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clicknimagine 8 221 88
24 Feb 2010 4:45PM
i have seen a rose image named luxury at the deviantart , i have tried to give that kind of effects by photoshop cs3, but i am not at all able to do this, can any body give any clue? i am a self learner, so i have no other source to know this, i do not know whether it is the right place to know this, i could have given the direct link but the rules may not permit this, that is why it will be better if you kindly check this out, although if you want...

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cameracat 14 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
24 Feb 2010 6:55PM
Now we have a small problem here, Without being able to see the image in question.

Its gonna be real hard to advise on how it might have been done.

If your just linking to an image, With a question about that image, As long as its not advertising, There should not be a problem.

If in doubt, Just put the text to the address, So those who might be able to help you, Can have a look at the image.

Double check the T&C's, But I'm fairly sure this has been done before....Wink
Overread 9 4.1k 19 England
24 Feb 2010 6:59PM
Agreed I've seen it happen several times and never a problem before.
clicknimagine 8 221 88
24 Feb 2010 7:04PM
well thanks to you both for your helping hand, i am giving this link, and i am trying to indicate the last image of this page
pluffy 11 167 United Kingdom
24 Feb 2010 7:05PM
Is this the one you were thinking of Link
pluffy 11 167 United Kingdom
24 Feb 2010 7:06PM
Just too late
clicknimagine 8 221 88
24 Feb 2010 7:08PM
yes pluffy, that is the image, have you any clue or can you help me how to change the tones like this?...
Overread 9 4.1k 19 England
24 Feb 2010 7:31PM
Hmm well if I were to approach taking such images here is what I might try to do:

1) Find a nice rose! (easy part)

2) Setup the shot so that here is the rose and a distant background - a second tripod and some clips or even just sticks and string. You might need nothing more than a rose and some suitable background material. Since the background is going to be desaturated the colours are not too important.

3) Spray the flower with a fine mist sprayer with water or leave outside to collect natural condensation. Mist sprayer is probably the better approach. However you might get a more real looking effect with a collender (cullender?) held above and shaken to minic falling raindrops

4) Setup the camera on a tripod - idealy you want a lens which can frame the image with the longest possible focal length you have - that will increase the background blur effect and lessen the need for editing (which appears to be present in these shots). Also controling the background contents and moving them further away from the main subject will help a lot.

4b) part of the effect is the deep depth of field each flower is showing and if you can use a longer focal length lens you will again get a deeper depth to the shot for a given aperture.

5) Take the shot - I would try to use the most duffuse lighting I could - a lighttent would be ideal when combined with a long exposure, no wind and a rock steady tripod - however you can use a diffused main light source (like flash) if you're after a quicker shot.

5b) f8 to f13 with the ISO at 100 would be the settings I would try - don't go below f13 as you might start to get diffraction softening in the shot. Experiment with various apertures and subject fore and background distances to get the effect - the more you do now the less you have to edit (and belive me going round the edge of something to get a belivable enhanced blur takes time!)

5c) If you can't get the depth you want you might try to use the focus stacking method and if you're keen to go down this rout you can even use a really wide aperture like f4 - capture all the frames needed and stack them together. That would give you both the creamy background blurr and the high depth to the flowers.

Note - looking at the shots I'm guessing a single exposure for each - f8-f13 would be my guess with selective editing being used to help blur the background more.

The rest of the shot is happening in editing - the colours appear to be single colour casts thrown over the whole shot (note that the background appears to be desaturated before the colour cast is added to the shot) (with the exception of the rainbow shot) which compliment the stronger colour of the flower itself (some might be natural others might be colour changes in editing). I would do colour changes by editing rather than coloured filters on the lens or gels on the flash/lighting. But that is me and you might prefer to adjust colours with the lighting in advance.

then you have selective blurring of the background - probably done at the same time as the desaturation of that area.

The shots also appear to be dark and moody - I would capture them with as full a histogram as possible in the initial taking (that is the bars on the right of the chart as much as possible without the highlights clipping and overexposing). And then in editing (RAW editing that is) I would boost contrast and the blacks sliders as well as adjust the brightnes to get the effect desired.
clicknimagine 8 221 88
25 Feb 2010 4:43AM
excellent description, you have described the detail of the shot very nicely, you have said the perfect technique to capture the image, but i am still confused with the process employed in the digital darkroom, you have tried to mean that the color is very much natural, please have a look at this page too, (name of the image is crystal), same photographer has done this, and it is very much apparent that he has changed the tones and blended it very nicely, can you please help me to get some clue how to change the tones like this by photoshop...
clicknimagine 8 221 88
25 Feb 2010 7:31AM
oh sorry the link directs in a wrong place, here is the correct one ...
clicknimagine 8 221 88
25 Feb 2010 11:45AM
Again the link does not work i do not know what is the reason,

i have tried to change the tone by photoshop in one of my image, i have used gradient map adjustment layer and curve, the result is not very bad, i am able to do this because it is a low key image i think, because when i have tried to apply that technique to a rose image, it has not worked to my satisfaction, any idea, if you share, to do this, will be very much helpful,

oh! i can not upload the image here directly, but giving you this link to see that image which i have tried...
Overread 9 4.1k 19 England
25 Feb 2010 4:09PM
Hmm I have to admit when I originally looked I didn't twig that the same rose was used - infact Luxuary and Crystal are the same shot but with different colour casts whilst Passionata is a slightly diferent angle on the same rose - and there might be more I've only compared those three.

Sadly colour manipulation is not something I've ever really used to any great degree. You might find however that manipuliting the colour to look real is easier if you start the manipulation at the RAW stage. I say this because the more you edit a shot the more degradation you do to the image details and this might cause major problems if you are trying to adjust the colours to such a great degree.
Playing around with the white balance sliders in RAW editing is more likley to cause less image degradation and starting with a good base there might make further alterations a lot easier.

The darker tone of the images (overall) might infact even be a move to help reduce some of the apparent degradation taking place (since in background areas esp it would take the more of much harsher noise). Bluring of the image (esp background) might also be essential to hide banding from occuring in those areas - though looking at the images as displayed I would guess the photographer in this case has not gone quite that far to get strong banding problems

edit - looks very good to me what you have done there - I take it you've recoloured the hand to look golden? Or was that spraypaint with some adjustments in editing? Either way it's worked well to my eyes - though I'd have been tempted to have had a little bit of chain to hang the pocketwatch from
clicknimagine 8 221 88
25 Feb 2010 7:27PM
no i have tried to give it a copper tone by gradient map adjustment layer, and after that i have adjusted the curves, but the process when i use in any other images except low keys, this process is not worked properly, so how can i give this kind of effect to a rose image which is not low key, can you help me?...
Overread 9 4.1k 19 England
25 Feb 2010 8:59PM
Unfortunatly we are at the limit of my editing skills in this regard. As I said I've never gone in for such large scale changes to an images colour - simply put you are already a lot further along than me in this regard! Keep hunting around though I know there are a few photographers on EPZ who do go in for more dramatic editing changes in their photography.
clicknimagine 8 221 88
26 Feb 2010 4:01AM
thanks Overread for your helpful hand, if any one has any idea, please help me...

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