Remember when.........

MrGoatsmilk 11 1.5k England
29 Jun 2011 11:26AM
Anyone else remember...

The knife sharpener that used to turn up on a pedal cycle with a sharpening stone that was propelled by the rear wheel. The local kids myself included were allowed to take knives, shears etc to have sharpened, imagine that nowadays.


The Line prop man who shouted "Get yer line props!" and carried loads of the props to sell door to door.

I have found photo's on the net of knife sharpeners with a similar bike but not UK ones, can't find anything for the line prop seller.

It was late 70's early 80's I remember these.

What are your memories from being a child?

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Gaucho 18 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
29 Jun 2011 11:35AM
Milk being delivered to the door by horse and cart and when I was a bit older, wine in jugs to the door. This was in Buenos Aires in the 50s and 60s.
gingerdelight 13 298 11 United Kingdom
29 Jun 2011 11:38AM
The ice cream man coming round the streets on a bicycle with a large box on the front containing the ice cream! And the rag and bone man giving away goldfish!
danbrann 15 640 17
29 Jun 2011 11:39AM
a coincidence that this has cropped up today as I have just uploaded a Pic of Carbolic soap...Do you remember Monday morning wash days.
mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
29 Jun 2011 11:42AM
This goes back before the 1970s but it mentions the clothes prop man and a few other things now long gone.
franken Plus
17 5.0k 4 United Kingdom
29 Jun 2011 12:09PM
I remember the rag and bone man giving away goldfish, and the knife sharpener.

As I was born about 5 years after the war(the second oneSmile) I can remember being given round milk tablets that you sucked like sweets! This was in school.

Free milk/orange juice in school!

Early TV's with the round Ariel on the top!

cameracat 16 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
29 Jun 2011 12:20PM
" Old Iron " .......That ghostly cry that sounded nothing like the words in some parts......Smile

Not entirely disappeared either....Grin We have an aspiring junior version complete with " Orse & Cart " who is a direct decendant of these early scrap merchants....!!!

Makes plenty of pocket money too.....Wink
RoyBoy 15 303 2 United Kingdom
29 Jun 2011 12:34PM
I remember the knife sharpener man, the sasperalla man, the shellfish man (winkles, cockles & whelks), the block salt man and the rag-and-bone man. Plus of course the chimney sweep.

Born in the East End of London in 1946. A bit of a different place now, like most places I guess.

MikeRC 14 3.6k United Kingdom
29 Jun 2011 12:36PM
Living in Hull and biking to the East coast where even 60+ years ago the land was sliding into the sea and diging out lead piping from the cliff face because someone told me it was worth money, struggling home on my boneshaker with a load of lead, then not knowing what to do with it.

Going door to door, collecting old newspapers one month and empty jam jars the next.

Cutting sweet coupons from the ration books and flogging them at school.....the list goes on.

monstersnowman 14 1.7k 1 England
29 Jun 2011 1:04PM
The ice cream van that had that funny 2-stroke engine smell that I presume perhaps ran the refrigeration .. and they served rectangular yellow ice cream that were slipped into rectangular cones .. and the pop van .. round my way it was Corona with the dimpling around the top of the bottle neck :o)

And one for my home town and maybe a few others ... The Bolton (insert other name if necessary) Holidays ... were loads of shops (always newsagents) closed down for 2 weeks and you had to by your daily paper from a bus shelter or train station etc .. and because so many people were off work at the same time you always seemed to meet so many people on holiday at Blackpool or Southport from your own town ..

Paedophiles didnt exist in the 70's .. in fact if there was rumours of a male flashing in the woods we good gather together a gang of kids to go and find him ...

Or the obligatory dirty mag that was stashed in a neighbourhood location (usually in the woods or park) that the kids knew about and could pop for a look at :o)

Ahh those were the days.
keith selmes 16 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
29 Jun 2011 1:47PM
The dustbin men, with their horse drawn cart, and the horses with nosebags on.
Dustbins really had dust in them. Ashes from fires and so on.
Apart from that, people didn't throw much away
Paul Morgan 18 19.4k 6 England
29 Jun 2011 2:52PM
Running to the corner shop to buy fags for your mum or dad, if the shop was closed there was a machine near by that dispensed them, usually on or near a street corner.

Hippies and bikers, real ones, stinking of beer, piss, leather and patchouli oil, I lived a few minutes walk from Reading festival.

Hot summer holiday`s they seemed to go on for ever, we never got bored and always found something to do, and we never had computers or video games consuls.

Mangles in the back yard, to get your fingers caught in.

Saturday morning Job helping the milkman if you could get up earlier enough, would`nt be allowed now with all this health and safety.
MikeRC 14 3.6k United Kingdom
29 Jun 2011 3:18PM
....exactly 60 years ago, during the 2 month summer holidays, I got a job, working in a local butchers...48 hours a week 1. 5 shillings a week....that's right 1.25p a week.

......less than 3p an hour.....and I was glad to do it Smile

f8 16 9.2k 22 England
29 Jun 2011 3:26PM
I started at the Co-oP grocery store in Watford (Herts) at 16shillings a week!!!! 60 years ago.

70 pence a week, That was 5 and a half days,early closing on Wednesdays......anyone beat that?
keithh 16 25.6k 33 Wallis And Futuna
29 Jun 2011 3:34PM
God I feel so young

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