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Recommend me a good compact Digi as a backup

philipr 14 392
26 Jan 2007 6:44PM
Im thinking of getting a new compact digital as I dont always have my DSLR with me and I dont want to miss shots.
Im looking for something around 6mp for around 300us$ (use US prices not UK please) with the following features:


Quite small (not credit card size but fittable in a fleece pocket for example.
manual controls - AP/SP
Cant be too recent a model as I need to try to find it here in Bolivia - needs to have been out about 1 year ago.
Reasonable wide lense and quality lense
Quiet shooting

RAW format shooting
IS inbuilt
SD card not XD

Any suggestions for what would make a good backup - I need the quality to be pretty good as I may be using some of the photos in a book im working on. I want to be able to shoot candidly also as it is difficult to get some shots here without people getting angry and asking them first doesnt work in many cases.I dont expect the world for that budget.

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iansamuel 16 271 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2007 6:48PM
Have a look at, they review every digicam going with detailed specs.
tepot 16 4.4k United Kingdom
26 Jan 2007 6:49PM
i'd get the fuji s7000 if i was getting one, very sharp and colourful images, great for macro.
philipr 14 392
26 Jan 2007 6:53PM
yeah been looking at dpreview - its a great resource but my brain is starting to melt. I just would like some human input to give me some pointers.Cheers

Ill go read up on the fuji s7000
User_Removed 15 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2007 7:04PM
Fuji S7000 is a superb camera but it's not what I would call compact Smile
joolsb 15 27.1k 38 Switzerland
26 Jan 2007 7:05PM
The Panasonic LX2 ticks nearly all the boxes on your essential and your desirable lists... It's got to be worth a look!
philipr 14 392
26 Jan 2007 7:08PM
yeah - just saw the size of the S7000 - too big.

ill check out the LX2 .Ta
philipr 14 392
26 Jan 2007 7:15PM
LX2 looks nice but might be a bit expensive for what im looking to spend
joolsb 15 27.1k 38 Switzerland
26 Jan 2007 8:21PM
I've got one and it's worth every penny. Think about what you're getting for your money and it doesn't seem quite so expensive... Smile
GDobson 14 62
26 Jan 2007 8:24PM
Canon A620. Loads of controls, but no RAW unfortunately. Also the 35mm 'wide' end of the zoom isn't that 'wide'. Great pictures though!
CathyT 14 7.3k 18 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2007 8:27PM
What about the Olympus mj700, quite stylish and will fit in yer pocket.
conrad 16 10.9k 116
26 Jan 2007 9:30PM

Quote:he Olympus mj700, quite stylish and will fit in yer pocket

I have one, and it's nice, but I'm not completely happy with the way it focuses.
philipr 14 392
27 Jan 2007 2:06AM

Quote:Think about what you're getting for your money and it doesn't seem quite so expensive... Smile
.... that depends - evicted sounds quite expensive to me Smile

Main problem would be trying to get hold of one here in Bolivia - import taxes on new electronic goods is usually 40% and that the offical amount , add on the amount you have to sometimes bribe the customs officials to actually get you item an dit can get expensive. Thats why im looking for something that suit my spec but it over a year old as this may be available on the black market here and then it is cheap for me.

I saw a Canon A620 today so know it is available - didnt ask about the priuce though. Reading the dpreview now , looks like it could be promising
Jamshid 13 44
27 Jan 2007 9:15AM
If you use remote control with your DSLR, then it would be reasonable to get a same brand digicam that has remote capability. I dunno if this is the same with all brands, but Pentax remote control does work with all Pentaxes that have that function. That's the main reason I will be getting a compact Pentax to back up my K10D.

27 Jan 2007 5:34PM
I use a Canon A95 Powershot.
No RAW (but I don't think many small compacts will give you that)
quiet shooting
I shoot many photos at the wide end. Quite happy with it, but it notices (but don't think it will be different on any other compact - rather worse than better).
Huuuuuuuuge advantage : it has a - very good quality - swivelscreen. from the description you give you'll need it, and love it. For half of the photos I take I'm not even facing the subject, but using the swivelscreen.

Take a look at my portfolio for examples of its quality (credit mostly goes to the camera as I'm not a very good photographer) as it will say more than my words. To be clear, I don't post images 'straight out of the camera'. They all need 'dusting off' (I like to think of it like that). some sharpening, and some play with levels and contrast. For most images I don't even use photoshop, but do my post processing with the free Picasa program.

The A95 is small, but too big to put in you shirt pocket. I hang it in a pouch on my belt. Very easy. No problem at all (except when you walk around in your swimpants :o).

I'm extremely satisfied with it. Actually, the - after 'dusting off' - results went beyond my highest expectations. It only has about 5 MP, so you might want to consider a more recent model/upgrade like - for example - the A 630 that has about 8 MP. the A630 is rather recent though, so you might not be able to buy it there. but the above mentioned A620 looks like a mighty good alternative, and both have a swivelscreen.

Good luck and feel free to ask additional information

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