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Real life screen resolution / image reproduction Honor 10 Lite and Honor 8x

15 Jan 2019 7:38PM
Why do real life web pages (eg Ephotozine photo gallery) look great on one phone and yet look horrendous on another?

Iíve had my Motorola Moto G4 for several years now and have been thinking about a change. With a variety of actual cameras at my disposal Iím not looking for the latest and greatest camera phone but rather a solid but affordable performer for general use.

Iíve always been impressed at the clarity of the Moto G4 screen when browsing photographs on photography websites and the sharpness of the text when reading articles. I would even go as far as to say the Moto G4 holds its own against my sons iphone 7 in this respect.

Having watched and read endless reviews, listed my priorities and set my budget I shortlisted some phones to go and take a look at in real life.

The new Honor 10 Lite, the Honor 8x and the xiaomi mi8 lite were the three on my list. Unfortunately the Honor 10 lite was only a dummy phone in one shop. The Mi8 lite could only be bought in a sealed box in another shop. Leaving the Honor 8x the only phone I could actually see working in real life!

The shop in question (which didnít have a large selection and mostly much more expensive oled screen phones) did have the Honor 8x logged in for internet use.
This is where I was shocked. When I looked up a couple of my usual websites the quality of the actual webpages were terrible. I compared with my Moto G4 and the difference was night and day. It was as if they were 1080p on my phone and then 360p on the Honor 8x.
The phone beside was the more expensive original Honor 10 but it was just as bad. I then tried the Xiaomiís Mi8 which has an OLED screen, it was much much better and pretty much equaled the Moto G4.

My question is if the pixel counts, and resolutions of the 8x and the Honor 10 are similar to the Moto G why was there such a real life difference?

Chris_L Avatar
Chris_L 9 5.5k United Kingdom
15 Jan 2019 9:01PM
Too many factors at play - the browser that you are using on the phone and the version plus the settings of that browser and that phone's settings, then the websites in question and whether or not they have implemented code to properly cater for very high resolution screens, if not, then stuff can look worse as it's zoomed on the fly so it isn't too small.

Old Windows apps look blurry on high ppi screens. Standard Def old TV shows can look worse on better screens if they aren't upscaled correctly.

15 Jan 2019 10:57PM
Thanks Chris.

Chrome browser used on both.
Tried bbc news website, ephotozine gallery and a couple of others.
Pretty standard I would have thought
Chris_L Avatar
Chris_L 9 5.5k United Kingdom
16 Jan 2019 12:22AM
I just looked at the Honor 8 to check something. It's not even a better display than you already have. Smile

Your Moto G4 has a higher resolution display than the Honor 8.

Moto G4 - 1920 x 1080 over a 5.5" screen means 414 pixels per inch

Honor 8 - 2340 x 1080 over a 6" screen means it's lower res at 396 pixels per inch
16 Jan 2019 10:13AM
Hi Chris

According to gsm arena

Moto g4 is 401 psi with 1560 contrast
Honor 8x is 397ppi with1234 contrast
Honor 10 is 432ppi with 1558 contrast

Yet the Moto g4 was significantly clearer than both.

Iím wondered could the bandwidth in the shop be downgrading the resolution of the web page reproduction?
But then would it not have done that on the mi8 as well ?

Just wish I could get the two to try and compare
Chris_L Avatar
Chris_L 9 5.5k United Kingdom
16 Jan 2019 7:41PM
Moto g4 is 401 ppi with 1560 contrast
Honor 8x is 397ppi with 1234 contrast

The contrast ratio on the Moto and the PPI is higher, the Honor 8 could never look better. The Honor 10 was a dummy phone so you can't compare that.

Without going into the settings it's hard to find out why the difference was so significant. I'd be interested to see how the Honor screen fared with a stock photo downloaded from the net just to rule out browser and bandwidth issues. It should look a little less sharp when compared to your G4, it shouldn't look half the res.

If it's a brightly lit shop then the Moto's superior contrast ratio will really make the Moto shine compared to the Honor 8


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