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Readers' Votes... how do you get them?!?!

frads 14 7
17 Apr 2007 3:40PM
I have a problem... it's called self doubt!

I love photography or at least I think I do! I certainly love the idea of taking beautiful, interesting and different photographs that people want to look at and admire. So with that in mind and a bit of savings robbed from my piggy bank I purchased a brand new, shiny, super deluxe, oh my god is that really the price, quick let's buy it before my wife finds out, Nikon D80. It's a lovely bit of kit (so I'm told by the adverts and the man pocketing all my hard-earned cash in the photo shop!) and will of course instantly turn me into a Photographic genius. Well that's what I thought.

After initially being extremely disappointed with the results because they were, how shall I put this, erm... rather dull and boring, I decided that it was probably the photographer rather than the camera that was at fault. So I started reading a few hints and tips from glossy magazines and getting ideas off this website and drooling over some of the photographs in the galleries. And I slowly started taking what I thought as fairly interesting, nice to look at photos. Maybe not the best but, you know, almost up there!!!

So to put them to the test...entering them in the Readers Gallery! This is where my self doubt started to kick in. Every day you see a number of fairly decent photos go past and I click on them and nobody's voted or made a comment... but then of course I don't either, because they are just that...only fairly decent. But of course my new photos will wow and dazzle the audience, crys of "who is this new talent" will float around the internet ether. 2 votes later and I'm thinking "well I just obviously put it in on the worng time of day... tomorrow I'll try it earlier in the morning so people have a chance to see it for longer". 6 votes, not bad, 9 votes - getting better, darn it - now down to 4 votes and I thought that was going to win Editors'' Choice for sure. Right I'll pull all the stops out on this one....... yes it's a photo of the week, no doubt about it.... 8 votes ...AAaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgh. 2 votes. Where's my mallet, it's obviously that bloody camera's fault.

So dear reader if you've read this far hopefully you can see my predicament... I want to produce fantastic, adorable and mouth-watering photos but at the moment I don't think I am... What can I do to gain that prize of all prizes... that one momento that will quash my self doubt... The ePHOTOzine Readers' choice award!

All tips, comments, critique greatly received.

Cheers, Frads.
mark2uk 15 1.1k 8 England
17 Apr 2007 3:43PM
Read the techniques.
Ask Questions.
Request critisism.
Take more pictures.

Don't get disheartened.

digicammad 17 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
17 Apr 2007 3:48PM
First thing is to start really looking at the photos on the gallery and deciding what you like and don't like about them.

Next, the shots that you like, you study how and when they were taken. Were filters used, what is the composition like, was it sunrise, mid-day or sunset. You apply this knowledge to your own photos.

Then you read critique which has been left on your shots and those of other members and see if you can tell what it means and if you can apply it to your next shots.

Then you start leaving critique on shots, this makes you look even harder at the photos and increases your knowledge.

Then you put all this into effect, take a shot, post it and ask for critique and comments.

As your shots improve so will the number of votes you get on average. It isn't a perfect guide as it depends upon how many members are viewing as opposed to uploading, how much impact the thumbnail has, etc, etc, but if you load a shot that gets a lot more votes than you normally get you can be fairly sure it has hit the spot somewhere.

stevekhart 15 4.5k 3 United Kingdom
17 Apr 2007 3:48PM

Quote:A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.

-Ansel Adams

Ask yourself this question about your photos - does it hold true? Remember you're looking at your pictures knowing what you did to take the image, the context within which it was taken and possibly some emotional attachment. All that is stripped away once it's on the gallery. After that, either your friends will click, or it's got to be able to stand up in it's own right - and that's not easy to achieve but it will happen if you persevere. HTH.
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
17 Apr 2007 3:49PM
Actually Frads you're not doing so badly in the portfolio department!

But I'd echo what Mark has said. It doesn't mean you need to plunge into every portfolio going and make thousands of quick comments - but just take your time getting to know people, build up some fave photographers, compare and contrast, work out from other pics in a particular genre why some shine and some don't ..

