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Royal Navy Photographer

joelrouse 12 27 United Kingdom
9 May 2012 5:52PM
I have recently started a website to showcase my work as a Royal Navy photographer -

Not many people know we exist so with social media and things like this it's much easier to reach more eyes than ever before.

As you will see there are other categories but this is to provide additional photographs to pad the site out a little.

I also want to work on the blog side of things to talk about what we get up to in work. I haven't been in much over the past couple of months so I only have a few post on there at present but I'm hoping to build on this soon.

I have had the site built to my desire and have avoided using a template site such as Clicpic to hopefully make it stand out a little.

If you like it, please let me know and if you don't, please give me constructive feedback.

I look forward to reading the replies!

guidoa 19 1.4k United Kingdom
9 May 2012 6:33PM
Personally,I like the site, I find the variety interesting.

You are fortunate to have such varied and rewarding job.
cameracat 16 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
9 May 2012 6:47PM
Overall a great selection of images, Showing a high degree of skill in all areas etc.

The site is nice & clean, ie: Not to vivid & full of twirly whirly things....Grin

My only gripe is the speed/time it takes for a large image to open, That said I'm out in the sticks on a very long damp string to the exchange, So 2 mbps is a max, However I have been on sites that open images from thumbnail to large view, Much quicker.....!!!

With that in mind and trying to keep people looking/interested, If it is at all possible, See if you can get those files opening a little faster.....Smile

That aside a good & interesting site, By a guy who has a first hand take in areas most of us would never see, Or have access to....!!!

Good luck Joel.

rambler Plus
12 1.0k 17 England
9 May 2012 6:50PM
Hi Joel,

Yes a nice website but I would like to have seen some titles under the pictures to help me understand what I was looking at.

joelrouse 12 27 United Kingdom
9 May 2012 6:59PM
I can speak to the developer and mention about the speed.

Thanks Guidoa. I think I'm pretty lucky too. We get great training and a great career to follow it up. I hope it continues after the Forces redundancies!

Ken, we did try with names and even descriptions but it wasn't working out. The balance and simplicity wasn't working unfortunately.

Thanks everyone!

Please pass the link on if you think it deserves it.

User_Removed 11 80 1 United Kingdom
9 May 2012 8:19PM
Don't forget to add the link to your portfolio Grin
thewilliam 12 6.1k
9 May 2012 10:48PM
Several friends have been through the Joint Forces school of Photograhy, if that's the correct title. All have told me of the quality and rigour of the Forces training. All found it gave them a good solid foundation for their career in civvie street.
joelrouse 12 27 United Kingdom
10 May 2012 6:11PM
It used to be called the Joint School of Photography I think, thewilliam. Now it is called the Defence School of Photography (DSOP). Sounds a little cooler. Haha.
Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
11 May 2012 11:53AM
Hi Joel. Nice site and some interesting pics. There is an awful lot of scrolling needed though with large gaps of white space. If possible try and get each page of thumbnails to show up on the page without any scrolling required.
joelrouse 12 27 United Kingdom
11 May 2012 2:22PM
Thanks for the feedback Carabosse.

I guess the only way to do that would be by squeezing the thumbnails down in size? The alternative to this was to create additional pages for the galleries, especially the military, which will have many more photographs than the others but I suppose that doesn't solve the issue.

I'll have a think! Smile

digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
11 May 2012 2:41PM

Quote:Ken, we did try with names and even descriptions but it wasn't working out. The balance and simplicity wasn't working unfortunately.

How about putting short descriptions into the alt tags so they display when the viewer hovers over the image?

joelrouse 12 27 United Kingdom
11 May 2012 3:03PM
Haha. I have no idea what the alt tags are? Tell me a little more...

Thanks digicammad
digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
11 May 2012 3:10PM
It's something your developer will (should) know about.

Alt tags were originally devised in the days of dial up modems, when it would take minutes to download an image. Some people set their browser not to display images, in which case wherever there should have been an image there would be a little box instead, containing whatever had been put into the alt tag.

Search engines don't understand images but they love alt tags and you can therefore use them to increase the search engine optimisation of your site. However, most browsers will also display them if you hover the mouse over an image.


joelrouse 12 27 United Kingdom
11 May 2012 3:39PM
I knew that Wink haha

I'm sure he will know. He is brilliant at what he does and hasn't said no to anything I've asked of him so far. I like what you're saying about Google...

Thanks again Ian, I will look in to it!

digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
11 May 2012 3:42PM
No problem. Another thing to remember if you want your site to move up the rankings is 'Content is King!'. Alt tags will help but the more relevant text based content you can get onto the site the better. Presumably you will be uploading new photos every so often, which is good because search engines like sites which are regularly refreshed.

Have fun.

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