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Remember when.........

Anne66 7 65 United Kingdom
17 Dec 2013 11:11PM

Quote:It cost 50p to get in the Kop at Elland Road Grin

All I can say is, "DAYLIGHT ROBBERY."TongueWink Mind when The Toon were visiting it was worth the money, although we did not win many times.Grin

Quote:It cost 50p to get in the Kop at Elland Road Grin

....they were at least winning in those days and did get to Wembley (even if it was a draw!) ....quickly skirting over the replay result LOL Tongue

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21 Dec 2013 5:29PM
Now we are on the football thread, does anyone remember when football matches were played on Christmas Day ? In the 50s I can recall one or two of the London teams playing Christmas morning. And I am positive about that, such as the likes of West Ham.
But a friend, a lot older than me, says he recalls Newcastle playing Sunderland on Christmas Day in the 1930s. I always thought, and in fact still recall, that Boxing Day was the day when the full programme started up, and many of the matches were derby games.
7 Jun 2014 1:39PM
This thread has been dormant for about 6 months, and I did not realise that it had run to 68 pages - thanks to all our wonderful memories Smile.
But last night, whilst in a vacant and pensive mood, which is normal for me,

Remember when travelling by train, and the doors in each compartment had those long, wide, thick leather straps to open the window, then you would poke your head out to get a lungful of steam. How pleasant.

And No.2. when beer was beer, and the barrels had to be spiked and tapped. Get to near the end of a barrel, and the cry went up in the bar, "Floaters" (Bits of hop, etc.) Followed by a rush to the bar, especially those who had drunk at least half of their pint, claiming their's too had floaters in it, to cash in an a replacement pint.
adrian_w Plus
12 3.8k 4 England
8 Jun 2014 9:43AM
We still have to spike & tap the casks of proper beer. Fortunately with modern production methods floaters are a thing of the past. Now we just complain about slightly cloudy beer, drink half of it then ask for a replacement.
Plus ca change.
n8trm 12 4.5k United Kingdom
11 Jun 2014 11:47AM
Nivver fergit the hoying of the coals inter the coalhoos with a hole in the terrace yard wall. Got a few bob doing that!

Just a thought - those hoops were called 'boolers' mostly but in my village they were 'oligigs' - strange! (corruption of whirligigs - intellectuals us)
11 Jun 2014 12:42PM
Aye, our street was filled with tipped coal (from the NCB) every 4-6 weeks. 80% of the men in the street were miners. The metal hoops were called 'girds' up wor way - the British Pityacka North East Territories.Smile We were a bit further north than British West Hartlepool - monkey hinging land.
Evertonian 6 729 England
11 Jun 2014 4:35PM
Getting into the 'Boys' pen' at Goodison Park. 3p to have your bicycle minded in somebody's back yard and 6p to get into the pen. It was no good arriving at the ground too early and having your bike stowed away safely as the first bicycles into the yard had to be the last out. Anfield was exactly the same story but the 'Boys' pen' wasn't as good as at Goodison Park. Everton's ran parallel to the side touch line and not very deep, whereas Liverpool's ran from a small frontage, then right up to the stand top. Therefore a better view for young Evertonians.

Everton also had a 'trumpeter in the ground in the 1940s, he had a tune for every event. I was very young and didn't know what all the tunes were about but I remember the one I did understand. An opponent attempted to score but only managed to kick the ball over the crossbar. The tune duly followed "Over the mountains over the sea". The goalkeeper I well remember was called Ted Sagar. I remember during the kick about when players used to have 'shots in', Sagar was so good that the crown "ooooooooohed" when he let a shot past him and into the net.

Many many more memories of those early football matches when players got 4.00 per week in winter and 2.00 per week in the summer. 2.00 win bonus and 1.00 draw bonus. Players used to travel on the tram to the ground carrying their boots in brown paper packages,. better stop now or I might never ever manage to do so.
11 Jun 2014 9:00PM
Evertonian, A canny good post. True memories. I don't hate Everton - because they never beat us in an FA Cup Final - like Liverpool.Grin

But getting back to remember this, the old days - when all your parents worried about was - could they pay the rent;how much was the bill at the corner shop; when was the Co-op Divi due (to help out money wise); bloody gas mantle has broken - room in darkness.

Nowadays, - family, relatives, friends, etc. off on holiday - will they get to the airport on time; will the plane take off ? will they contact us to let us know they have got there safely. Us - new pair of sandshoes; pumps or whatever, shorts, and off to the local beach - Cannes for us lot - us Geordies were always invited by Prince Albert of Manaco, on an exchange visit, [expenses paid by him to enable us to get there]
He always liked to visit NE England to appreciate the pitheaps. Princess Grace was heard to remark in a Working Mens Club in Ashington,"Without being contradicted, and having spent many years in Hollywood and various other notable functions afound the globe,you cannot beat the Geordies for their down to earthness."GrinSmileTongueWink
22 Jun 2014 2:03PM
Remember when the grocers' and butchers' delivery boys rode those bikes with the large basket in front ?

With the Tour De France starting shortly in the UK, any entrepreneur wanting to make a bit money, could ride alongside the peloton with the basket filled with garlic, snails and frogs legs. Common sense tells you that one could not keep up with the race leaders.Grin
keith selmes 16 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
23 Jun 2014 9:43AM

Quote: butchers' delivery boys rode those bikes with the large basket in front ?
I did.
****** horrible thing it was too.
Evertonian 6 729 England
23 Jun 2014 2:15PM
I well remember...............................................................................................Oh! heck, it was so long ago that I have forgotten!

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