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Repair or replace?

17 Jul 2020 5:29PM
when tech stuff breaks down like cameras and computers do you get them repaired or renew
Chrism8 14 981 28 England
17 Jul 2020 6:39PM
Repair where possible and viable taking into account usage and age of the kit and how easy it is for an effective repair.
Dave_Canon 14 2.0k United Kingdom
17 Jul 2020 7:32PM
I would make an assessment taking account of:

a. Could I repair it
b, How much a repair would cost if not.
c. Cost of replacement new (I do not buy second hand). Is the item almost obsolete anyway, has it given me long service?

18 Jul 2020 4:49PM
Generally I buy the tech stuff on the cheap end. Last year's model or something used. So, when it breaks I replace it with something similarly outdated or used. Generally, I have found that I 'move up' to the next second place (last year's model or used) technology before the one I have breaks down. This way I am never buying at the premium price so am less inclined to feel a 'need' to repair it in order to rescue my investment. Of course this means I don't run with "I got to have the latest gadget" crowd. Probably, this upsets 'marketing' departments. But, I've found it is much easier to learn the old tech because there is so much written about it by then. While others are sweating paying for the newest and struggling to learn it. All the way around buying and using older stuff is far better in many ways, by my experience. But, don't tell anyone I told you this. It is a secret.
Dave_Canon 14 2.0k United Kingdom
18 Jul 2020 10:09PM
Frank I understand what you are saying but you mention "when it breaks". I have never had any camera equipment fail which is also another reason why I buy new. When I hear on these forums how some people treat their cameras, I would not want to buy their camera equipment second hand. You also mention premium prices and the latest gadget in town crowd. I am definitely not one of them. As I am sure you know consumer products like cameras are marketed using market slicing. They initially have a high price set by the manufacturer; this is aimed at those who must have the new model when it is released whatever the cost. After a period (6-12 months) they move to phase 2 and drop the price to attract the larger normal group of buyers. There is a 3rd phase when the price will drop again once a new model is announced so they can clear out the old model. I only buy a new camera or lens because I have determined that my current item falls short of the specification I require. I bought my most recent DSLR just over 12 months after it was first released and thus got it for a good price. You are right that, if you wait say 12 months, there will be plenty of reviews and guidance.

19 Jul 2020 12:22AM
Dave: I have had a few 'broken' cameras. One I dropped or fell on when I tripped while doing street. Concentrating more on the shot than with where I was. I had another just quit. After shooting between 200 and 400 shots per day twice a week for four years with it, (Such volume is not uncommon if your style is strictly hip shot when doing street. Lots of opportunity.) I was not unhappy that its time had come. Anyway, it was long past due to find newer, more capable tech. But, I loved the camera for everyday it worked. As for third or fourth phases it all depends on circumstance. My first ILC for street was an Oly PM2. Very small for street. Got it at Olympus' close out price when it discontinued the model. Three years later bought a PL5 body for less than half the price of the PM2. Same sensor and tech as the PM2 and from the same model year. I was happy more the price. I was still happy with the tech and what it delivered of the PM2 so the PL5 was an 'opportunity'. I go with what makes me happy and works best for me. Not the newest, flashiest tech that's far too expensive than it needs to be. Street outcomes are often imperfect. And, so imperfection is forgiven if not sought after at times. So all the latest tech really is not that important in street. As you can see, then, circumstance or context determines a great deal. Now, should I be a birder, landscaper, or studio portrait shooter it may be lots different.👍
19 Jul 2020 7:41AM
thanks for replies

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