no guarantee that previously agreed estimate costs will be honoured by the repair agents.

[my emphasis] So if you don't know who your repair agent is, and they do not contact you how do you follow it up?
And the cost estiamte my change drastically as well.

Good luck to anyone with repairs in progress.
Hugo 13 649 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2013 8:35PM

Quote:If a discussion about the future of Jessops had taken place a year or two ago, what do you think the consensus would have been?

They're sort of was - well maybe not here, although I'm sure it was mentioned, but within Jessops themselves - I think it went like this - they had some bad situation where they had huge of debt, and some strange situation where some of the suppliers were apparently not supplying them due to seeing them as a bad credit risk -Pentax & Tamron / Sigma???
The result was that HSBC agreed to take and 'write off' all the debt in return for all the physical stuff - ie the stores/land that they had bought. These were then rented back to Jessops.
There was a fairy hefty round of cuts - many towns had two or three Jessops where they had bought up other rivals when they were doing well in the early days of digital. The overlapping stores were sold too.

Which sort of leaves us where we are today. It looks like HSBC just pro-longed the inevitable by a few years- although they've probably done ok out of it as now they have many of buildings that were owned by Jessops in some nice locations.
I can't imagine there was much stock to speak of - what little there was will all go back to/belong to the suppliers.

Here- I found this https://www.ephotozine.com/forums/topic/jessops-ditch-pentax-cameras--68519
Mozzytheboy 7 710 4 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2013 8:44PM
Phew; I almost went for my 24-105L at Jessops before checking prices. I used my local Jessops just once and actually went there to pick up a 430EX flash unit. The asst Manager was rude at best and when I asked if the Jessops camera batteries were OK he just said ... "ya get what ya pay for mate!" I said 'so was that a yes?' And he just shrugged. I said .. 'tell you what; I'll not bother with the flash! He just shrugged his shoulders. I saved a fortune getting it 'etail' instead.

Over paid ivory tower folk, poor training, poor product knowledge, crap shop staff pay, rotten hours, a fortune in car park fees or public transport, abusive know all customers ... it must be the beginning of the end of a retail shopping experience as we knew it.

Will LCE stay the course one wonders?
keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
11 Jan 2013 8:49PM
Way back in time Doncaster and Sheffield had the best shops around with staff who were photographers and really knew their stuff.

I was in a Jessops only last weekend filling in time and earwigging on staff/customer discussions. I had to stop myself from butting in...I don't know how I managed not to.
mikehit 8 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2013 9:47PM

Will LCE stay the course one wonders?

The LCE in Manchester seems an uninviting place - staff are OK but the stock seems sparse. Jessops seemed far nicer to visit (especially when they opened the larger 'specialist' shop next to the Arndale). But at least they are still there... maybe this will help them.
11 Jan 2013 10:35PM
I really feel for the Jessops staff. My local branches were always helpful . Just over a year ago (Dec 2011) I was faced with the possibility of losing my sales assistant job as the company admitted that administration was likely. luckily my company was saved but I remember the worry and I only hope that the quick closure has at least saved the staff from a prolonged period of anxious waiting for news.
Paul_Iddon 11 56 England
11 Jan 2013 10:56PM
I worked for them until now.

I feel sorry for my colleagues and their families.

I know how the staff at Comet must have felt, but by the grace of God, I didn't go in there, or on the net hoping to save a few quid as a part of their misfortune.

There like as not will be no fire-sale or bankruptcy sale, or whatever some folks will call it.

For all the downsides, there are many many more upsides that of course nobody gets to hear about, because people (it's human nature) would rather moan and complain than compliment and make it public on forums etc.

While some will be hoping to make a killing from Jessops' demise re cut-price purchases, there are some of us who are simply now out of work. Spare a thought for them. Try not to become vultures like so many did when Comet went under.

Oh, and my customers got very good service from me and my staff (with only the odd hiccup, but hiccups happen everywhere).

I hope that there is somewhere that we can all buy from in the future, because the way this country is going, there will be no shops left!

Pete Plus
16 18.8k 97 England
11 Jan 2013 11:22PM
Sorry to hear that Paul. I have a couple of friends who've been with Jessops since the 80s and were still with them today. Hearing that news must have been awful. Thoughts go out to all the staff and we hope they find jobs soon.
discreetphoton 13 3.5k 20 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2013 11:37PM
You know who I feel sorry for? The winner of the 250 voucher in the Christmas draw.

I guess I can uncross my fingers for that one Sad
Snapper Plus
13 4.3k 3 United States Outlying Islands
12 Jan 2013 12:15AM

Quote:You know who I feel sorry for? The winner of the 250 voucher in the Christmas draw.

I guess I can uncross my fingers for that one Sad

I'm sure that Pete & Co will come up with at least an epz strap and maybe even a 5 year e2 membership as an alternative, and it may be that the winner would actually be better off, rather than buying something they eventually don't use very much! Smile
Snapper Plus
13 4.3k 3 United States Outlying Islands
12 Jan 2013 12:24AM

Quote: The real irony of course is that Jessops just moved into a new store in Inverness High Street in December and I understand this was one of a number of locations nationally where moves were being made, so they must have had a belief that they could see things through. Sad

I went into town today and made a point of going into the new shop to see what it was like. It wasn't hugely busy, but all of the staff were gainfully employed with potential customers and there was a reasonable buzz about the place. I didn't have the heart to go round looking for bargains, so turned round and left. I recognised one of the staff who has been with them in Inverness at least since I bought my Fuji S2 Pro from them 11 years ago, and he and others like him are the real victims of this liquidation. Sad

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