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Raw Files

gobby 16 56 United Kingdom
22 Sep 2005 7:41AM
I know this has probably been asked a thousand times and I am going to make it 1 more time.

"Can anyone tell me how to use Photoshop (7) with Raw files?"

I have an olympus program which will deal with them and convert them but I want to operate with PS.
User_Removed 15 4.9k England
22 Sep 2005 7:44AM
Open the Jpegs/tiffs in photoshop. PS doesn't open RAW unless it has a converter plugin.
agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
22 Sep 2005 7:45AM
Photoshop 7 will not handle RAW files, so suggest you use Rawshooter, which is free, to convert them.
gobby 16 56 United Kingdom
22 Sep 2005 7:47AM
Thanks for the quick response ColWal & Abwhitt, I did try and get a plug in for PS but it did not seem to work, I will try Rawshooter. Thanks again

exclusive 16 579 United Kingdom
22 Sep 2005 8:27AM
RAW shooter is free, but not very good at all. i find that on clsoe inspection of Actual Pixels its has lines and other imperfections.

but it is free and they don't really show up unless you print big.
BigCol 19 1.8k 1 Scotland
22 Sep 2005 8:37AM
exclusive, I'd love to know what you're doing to RSE in order to get lines and imperfections. I've been using it for a good few months now and find it is the best bit of software currently available.
I think you'll find that it won't produce things which aren't already there in the original file, they maybe just weren't visible.

tf 17 156
22 Sep 2005 8:47AM
I think RSE is good and I've never seen "lines and imperfections". FWIW, I rate it much better than Canon's DPP.
u08mcb 17 5.8k
22 Sep 2005 9:15AM
You can see banding in tiffs converted using RSE but not always.
spaceman 17 5.3k 3 Wales
22 Sep 2005 2:51PM
That's what I was going to say.
Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
22 Sep 2005 2:53PM
I think RSE is excellent and, in some ways outperforms its rival C1: I too have never seen these lines and imperfections and, believe me, when I was doing my RSE v. C1 test I was examining the results pretty well pixel-by-pixel!!
Colin Smale 18 515 England
24 Sep 2005 5:01AM
I use RSE almost every day, it's brilliant. I have seen 'lines' but I think it is only when moving a pic, enlarging it maybe but lines NEVER appear on prints, can't imagine how you are getting this, is it your printer perhaps ??
elowes 16 2.8k United Kingdom
24 Sep 2005 5:14AM
First negative comment I have heard about Rawshooter. It gets excellent reviews and only seems to be beaten by very expensive software.

Adobe don't do a plug in for PS7 but I understand others might. Not worth the effort with RSE for free at the moment and probaly going to be good value for money when the pro version is out.

I bought Elements 3 when first looking for a raw converter. It's not very good and E3 is slow and clunky in anycase.
snapbandit 16 2.3k 3 Northern Ireland
24 Sep 2005 6:57AM
Just caught up with this & I too get dismal results with Rawshooter, I know it could well be my settings (although I did not change anything from the default when it installed), definite 'pixellisation' & noticable banding when zoomed in on screen (any converted in RSE have given me a definite 'digial' look when printed), plus for some reason it seems to be slightly enlarging my images? normally from Raw & jpg my files are 3008x2000 pix (Nik D70) but when Raw put through RSE they come out as 3036x2010?,

results were too bad to use so I ended up hitting the plastic & get far better results now with PS CS2 conversions.

just my 2p

Joe B
elowes 16 2.8k United Kingdom
24 Sep 2005 7:08AM
Been looking at Rawshooter, at converted images and fiddled with one or two with excesive settings. Can't see what you are on about. No banding, no nothing in fact?

Don't understand where the problems you seem to have are coming from.
lobsterboy Plus
17 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
24 Sep 2005 7:13AM
I had real problems with RSE - lots of posterisation. I couldnt work out what I did to cause it as all I ever did was adjust the levels and crank the saturation right up.

I really wanted RSE to work but it just knackered too many of my images so in the end I bought C1...and I hate paying for software Smile

Your millage may vary.

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