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michaeldt 17 1.2k
17 Jan 2005 12:05AM
Ever since we moved into our house we've had a cr@ppy line from BT. At first, there was no space at the exchange, so we couldn't get a line at all. then, they decided to split someone else's line at the exchange so they could give us one, not that they told us....

so, whenever connecting to the internet by dial-up, it only connects at half the speed!!!

so, last night i was waiting until 20:35 to bid on a lens on ebay. there were two i was watching. a 40mm S lens for my Bronica and a 50mm S lens. i logged in 10 minutes before the first one was due to end thinking that would be enough. when i finally got to the point where i could put a bid in, both items had finished. it took 15 MINUTES just to log in and load a few pages on eBay. how much did the lenses go for - the 40mm went for 160 and the 50mm went for 150....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

Miles Herbert 18 1.9k 4 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2005 12:23AM
Yes, I used to be on one of their shared (DAX) lines, it was awful...I remember when they finally installed a single line to my house it was like getting broadband.

I now use BT broadband, with no complaints at all.
tim franklin 17 2.7k
17 Jan 2005 12:25AM
Not that it helps.....but you have my sympathy. We're on the end of a line down here and, damn, does it get slow occasionally. Not as bad as that mind.
michaeldt 17 1.2k
17 Jan 2005 12:27AM
i wouldn't mind if they charged accordingl, but i pay the same as everyone else but get a poorer service and since it's only half the speed i pay twice as much in calls!!
Miles Herbert 18 1.9k 4 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2005 12:28AM
If you complain enough, and stick at it pointing out that you require internet access etc etc, they will sometimes give in and change it...eventually.
perplex 16 170
17 Jan 2005 12:47AM
Well... if you will all choose to live in the sticks... :oP
Paul_Barr 16 544 Scotland
17 Jan 2005 1:36AM
I used to have a shared line when I was on dial-up. I had loads of problems with not connecting/dropped connections etc.

I challenged BT re this. They just stated that they only guarantee internet speeds of 28kbs or so.

Prior to getting broadband the DACS function was taken off my line. I used my dial-up for about a week with higher connection speeds on no disconnections. BT still refused to accept that the shared line was the problem.

I was also annoyed at paying full line rental for a shared line.

I would get broadband, (if you can)or keep on at BT re the shared line.

michaeldt 17 1.2k
17 Jan 2005 3:18AM
well, i'm moving home soon, but i still have to have BT.... no telewest or ntl.

oh well...
laura16 17 606
17 Jan 2005 3:34AM
When I had a problem with my Broadband connection they said it was caused by my extension and as we couldn't move the computer nearer the main socket they said I would have to have it moved, at a cost of 106! It was only after getting advice from people on here that I found out one of the connectors was to blame.Saved me a fortune.Yet BT hadn't even mentioned this might be the problem.
raziel_uk 17 4.9k
17 Jan 2005 4:35AM
Interestingly I have a problem with my dial-up at home and it's caused by my Sky telephone lead. If this is plugged in I've no chance of getting on, but as soon as it's unplugged my dial-up is as good as ever.

Don't know why this should be unless Sky is always in contact with its base except for when you lift the receiver (but then why not detect modem use as well?).

raziel_uk 17 4.9k
17 Jan 2005 4:59AM
New thing just brought in by BT. Check your bills very carefully because now if you don't pay by the date displayed on the bill you will get a 5 fine for late payment!

Carabosse 18 41.6k 270 England
17 Jan 2005 6:15AM
Just pay by direct debit and you'll never be late paying a bill. I pay practically everything by DD now, including credit cards.
raziel_uk 17 4.9k
17 Jan 2005 6:30AM
Well, of course, that's precisely why they are doing this, to try and get everyone to change to DD as it cuts down even further on their outgoings. But really as a firm who's pre-tax profits are already tens of billions of pounds do they really need to charge a penalty for late payment (and by this, they mean payments received after more than about 5 days from the date of the invoice)?

And why hasn't it been advertised?

And finally, when BT set their charges they must have taken into account the cost of staff to process bills paid by cheque, so will we see a cut in the cost of our bills if everyone swapped to DD?

17 Jan 2005 6:36AM
I think you'll find its probably to do with the EU directive on late payments. A bill has 30 days to be paid after that a company can charge interest.
Quote:Every year, the European Unions enterprises lose around 450 000 jobs due to late payments. In addition, EUR 23.6 billion worth of receivables is lost through insolvency cases.
. BT are quite within their rights to do this unfortunately. But I find paying by direct debit easier, and less hassle. I dont want to be sat at the end of every month sitting and writing cheques, I've got photographs to take Wink!
c_evans99 17 7.0k 1 Wales
17 Jan 2005 6:40AM
Being notoriously stingey I only make anout 3 of calls every quarter, so before I went on the internet my phone bill was 45... 3 calls + 42 charges. A friend told me about the low user tariff but it took six calls to BT to switch to it - they denied that the tariff existed, told me I wasn't eligible, that it wasn't available in my area... I persevered and reduced my phone bill.

Now they just have this irrotating habit of changing tariffs without telling you, and the phone bill as a result is indecipherable... customer services are wonderful they have a little script that says not to worry that the bill is correct and the change was made for my benegit... strangely their altruism always increases my phone bill Sad


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