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Return to Rome!

nigelsharman 20 30 England
4 May 2006 5:13AM
On Saturday I'm visiting Rome for four days despite This happening last time..a little older and a lot wiser.
UserRemoved 16 162
4 May 2006 6:14AM
Oh dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rome is my favourite City in the world - beautiful place - keep a tight hold on that camera this time and have a great holiday!

Shar :o)
philipr 17 392
4 May 2006 8:59AM
Ive been travelling in South and Central America now for approaching two years and not had anything taken yet - I am very careful. I have a lowepro backpack withlots of kit in it but I will never put it down , I will also never trust anyone else with it - I consider it my responsiblity so I cant blame any one if it goes.
I have a combo padlock on each zip and if I am going to put it down and have to use my hands I have a chain with one of those clipon things and I will chain it to myself so if someone grabs it I go with them also.Same on buses - it stay with me and it gets locked to me. Deffo worth buying chain or cables like these. If you have alot of luggage you can chain it together so its harder to steal.
nikon5700ite 18 1.8k
4 May 2006 10:07AM
One tip I heard from some SA tavellers was to organise a 'chicken wire'lining in their packs so that if in a crowd the thief couldn't come up behind them and with a knife cut into the knapsack and remove things.

Visiting some of the rougher places in New York, by accident and ignorance of the city, I was happy that my Canon camera was in my trouser pocket [front top entry jeans pocket] .. only trouble was I had my video camera slung around my neck, itself hidden in my generously proportioned jacket [bought for that purpose] but the nice neck strap was outside with it's 'Sony' name Smile
User_Removed 18 3.3k Russian Federation
4 May 2006 10:59AM

Quote:One tip I heard from some SA tavellers was to organise a 'chicken wire'lining in their packs

Just be prepared for some funny looks as you put your bag through the X-Ray machine... ;o)
nikon5700ite 18 1.8k
4 May 2006 11:05AM
"Funny Looks" is the norm for those folk Smile
GDobson 16 62
4 May 2006 11:38AM
I've changed the branded straps on my cameras to anonymous ones, and when on the move I use a bog standard daypack secured with those split rings you get on a keyring no keys to lose, and it does the same job. I protect the camera in the rucksack by keeping it in a padded case of the oyster/CCS type. I usually only have the one body and a 'compromise' zoom like a 28-105mm, together with my back-up compact in a (secure) shorts pocket. Short cable bike locks are useful for locking to bus seats if you doze off (and this is where I would indeed secure the zips with a padlock), but I'd still have some part of my body on the bag!
philipr 17 392
4 May 2006 2:29PM
I forgot to mention I also have a machete and a big knife - always puts people off I find!

The chicken wire thing in theory sounds like a good idea but I have never in all my years of travelling met a single person that has actually had his (large) backpack slashed. It happens to small bags and your pockets all the time - someone looked like they were going to try it on me today in a very poor area market but I was pretty onguard and they didnt manage it - a quick stare in there direction to tell them your clocked them and they go away.
Certain places though I will not get my camera out as it will attract too much attention, looks expensive and could be inviting a violent mugging. I have walked into some dodgy areas by accident before (a very dangerous street in Bogota Colombia springs to mind) but luckily never been forceably parted from my things as of yet.Of I have insurance for all my kit but its not the point - its a horrible experience to be robbed.

Anyway , hope you have a good trip Nigel and Im sure nothing will happen this time round
PMeldrum 17 480 United Kingdom
5 May 2006 12:56AM
Have recently bought a Pacsafe. It goes over your camaera backpack and can be secured to a non moveable ibject via a padlock.

I got one for keeping my camera in my car when out at weekends.


ps reasonable price at 40 compared with the insurance forms!
nigelsharman 20 30 England
10 May 2006 1:09AM
Well I returned last night with all equipment including my wife!!..although we had a great time I felt photographicaly I was just re-taking a lot of lost images.


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