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RAW images in PSE 13

alan6 16 72 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2016 6:00PM
I make changes to the RAW file, "Open Image" into the editor, save and then close but when looking at the organiser, the edited version is displayed ok but the original RAW file also has recorded the edits so I have 2 edited versions and not 1 edited version and 1 original RAW file.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
8 Feb 2016 6:58PM
Are you using Adobe Camera RAW? If so - I assume you are using the 'Save' on the left bottom corner of the ACR screen. Try Pressing your ALT key on your computer keypad and in the bottom right hand corner of the ACR screen the 'Open Image' button will change to an 'Open Copy'. This will save a copy of the RAW image with the changes you have made, opening it in PSE and leave the RAW file exactly as it was - no changes made to the initial image. You can then make any further adjustments in PSE and 'Save' the file as a Jpeg or Tif or whatever else you may fancy.
Fma7 7 1.1k United Kingdom
8 Feb 2016 8:41PM
The organiser renders the thumbnail with the RAW edit you've made but they are not permanent, if you open the RAW into ACR you should see the sliders etc are where you left them but you can change (or reset) them
Philh04 17 2.3k United Kingdom
9 Feb 2016 9:07AM
The raw (not caps please, it is not an acronym) is never changed, no matter how you open it, as Fma7 sys above the organiser simply displays the adjustments you have made in ACR, you can simply go back into ACR reset all the sliders and the organiser will then show the raw file as taken, plus your edited version which will be a JPG or a TIFF.

9 Feb 2016 10:07AM
But the OP was asking if there was a way of having just one edited raw file (saved as whatever file extension he wishes) and his original unedited version - not two edited versions. Which is how the ALT option works.
Philh04 17 2.3k United Kingdom
9 Feb 2016 10:27AM
Angie, yes you are right... my mistake, I had totally forgotten about the ALT key option, I so very rarely use ACR these days preferring to do most work in Lightroom...

SlowSong Plus
14 10.7k 30 England
9 Feb 2016 12:47PM
If you go back into the ACR image you can use the drop down menu on the right to restore camera settings. This will take you back to the original raw file but you will still retain any adjustments you've made to the jpeg.
Philh04 17 2.3k United Kingdom
9 Feb 2016 1:37PM
Angies suggestion of holding the Alt key I think is the most elegant as it opens a copy with the adjustments in the editor but leaves the raw file as is, with no adjustments without going back into ACR and resetting everything...

SlowSong Plus
14 10.7k 30 England
9 Feb 2016 1:44PM
After all this time converting raw images I've never heard of using the Alt key like that. What a good idea. Will try it when I get home. Smile
Philh04 17 2.3k United Kingdom
9 Feb 2016 2:10PM
Yes I know, it is something that I had forgotten about as I use Lightroom 98% of the time now, so thank you Angie for jogging my memory... Smile
SlowSong Plus
14 10.7k 30 England
9 Feb 2016 2:36PM
Just tried it. Excellent! Thanks Angie (and Phil). Smile
alan6 16 72 United Kingdom
9 Feb 2016 6:51PM
Angie and everyone else who responded, all I can say is thank you very much indeed!
Using the Alt key and Open Image together does exactly what I want and it`s amazing that in just over 24 hours from my original post, I am now a happy bunny with an edited file and an original raw file (note no caps PhilWink
Again, thank you all.
SlowSong Plus
14 10.7k 30 England
9 Feb 2016 7:16PM
Although, I have to say, I've found it quite useful to leave the raw file once manipulated as now and again I've had to return to it to do a bit of extra tweaking or noise control. I wouldn't have remembered what settings I'd used if I'd kept it as original, so it works both ways.
9 Feb 2016 8:07PM
Glad folk have found this useful - it is my habit to do this as I do like to have a raw copy that is untouched. So many times over the years a return to the raw file has enabled me to make (to my eyes) a better conversion - and of course ACR has been improved.

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