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Re-sizing large photo's

nikonuseruk 18 145 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2004 2:16PM
Hi guys

I have managed to upload some (I think) great photo's. There are some more I have that would like to upload but when ever I re-size them in photo shop to the aloud size of 500 pixels and no more the 60kb the quality reduces to a very poor photo. The way I am doing it is as follows:- Once photo is open and I have cropped it so that I am showing what I want to show I goto 'Image' and select 'Image size' type in the pixel size upto 500. The photo is then reduced in size ok. I save the image as Jpeg and reduce the quality until the given 'kb' at the bottom shows to 60kb or less, sometimes going down to 2 on the quality scale and then giving me a very poor output.

So tell me guys is there another way that I can do this so to be able to keep a good quality to show on here?

Your help is appriciated

leedsgh 17 496 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2004 2:21PM
Rob, I posted this exact same question a couple of days ago. All the responses seem to be related to buying other software to do the job....

Not what Id have initially wanted, Im sure theres a better way using PS!

Take a look on my posted messages and get some feedback off there if ya want!

nikonuseruk 18 145 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2004 2:31PM
Hi Gav,

Cheers, have just looked through your messages and downloaded the thumbnail program for free, works great so far but right must be a better way in photoshop to do the trick but til then this will cover it.

If anyone still knows of an easier way then spill the beans!!!

brm 18 76
26 Jul 2004 2:31PM
If you're using PS make sure you save for web, rather than just saving as a jpeg - gives you a lot more control over the level of compression. My photos are usually saved at a quality level of between 58 to 90 (0 being maximum compression, 100 being minimum compression). The more detail you have in an image the higher the compression (lower the number) you'll have to use to hit the 60 Kb limit. Also the colours in an image will also affect the file size.

Remember to sharpen your image after resizing it but before saving it.

Hope this is of some help.

digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2004 2:32PM
Rob. If you are using PS there is an option called 'Save for Web'. Within this there is a button which allows you to 'Optimise to File Size'.

The save for web function strips out all the exif and other stuff which is wasting space, so you get better quality for the file size.

If your quality is going so low (2?) are you sure you have resized to 500 pixels? Not being disrespectful but it is worth checking.


csurry 20 9.2k 92
26 Jul 2004 2:32PM
Try using the save for web option, this gave a value between 1 and 100 for sizing the kb by.

If the images have a lot of data in I find the maximum quality is about 50, but normally nearer the 80-90 range.

You can see the resultant image size by the photo, you can get much nearer to the 60k limit than by using save as.

I'm sure someone can post a fuller description, but I'm about to shut-down my PC for the day.
csurry 20 9.2k 92
26 Jul 2004 2:32PM
Ooh, lots of people posted at the same time!!!
rikewoo 19 347 1 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2004 8:20PM
Rob, I have just posted this for Alex:

Use the save for web in Photoshop, if you have it. When it opens it will put four photos on the screen, you can change it to two if you like. First thing is to go to the bottom where it says 100% and click on fit to screen.

In the top right hand one it will tell you what the size is, for optimisation. On the right hand side there is a box that will have "unnamed", in it,to the right of this is a right pointing arrow, open this. Click on Optimise to file size, in the box put the number 60, this will tell PS to set your file size to 60kb. It will keep this setting for you for the future. Make sure that the box current size is ticked. Click ok. When it goes back to the front sheet, make sure the Optimise box is ticked.

Under settings make sure the file type is Jpeg. Under that select High first, this will give you a quality of 60. Now open Image size in the box below. Change the highest number to 500, make sure the constrain proportions box is ticked,also quality is smooth bicubic. Click on apply, this will now resize your photo to the size for uploading to EPZ. Your photos on the left will change to thumbnails, under the righthand one will be the size of your photo at 500 pixels. If it is below 70KB click OK at the top. EPZ will accept anything under 70 kb as long as it is 500 on one side. If it is over change the quality to medium, before clicking OK, it will resize it and you can read the new size under the thumbnail.

If you are adding a border or using USM, do this before you resize or else you will have to go through save for web again. The last thing I do before resizing is to use Unsharp Mask. You will find this under Filter>Sharpen>UnsharpMask, the settings I use but this is only a general one is: Amount 70 - 80, Radius 8 - 10,and threshold between 2 & 30, but you will have to experiment with this as to what your preference is. Hope this helps.

If you need anymore help you can email me it is on my portfolio page.
nikonuseruk 18 145 United Kingdom
27 Jul 2004 3:34AM
Cheers guys and many thanks to Ken for the detailed tutorial, worked great.
rikewoo 19 347 1 United Kingdom
27 Jul 2004 7:16AM
Rob, I should have added: if it is under 70kb, click ok, that the majority are normally under 60 but the odd few that go over, the upload compresses them down to 60 but the difference is not noticeable.

Glad it worksSmile

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