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Samsung Cameras ceasing ??

Niknut Avatar
Niknut Plus
13 3.7k 82 United Kingdom
6 Nov 2015 5:07PM
Seen a couple of news items recently about Samsung pulling out of the camera business ??

Some Swedish dealers aren't stocking any more, & selling off their stock @ 50% off ??

Wonder if their cameras aren't selling ?.....maybe camera-phones are selling better ??

Samsung cameras have always been introduced at fairly high prices, but reducing slowly
with time ??.......I've always fancied the NX1 or NX30, but the price has been too high for
my shallow pockets....

My NX20 gives me lovely image quality, but the NX30 has much better ergonomics, with the
NX1 another step up in both areas ??

I shall keep an eye on Samsung sales & see if any sensible deals come out of this situation !!.Grin
StrayCat Avatar
StrayCat 19 19.1k 3 Canada
6 Nov 2015 5:52PM
I saw this mentioned in an article a little while ago, but can't recall where.
nikonphotographer Avatar
6 Nov 2015 7:46PM
CliveOMD Avatar
CliveOMD 7 9 United Kingdom
6 Nov 2015 11:05PM
In the Uk Samsung have just about disappeared, Currys/PC World zero stock , Jessops zero stock, Park Cameras 1 x NX1, 1 x NX Galaxy, apparently plenty of stock in Germany though
franken Avatar
franken Plus
21 5.8k 4 United Kingdom
7 Nov 2015 12:51PM
Niknut Avatar
Niknut Plus
13 3.7k 82 United Kingdom
7 Nov 2015 4:41PM
Mmmmm...interesting reading in franken's link !!!......sounds plausible !

Still going to watch the prices though....the NX1 is such a strong magnet, even with
shallow pockets..........Smile
CliveOMD Avatar
CliveOMD 7 9 United Kingdom
7 Nov 2015 11:42PM
I think it is worth bearing in mind that Samsung consider there phones to be cameras and that when they say they are not withdrawing from the camera business thay might mean they are just going to sell phones, especially as they are part of the same division of Samsung
Chris_L Avatar
Chris_L 9 5.5k United Kingdom
8 Nov 2015 12:30AM
There was a time when I wouldn't have considered owning more than one system. Not anymore. I switched from Canon to Panasonic / Olympus an I'm more open-minded about other brands. There are certain cameras that fill certain niches nicely.

Some of Samsung's mirrorless offerings have been tempting. At the right price I'd buy and use it alongside my m43 stuff. There's a Sony body or two that I'd also own if I could afford it
JGJ Avatar
JGJ 17 74 United Kingdom
26 Nov 2015 5:59PM
According to Another Publication today they say that they have news direct from Samsung confirming that the company is pulling out of the UK camera market. (But apparently not world wide!)
Niknut Avatar
Niknut Plus
13 3.7k 82 United Kingdom
26 Nov 2015 7:44PM
Just had a quick read of that report in Another Publication........looks like the end of Samsungs camera line after all ?

I invested in a Samsung NX20 a while back, & the image quality is staggeringly good; very sharp, with a wide dynamic range......but as a
popular brand I don't think it's succeeded too well.......but that wouldn't stop me buying another one !!!

NX1 please Father Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......just the body will do, I've got the lenses that I need !!!.GrinGrin
Chris_L Avatar
Chris_L 9 5.5k United Kingdom
26 Nov 2015 8:53PM
Niknut for some reason I'd got it into my head that you used nothing but Nikon gear. Have been looking in your PF at the images from your NX20, they are very nice. What's your kit comprise of? Do you use other manufacturer's lenses with the Samsung body?

What's the low-light performance like? What about handling?

Niknut Avatar
Niknut Plus
13 3.7k 82 United Kingdom
27 Nov 2015 3:20PM
Hi Chris.......My Samsung kit is an NX20 body, with 18-55 lens, plus a 12-24 lens for wide landscape stuff !!

I love the relatively light weight to lug around.....& the lovely image quality it gives me, & is a dream to use !!

The NX30 improves on it with a nice chunky handgrip, & a higher res. EVF of 2.4mgdot.

Never taken any low-light shots yet, but it handles ISO levels up to 1000 very well, though I haven't explored the higher settings
in my landscape work as I've never needed to do so !.

I haven't used my Nikon stuff for ages....a D80 with 18-70 lens plus a Sigma 10-20 wide zoom hangs heavy after a while !!....should
sell it all I suppose ?????.Grin
kodachrome Avatar
kodachrome 11 789
28 Nov 2015 6:19PM
They were better made than most and had better IQ than many others. Who's next, I heard Pentax were not in the best of health

petebfrance Avatar
28 Nov 2015 8:10PM

Quote:.... Who's next, I heard Pentax were not in the best of health


Oh for heaven's sake! Where did you come across that? I've just bought one!
altitude50 Avatar
altitude50 19 23.9k United Kingdom
29 Nov 2015 6:43PM
I've got a Samsung Zoom 145S Compact with a Schneider Kreuznach lens. If I keep it for twenty years will it become a collectible antique? GrinGrinGrinGrinGrin


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