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Renault Megane coupe

14 Jun 2015 9:27PM
Hi everyone...had a 1.6 petrol version for five weeks now. Find it really slow and struggles on motorway even in 6th gear especially over say 55mph. It's almost as if you need to change into second as soon as you move and you're in 6th by the time you reach 40mph. It then feels like you are driving it hard and need a 7th gear, does anyone else have this vehicle and have you found similar issues?
Chris_L 6 5.5k United Kingdom
15 Jun 2015 1:00AM
I misread your subject as "Couple"!!! which made me think of this 30 second classic yuppie fest ! GrinGrinGrin
Andy_Curtis 6 808 United Kingdom
15 Jun 2015 10:34AM
I can tell you what the issue is right now.... Renault.... French....

Joking aside, that sounds like an odd issue. Hope you get it sorted
altitude50 16 20.5k United Kingdom
15 Jun 2015 10:52AM
Firstly, did you buy the car new? Have you taken it back to the person or establishment that sold it to you?
The other thing that comes to mind is, was your previous car a diesel? Perhaps you are comparing the power characteristics with that. But it does sound as if there might be a problem.
I have a 2008 Renault Megane CC with a 1600cc petrol engine that should be similar to yours, except that mine has a 5 speed gearbox. The engine is lively, free running, quiet and smooth. It will certainly maintain 70 mph on any normal motorway incline in 5th unless baulked.
15 Jun 2015 11:31AM
Good question above-what was your previous car?
Different cars drive different ways and it really sounds like you have driven something with larger engine before.
My 6cyl. 4 litre Ford seems to be idling up to 60mph...
themak 7 1.0k Scotland
15 Jun 2015 12:12PM
Sounds like you're in 'limp home' mode - needs diagnosing.
altitude50 16 20.5k United Kingdom
15 Jun 2015 1:07PM
Just had another thought. I had a different car serviced, the mechanic forgot to connect one wire to a 'gate' thing in the tube between the air filter and the manifold, the engine ran but was very down on power because it was starved of air.
Ross_D 6 841 1 United Kingdom
15 Jun 2015 3:38PM

Quote:connect one wire to a 'gate' thing in the tube between the air filter and the manifold

altitude50 may be on the right track as it might have something to do with the emission control system. I had a very similar problem on my Volvo V50 (although it's 10 years old) and it was linked to an exhaust gases control valve . Basically it is an electro mechanical valve that opens and closes and passes exhaust gases back through the engine via the manifold under certain throttle settings. I took the car to a garage and they ran the diagnostics and saw the problem within minutes as the valve was not operating as it should. That said of course, I have no idea if Renault have a similar system.
15 Jun 2015 9:49PM
Thanks those that asked my last car was a Nissan note n-tec 1.5 diesel. The Megane is new and has just covered 650 miles
dcash29 15 2.4k England
15 Jun 2015 11:40PM

The way you're explaining the issue suggests the car is faulty and needs to go back to the dealer. Although seeing you have previously driven a small turbo diesel car in the past may suggest you expect the same torque but your not.
I'm going with the latter as you should be able to determine whether its a fault with the car if you cast your mind back to your test drive.
16 Jun 2015 2:00AM
They are very different cars indeed, with very different motors. While not discounting a possibility of mechanical ( or electronics) failure, after driving a biggish car with relatively low rpm , high torque diesel it may feel "not right" on high rpm petrol motor in a smaller (therefore noisier inside) car.
My advice - try to find and test drive some similar 1.6l petrol small car. If you feel the same- it is not the car.
With 650km on odometer it would be very weird to have the car faulty.
Cephus 16 2.6k England
16 Jun 2015 9:30AM
Go to another dealer and get a test drive in another megane and compare.
collywobles 16 4.0k 10 United Kingdom
16 Jun 2015 6:35PM
What's the issue, its a new (650 miles) car, take it to the dealer and get it fixed whatever it is.. .....but I think Andy is right, its Renault and French............ Tongue
Stevefz 11 51 England
17 Jun 2015 8:47AM
My company had four Meganes as pool cars and it was absolutely the worst decision ever made, slow sluggish poor build quality expensive to run and I could go on. Needless to say we sold them on at a huge loss
steve_p 15 1.2k England
17 Jun 2015 11:57AM

Quote:My company had four Meganes as pool cars and it was absolutely the worst decision ever made, slow sluggish poor build quality expensive to run and I could go on. Needless to say we sold them on at a huge loss[/quote
I don't think that is what the OP wants to hear.
I have had two Ford Focus 1.6 and a Vauxhall Astra 1.6. None of these feel particularly quick, unless you rev them.Its all to do with emission controls. My company van has a 2.0L diesel with the same power output BHP, but because of the higher torque it does feel as though it's quicker. I think that might account for the different driving characteristics. I also think the very low mileage doesn't help. Also, Ive been told some manufacturers ship their cars with the ECU unit set at some sort of transport mode, which should be reset when the car is PDI Checked.

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