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Ring Flash

Mjhearne 14 432 4 Scotland
26 Jan 2009 6:15PM
Anyone had any experience in using this piece of equipment???

Really like the idea of a ring flash for my beauty/fashion work...

CathyT 15 7.3k 18 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2009 6:17PM
Mjhearne 14 432 4 Scotland
26 Jan 2009 6:25PM
Cheers Cathy!! LOL! Still cant work out how to put in a link!!
Garry_Edwards 12 284 3 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2009 7:01PM
It works but it isn't practical.

A few years ago, when we were all using medium format cameras, adding a ringflash to them meant that we needed to be 'World's strongest man' contestants or to mount the whole ensemble on a studio stand, but times have changed and now we hand-hold our cameras with a ringflash. You can't do that with the Bowens.

As I'm not an advertiser here this will probably get deleted, but take a look at the Lencarta Safari ringflash
SteveCharles 18 2.3k 18 England
26 Jan 2009 7:16PM
I tried it out at Focus last year, as I'd like a relatively inexpensive ringflash, and have Bowens lighting.

It's a good enough idea to save money and utilise existing kit, but seems very restrictive in use - you're not going to be moving around with it and being dynamic. I also tested one of these , wihch uses essentially the same principle with fairly similar results (although obviously not as powerful) - and is a lot more portable.
andytvcams 18 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2009 7:23PM
Very expensive for what they do.
Here is one that cost all of 3.50. Wink
park my ferret 17 1.0k United Kingdom
26 Jan 2009 7:58PM

Quote:Anyone had any experience in using this piece of equipment???

Really like the idea of a ring flash for my beauty/fashion work...


I actually tested one for 'Digital SLR photo' mag last year,

It did work ok, although because it's attatched to such a big light (and a stand that the lights on) it's difficult to move around ... I found I was just picking up the whole stand, light and camera in one go, just to frame the shots properly)

I did one nice shot outdoors with it on a gemini pack - Ironicly I wasn't shooting through the middle of it though ..

Mjhearne 14 432 4 Scotland
27 Jan 2009 11:16AM
I know it looks a bit clumsy, but are the results any good?? Thanks for your example Pic Park my Ferret! I know I wont be charging round in a studio as I will need to lift the lamp, stand etc.....But surely with a 24-70mm lens with some zoom you wouldnt need to move the stand back and forth so much?? I am more concerned about the qulaity of the product and the results it can produce. Saw some reviews on warehouse express and the image examples look great (and lit with only one light?), That I am not so sure of!!
Garry_Edwards 12 284 3 United Kingdom
27 Jan 2009 11:26AM
The results should be fine. The reason I said that it isn't practical is that most of us don't do fashion-style shots with the camera mounted on a tripod these days. But a few truly great fashion/glamour photographers do (Marc Gougenheim for example) so if your style suits a tripod mounted camera then why not?

As it happens, I had a meeting with the technical editor of a very well known photo mag last week, she asked me what I thought of the Bowens Ringflash adapter, I made the same comments as in this thread and she agreed that it was a good idea that came up 10 years too late.
isphoto 16 34 Ireland
7 Feb 2009 4:24PM
Its horses for courses, the ringflash adaptor is great when working on a stand, it is after all a ring diffuser, taking the light from a single source and forcing it through a circular diffuser whereas a the full blown bowens ringflash produces the light around the full circle. You can get great results from the ringflash adaptor but if your budget allows go for the ringflash pro as it will enable you to go hand held. I have used both on DSLR and med format with good results.

Great chance with Focus on imaging coming up to physically get your hands on both.
stevekhart 15 4.5k 3 United Kingdom
7 Feb 2009 6:25PM
Elinchrom RF3000 with RX2400 pack and a hensel octahaze 1m softbox, can't beat it! Wink
stevekhart 15 4.5k 3 United Kingdom
7 Feb 2009 7:20PM
Thought I had an example somewhere, shot handheld.

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