and don't give up 8-]
stolzy 15 3.8k 7
17 Apr 2007 3:54PM
Why would you care?
I looked at your portfolio and I like the pics, you obviously like them. it would be easy for you to lose the pleasure that taking the pics gives you if you view this activity as a competitive one.
On the other hand, if you really want clicks you need to post pictures of big busted girls in cheescake poses and a state of undress. That way you're sure to get clicks out of all proportion to the quality of the shots.
Simon-Gimson 14 236 1 England
17 Apr 2007 4:20PM
its funny i know how you feel you spend time tring to get your photos to look just right then you post them! you wait and wait and wait then you look at your profile to find a shot you think is stunning gets 3 click the disapointment sets in .
all i can say as i know how you feel !! dont get down about this and just keep tring i was hoping for a Editors'' Choice
or a reader with the two i posted last few day but "no luck "
so just keep tring and have fun
by the way your photos are good

Si Smile
Beardy 16 79 United Kingdom
17 Apr 2007 6:46PM
Remember that its just other peoples opinions and that if you like your work as it is then great. But you don't have to change what you are doing just to get clicks.

If you do want those clicks than remember what Ian said above. If you like an idea or a technique then do your own copy of it

Having said that Clicks are nice, but on one of my recent images I was hardly getting any clicks, but then I noticed that I had got an HC instead, so was mega chuffed.
dubnut71 14 46 Scotland
17 Apr 2007 8:57PM
Dont stress it fradz, I have only 3 photos uploaded and only 3 comments on one!!! and thats the most popular one!!

I takes shots of what I like (cars strange landscapes, weird techniques and I suppose its only me that likes them but thats ok to me. It gives me as much pleasure to see what looks good to my eye as it does to hear someone else likes it.

I truly value the opinion of all the members on here but sometimes it just looks good to you, you know??

Keep taking the pics, enjoy them and have faith. I think that if you have self doubt then it wont matter who likes it!!!

Enjoy it mate and keep going!!!

jjmills 15 153 Scotland
17 Apr 2007 9:12PM
Hi fradz not to worry I have been here a while and my latest upload just about sums-up my images.

37 views / 5 clicks / 2 comments / 13.5%

Most viewed is 162 views / 20 clicks / 5 comments / 12.3%

I am holding out for a "Viewed a lot" badge.

I still don't know why view and not click or leave a comment.

Keep up loading...

KenTaylor 16 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
17 Apr 2007 10:39PM
Well I have no angst due maybe to being rather long in the tooth.
I have posted a thread or two that has had no replies let alone pics that only gets a few views. There is no way I am going to manufacture pics for the masses.
When starting out though I can see there may be some despondency more out of frustration than anything.
There is no magic formula, just a long hard slog as you develop your own style.

Your gallery is ok with a most reasonable response. Just be true to yourself and take note of the composition as well as other techniques.
The bottom line is seeing the shot, the camera simply records it which may be a simple pinhole camera or top of the range Canon.
Spend time looking, and believe what you see. Look back 12 months from now and note the difference.
David_c 15 244 United Kingdom
17 Apr 2007 11:00PM
You dont have a problem
you're on a train
alright, a journey then
stay on the tracks
peddle hard up the hills
(ok now its a bike)
enjoy the downhills
(still a bike)
just remember......
theres no actual final destination
only the journey with its ups and downs
(roller coaster i reckon)
Dont lose your ticket
(train again)

Keep Smiling then , David
inferlogic 14 20
17 Apr 2007 11:52PM
Hi fradz,
You should be proud of your portfolia so far! it's lovely!! but saying that with the amount of pictures you have on your portfolio i can't believe your having self doubt??? you have had an amazing response! for one of your phots you have had 13 clicks! thats double figures of people telling you they love your photo! Thats a great achievment, not to mention your new to photography! some of my pictures have had no clicks, the most I have had is 2!!... but I think to myself ok then, so i need to improve, unsuccessfulness can be a good thing, it gives us more drive, it makes us think more, it allows us to take better pictures. If all your pictures did really well then it would be too easy, It's the challenge that makes it all fun and worthwhile. Keep your head up, have faith because I think your going to give us some amazing photos Smile

you have some lovely photographs by the way.

frads 14 7
18 Apr 2007 10:13AM
Hi there all,

WOW! What a response. Thanks everyone for your contributions, you've really given me some food for thought. I know that deep down it's the enjoyment of taking the photograph and the buzz of producing something original that counts, not the number of times people have hit the voting button. But of course, being only human, the support and encouragement of others is always nice!

Thanks for all the kind (and honest) comments on my photos so far. It's the critical feeback that I think we really learn from. I'm off now to find something original to shoot - obviously for my own self-satisfaction...... but of course that readers' award is still calling!!!


PS David - your journey really made me chuckle!!!
Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
18 Apr 2007 10:38PM
You could take up writing as well..


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