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Save the Date / Wedding

10 Aug 2016 12:57PM
Hi all. I have been invited to do a Save the Date photoshoot. I am very confident doing a good job simply because I'd love doing it. It could also be a good opportunity towards getting into weddings. Having said that, I would definitely appreciate few pointers such as:

a) locations
b) wheather like (i'm thiking cloudy is better (no harsh light); is this right?)
c) poses

My kit:

:: Fuji XT-1
:: Lensbaby Compose pro
:: Fuji 56 mm f1.2
:: Fuji 35 mm f1.4
:: Fuji 23 mm f1.4
:: Fuji telephoto 18-135 (variable aperture)
:: Got one reflector / umbrela / light stand / flashes

NOTE: I'm not really too versed with artificial light work besides the standard flash bouncing

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Chris_L 5 5.2k United Kingdom
10 Aug 2016 2:16PM
Capable camera and I think you have some good prime lenses and you understand exposure but your composition could be improved. In the majority of your people shots you aren't placing them in the frame. You might have fresh air above their heads and cut their bottom half off. That's because you often aim your camera like a rifle with the cross hairs.

It's rarely the most interesting composition. Look at your pf if you don't believe me, imagine a cross hair on those photos, someone's nose not far from the centre on most?
Jestertheclown 11 8.0k 252 England
10 Aug 2016 2:23PM
What's a "Save the Date photoshoot"?
10 Aug 2016 2:27PM
good question. i tyought you could help withthat too. lol
10 Aug 2016 2:34PM

Quote:In the majority of your people shots you aren't placing them in the frame. (...) and cut their bottom half off. That's because you often aim your camera like a rifle with the cross hairs.

ok... shocking but ill keep open mind to your comments. i though my photos are preety good to be honest.

not sure I fully understand the part where you say subjects are not in the frame. it would be nice if you could exemplify.

as far as i know, i have a variety of compositions from centre placing to thirds placement, to wacky placements.
collywobles 15 4.0k 10 United Kingdom
10 Aug 2016 6:22PM

You have been given good advice which you clearly reject. I think you are trying to run before you can walk. Your attitude tells me that you are not yet ready for weddings, they are not easy if you are to please the B&G. If you think weddings are easy just wait until you get difficult guests........ Listen!

10 Aug 2016 6:33PM
I do believe weddings are not easy. I dont' expect them to be. In fact, nothing is easy until one understands it.

I do accept good advice but I need to understand first before I can apply it. I am seriously not the type of not listening otherwise I wouldn't be asking for advice. As per my previous reply, I am trying to understand the advice given for to me, it was not really clear - honestly!

clearly I"m missing something considering your comments; you seem to have understood the advice previously given. Maybe you could then clarify me as below:

I dont understand the comment "you aren't placing them in the frame." - really struggling with that one. My reply to that comment was fairly explicit I thought; i'm asking for specific examples and none was given.

Think about this: If I looked through you portfolio and told you your subjects are "not in frame" - would that really make sense to you??

It's not nice to ask for help and all I get so far is people telling me how badly I can frame without a clear example. I could use the "critique" section for that.
10 Aug 2016 8:46PM

Quote:What's a "Save the Date photoshoot"?

Anyway, photographic skills aside, my understanding of this feature, is that it's a pre-invite.....err..... invite (probably am American invention....that should get me shot..Tongue ) whereby one is asking prospective invitees to mark it on their up for....... don't book a holiday during.......make sure you get the day off you can definitely come (along with wedding present(s)....).

What I struggle with, is the photographic element, I'd reckon it's more the preserve of a graphic designer, to come up with mini calendar sticker(s) novel/amusing memory aids etc. to secure the date and ensure attendance..

Maybe the happy couple can be more explicit about exactly what photo(s) they need for this project..could just be portrait shot(s) to add to the mix..

Jestertheclown 11 8.0k 252 England
10 Aug 2016 9:50PM
I see . . .

. . . I think.
10 Aug 2016 9:50PM
yeah agreed. looked into it as well. gave me some pointers towards me understanding what type of photos to take. it is more like "mark it in yor calendar" type of thing so maybe they either wanna do it electronically or on printed pre-invites.

thanks mate.
Chris_L 5 5.2k United Kingdom
10 Aug 2016 11:43PM

I'll try to explain what I mean about you aiming your camera like a rifle and aiming at somebody's nose or the centre of the subject etc with some thumbnails from your pf.

In this one by placing the man getting the surprise bang centre you have bland space above him at the cost of chopping off people and instruments. It might be because you use a centre focal point and forget to focus then recompose to create a better composition To place them carefully in the frame, I wasn't saying that they weren't actually in the frame. Fill the frame, imagine that last one cropped right above the head and we could see the hands as well as the face...










11 Aug 2016 1:23AM
Chris L, i teally thank you for the effort. I do feel obliged to explain though.

1st shot - point taken; could ve been better. in a street shot, i prioritize getting the moment so the best framing is not always possible

2nd shot - the idea of the shot is to catch exactly what is in the frame. any left or rigtht, up or down, elements that i wanted in, would ve been left out otherwise. i wanted to give the idea of movement, the smile, the face in the centre as well as the sink to portray exactly what was going on. in fact, i simply love this shot.

3rd shot - the idea here is the diagonal; if you look at the photo, any different framing would have caught someone in the middle of the frame. no escape from that; i guess i would have "rifled" someone anyway. it is an environmental shot showing people and how they relate to a particular situation. again, i love the shot. in this case i dis not focus on that person in the middle rather at 1/3 in the frame with a reasonable small aperture given the conditions since i wanted focus through the scene.

4th shot - my boy on the tablet; the result is exactly how i envisaged it in my head. thats how i shoot - i frame in my head and frame in camera. maybe too kuch light at the top. but i wanted him in the centre! defenitely! i will crop more and see if it looks better

5th and 6th shots - i agree with you

the rest - similar as before, the result is exactly as seen in my mind.

central framing is not a bad thing as you making it sound - that i know! it is actually recommendable when trying to achieve a more dramatic emphasis on the subject.

for example, the grafitti one. i just dont see it framed otherwise. similarly, my boy sleeping ... i wanted the spiderman light and my wife to be in the shot too. it is him sleeping and being cuddled bh mummy. the light has its purpose too.

im not trying to lecture you here; im just trying to show you that i dont just point and shoot. i may favour some compositions over others though maybe that's just a matter of style.

i apreciate getting back to me with examples. thanks!
11 Aug 2016 1:24AM
and yes, the last one, indeed younare right regarding the hands! i do remember noticing that but it was too late!
11 Aug 2016 1:25AM
my dad told me once: if you have to chop, dont do it at the joints. i do try to keep thag in mind in my framing. obviously, not always successful.
11 Aug 2016 1:36AM
Chris L not sure how many photos you have seen in my pf but you did make me look through them Smile

with your commments in mind, i dont find there to be a case of 'majority' though.

anyway, you really baffled me here. thanks.

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