Rodmac 14 17 Scotland
17 May 2007 6:59PM
Back to being serious, get a midge net - the best deterrent of the lot.


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redbulluk 17 218 United Kingdom
17 May 2007 7:00PM
Smear your entire body with tarmac.
Tooth 15 5.8k 227 Ireland
17 May 2007 8:02PM
The females come out during the summer and early autumn and go on a bloodlust frenzy. theseare the ones that bite. You'd have to be running to keep away from them. They prefer overcast still conditions, so a muggy evening is the worst kind of time, but on a day with overcast warm conditions they can get you anytime

To the one who said "they're not much of a problem", they affect different people differently. There are several repellents - jungle formula is quite good. Be sure to apply to all exposed areas and around the ankles and wrists, earlobes, head if balding, between the fingers, face....

You can get mesh hoods and smocks, but not too good for taking pics through

And if you're the allergic type, take an antihistamine based tablet like clarityn either san hour or so before you go out, or regularly once a day. It won't stop them biting you, but will reduce the allergic reaction the bites cause.

Have I put you off yet?? Smile

loweskid 19 2.0k 1 United Kingdom
17 May 2007 8:04PM
Use 'Skin so Soft' from Avon. Make sure you get the Soft & Fresh variety - was previously known as Woodland Fresh. This is the only one which contains Citronella which is the insect repellent component.

More info here
KarenFB Plus
14 5.5k 177 England
17 May 2007 8:14PM
Just sidestepping the subject slightly....ticks are about! I got my first one today.
RichardB 15 328 United Kingdom
17 May 2007 8:19PM
Get a midge net - I don't think I'll be able to catch all of them Sad
What's a midge net?

Thanks Tooth loads of information there - scared me to death !

Avon - yes I read about that - wonder if the Avon lady will ring my bell Wink

Karen you're a ray of sunshine - first Marmite now you tell me I'm gonna get ticks - lol
How the heck to I deter ticks !!!!!!
obviously the marmite doesn't work on them !
andytvcams 17 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
17 May 2007 8:27PM
Avon body lotion.

And thats official Smile
Paul Morgan 19 19.5k 6 England
17 May 2007 8:46PM
A few drops of Tea Tree oil in a bottle of water, cheap and effective. Will keep the bugs away and every body else.

Phil_D 13 81 Scotland
17 May 2007 8:47PM
I work in forestry, in Scotland so midges are a bit of an occupational hazard. Avon Skin So Soft is probably your best bet, although it doesn't work all the time and you will smell 'delightful'. The little buggers are out now, but only the males which, as pointed out above, don't actually bite, but can be annoying.

Ticks are a far greater problem. The only answer is cover yourself up, wear light-coloured clothing (so you can see them), and perform regular 'all-over body checks' . . . . Brushing through bracken and long grass is the time you pick up these fellows. Grasp firmly and twist anti-clockwise to remove, and make sure you get all the mouth parts out.

It all sounds worse than it is, really!


podgod 16 514 3 United Kingdom
17 May 2007 8:57PM

Quote:It is only the females that suck blood, but that means 50% of 'em are gonna be out to get me!

The ratio is 1 male to 60,000,000 females, Its a great job if you can get it Wink

An unPC solution is smoke a lot, when I was on the fags they were no bother at all now I've stopped they are a pain. As for not liking the sun, have you been up to Scotland in the summer? The suns up for about 20 hours a day, if you go right to the top it never goes down.

I've fond the best way is not to wear shorts and short sleeved shirts, now you know why Scotsmen are a pale blue colour.

Have a great trip.

Hugeknot 15 1.2k 2 Iceland
17 May 2007 9:23PM

Quote:The ratio is 1 male to 60,000,000 females

If you stick to the married ones, the ratio is more even.

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