Sadly having to consider giving up my DSLR kit for now :-(

brian1208 16 11.6k 12 United Kingdom
31 May 2009 5:24PM
Davie, I've read through this and my heart goes out to you.

In my '50s damaged picked up from a teenage motorcycle accident "Bit" me and I ended up unable to walk more than 50yds at a time, with constant pain.

I finally persuaded them to do a knee replacement at the age of 53 and after another year or so I was mobile again (and almost pain free).

Then a couple of years ago my ankle went and I spent another year or so hobbling and once again got thoroughly depressed BUT, after treatment it has cleared and I have been mobile for the last few months and able to get out and about.

Why am I telling you all this, not for sympathy but as an indication that no matter how crap you may feel at the moment (and I guess its pretty damned bad) there is a chance that things will improve for you - I certainly hope so.

When it does, get some new (and shinier Smile ) kit and start up again.

In th meantime, my best wishes and I hope it won't be too long before they finally get that bone infection sorted and you get your "Tin Knees"


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daviewat 16 4.1k Scotland
31 May 2009 5:31PM
Thanks Brian

Its always an encouragement to hear of people going through similar and coming out good Smile

My folks have had thier knees replaced !!!!!

I`m now 47 and it has been well and truly agreed that I do need both knees and both hips replaced !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! along with the possability of work on my hands as well :-( oh and elbows just for good measure :-9

The bone infection is the big worry for now as if it cannot be controled or hopefuly got rid of within , they reckon, 4 or so months Then there is a very good chance i will have to have my leg amputated from mid thigh :-( not a pleasant thought really. Especially as it was the fault of an incompitent surgeon who has since retired, aged 50 ????????????/ makes you wonder.

Still i`m alive have a great family wonderful friends and overall pretty happy really, just riddled with pain 24/7 except when i get my superman strentgh painkiller delivered via NHS courior and then only 2 at a time Smile they work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i`m sure I will be able to get about easier in a couple or so years but for now its a torture to be honest good kit just sitting not getting used when it could be by someone else Smile
fauxtography 14 6.6k 36
31 May 2009 6:38PM
Dave so sorry to hear about the infection on the bone as well... they really have messed you about all told. Sad

Well if you do (or odnt) sell your kit, i think a compact will be a good thing as it will allow you to carry on with a camera, but not sat with a DSLR in your hand missing what you could do (and will again after the ops) and having that get you down.

If you get a G10 have a play with the video side of it, and try your hand at video editing. It is photograpy but different enough from what you used to do, so hopefully that will better for you.

All the best Dave and looking forward to the craic in November.
kaybee 15 6.8k 26 Scotland
31 May 2009 10:10PM
DON'T LET THE BA****DS GRIND YOU DOWN ................ one extremity is enough Davie - you don't want to throw away any more

peterjones 17 4.9k 1 United Kingdom
1 Jun 2009 9:00AM
I agree with you Dave, kit sitting around looking pretty but little else could be turned to some s just in case; though it looks luckily that money overall isn't too much of a problem for you, money can be a real problem for so many people in roughly the same position as you .

I agree with getting a high end compact such as the G10 then when you have your op(s?) you will feel much better and able then to buy into equipment that will be about and probably cheaper and better than what you own now.

Maybe this will inspire or more likely put you off Smile but it was taken right next to my kitchen sink lit by window light only; it won't set epz alight but you can take such pictures with a compact and maybe getting to like still life until you are up to speed again is your new challenge?

In any case all the best, Peter
1 Jun 2009 11:17AM
It can be hard to know what to do for the best Davie. I abandoned my part-time degree studies a while back following a heart attack. Found I couldn't concentrate due to medication. Had a triple bypass and found after that, my camera was too heavy to carry, never mind the whole bag of gear.Now I'm improving, but the arthritis is worsening. Can't have anti-inflammatories as they'd clash with the other medication, so I pick and choose what gear I'm taking out with me. At least I can get out and about, all be it at a reduced speed. I hope things improve for you, thinking about you, Alex.
daviewat 16 4.1k Scotland
1 Jun 2009 11:26AM
Thanks again Guys never knew so many would be that bothered really Smile very humbling indeed.

Its not really a money issue as said when buying new kit in a couple of years time, that`ll be covered thankfully, Admitedly the money now would be handy !!!! but thats not my reason for getting rid of my DSLR kit just now, even today, I was wide awake at 4.10am, that seems to be normal at the moment i take my pain killing meds at approx 8pm a nd out of it by 8.15 !!!!!! so sleep and up early, but what I am saying is that is was a glorious looking sunrise and I would have been packed in the car and off to a vantage spot in a shot, but t hats what I cannot do :-( Thats the whole crux DSLR kit or cheap compact I could not do anything with either as not g etting to a place is the whole crux of it :-(

Anyway I feel less painfull today and a bit cheerier, the sunshine kicking in its feel good factor at last Smile

conrad 15 10.9k 116
1 Jun 2009 3:40PM

Quote:Anyway I feel less painfull today and a bit cheerier, the sunshine kicking in its feel good factor at last

Now that's more like it. Here's hoping you have a great day!

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