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Resizing plug-in

deancarney 18 247 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2003 9:32AM
Hi guys,

Thought I'd share this neat little plug-in with you. I don't know if it has been discussed before but "stairstep" is basically another resampling program.

However, it does appear to be awesome !!

What this does is simply resize an image in increments, say10% then another 10% etc...

What this does is give you more detailed and clearer LARGER images ! You can do it already in Photoshop alreay, but this takes the hassle out of it and makes it quicker.
People have said they can take a 5mb JPG "fine" file up to 20 x 16 and be really clear!!!

Any comments..?

peterkent 19 117
28 Aug 2003 5:55PM
I've mentioned on this forum before that I don't get any better results stepping up in 10% increments than I do by going for a one shot re-size (in Photoshop), or stepping up in any other increments (with or without intermediate sharpening). I certainly don't believe that it is possible to double the size of a file in this manner and get acceptable results, as some claim, but I'm open to suggestions.
- Peter.
deancarney 18 247 United Kingdom
29 Aug 2003 7:45AM
Hi Peter,

I've just found out about this software and am going to try some prints. I'll let you know how I get on.

1541chapman 18 30
30 Aug 2003 7:47AM
Page 68 of "the photoshop book for digital photographers" isbn 0-7357-1236-0 has specific reference to the 10% technique, author suggests creating an action in photoshop and linking to an f number on the keyboard? I like the book and like most things too much of a good thing can be bad. For mdest enlargements from a good scan in the first place I get better results with this method than trying to let the scanner interpolate plus with interpolation you lose the facility to remove dust etc.

Note the book state "hardly" any loss of quality, which means there IS loss of quality.
peterkent 19 117
30 Aug 2003 9:11AM
I agree Scott Kelby's book is excellent. However, this is one of his techniques that I would take issue with. I haven't tried it with scans - only with files straight from the camera that have/have not been manipulated. I have been recently road testing Genuine Fractals which I find does a marginally better job.
shooter 19 105 Canada
3 Sep 2003 7:38AM
There's interpolation, and then there's interpolation!

Specialised plugins like Genuine Fractals (and much more modern softare such as S-Spline and Smartscale) do a considerably better job than simple resolution changes in Photoshop.

For some images, the stairstep method works quite well; for others (greater enlargement or extensive detail at mixed frequencies) there are other methods that work far better than simple bicubic or nearest-neighbor algorithms.

Genuine Fractals was the first widely popularised interpolator, but it's certainly ancient in computer terms, must be near 5 years old!

There have been a lot of advances since then! You can go FAR beyond doublng file size, Peter, which is great news now that we're somewhat "digital dependent" in this industry.

We've taken police mug shots of 140K and made them 4 meg files for a newspaper front page; see to see what's now being done on a daily basis.

And this is publicly available. You don't want to know what MI5 and the CIA can do digitally. (-:
grahammul 18 120 United Kingdom
3 Sep 2003 11:49AM
I have recently fitted picture grabbing hardware to acquire photos from my Camcorder but I have been very dissapointed with the results. If I converted them to stn files and used Genuine Fractals to increase the pixel density how much improvement might I see?
Are there any other methods I might use to achieve a noticeable improvement?
shooter 19 105 Canada
3 Sep 2003 4:42PM
Certainly GF will help, Graham, but the more modern interpolation programs are a lot more sophisticated, and cost less to boot. The police mug shots I mentioned are taken from a video capture in fact; to res them up to a 4 meg file is pretty amazing when you consider the low quality of the original.
peterkent 19 117
3 Sep 2003 8:30PM
We see interpolated images in the national press every day since the advent of digital cameras. Many of them are so pixelated and over sharpened that they are a disgrace to the picture editor's desk. I don't think these images do the digital revolution any favours. Just my opinion.
grahammul 18 120 United Kingdom
3 Sep 2003 11:18PM
Thanks for the info Alan. I will try and obtain some S Spine software on a trial basis.
shooter 19 105 Canada
4 Sep 2003 9:22PM
Peter - I used to see enlarged images every day in the national press. Many of them were so grainy and over-burned and dodged they were a disgrace; even my own. I don't think they did film any favours. Just my (tongue in cheek, no offense!) funny opinion. (-:
andart 19 538 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2003 8:17AM
You can get S-Spline2 here. It costs 69.

grahammul 18 120 United Kingdom
5 Sep 2003 9:00AM
Thanks for the info. Andy I'll give it a go.

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