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KevSB 14 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2012 9:32AM
I recently Got took in by a scam, Embarressed tp be honest as im very cynical and always think you dont get something for nothing normally so i dont need peaple to tell me ive been a fool, Hindsight is a good thing. so sharing just to help get the message out there, aviod Ziinga
saw a link on facebook for a penny auction site and always curious about them I followed it, Free Bids as guest...guess what ...I won signed up for the seven day trial membership and find myself after signing up in a 3 month conract at 60 quid a month which they claim is unbreakable, I cancalled after 20 mins without using it once i saw the con.
Cancalled my bank card on advice of bank. meny dont and get stung.
Reciving on a daily basis emails from them with penaltys and threats of debt collecters, just ignoring them atm but a little worrying.
Thousends of peaple around the world are being caught in this legal scam so beware.

This explains it much better than I ever could http://theroughcutslate.com/2012/05/11/the-law-does-not-apply-to-ziinga-the-ziinga-scam/

they have only got a fiver off me but all the threats of debt collecters do worry me a little. A search of the net On ZIINGA will bring up lots on the misery they have caused with peaple paying lots More and being bullied into paying fees to cancal.

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gingerdelight 11 298 11 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2012 9:41AM
Thanks for the heads-up! I hope that they soon get sick of chasing you for money.
puertouk 6 1.1k 17 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2012 10:19AM
Don't worry about them. This is a standard type of threat from people like this. They would not dare take you to court over it, as they know they are con merchants and if they did, it would cost them a lot more to get £180 out of you. Just put the E-Mails as spam
thewilliam 9 6.1k
25 Jul 2012 12:28PM
If the case does get to Court, you can always ask for the case to be heard in your local Court rather than theirs.
mikehit 8 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2012 12:35PM
I don't know the process of how an unpaid debt appears on your credit rating but it may be worth checking with Experian occasionally.
collywobles 13 4.0k 10 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2012 1:54PM

Quote:I don't know the process of how an unpaid debt appears on your credit rating but it may be worth checking with Experian occasionally.

Good advice and a one time enquiry will only cost you £2.50. I did this and was surprised at the info that had been collected over the years. All good I have to say tho ......... !
Nigeyboy 9 834 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2012 3:16PM
I had a similar experience a while back. My other half signed up for a money saving club (Can't remember the name), but the (very!) small print said we where tied in after a 28 day free period. The sales guy never mentioned it when she signed up. So i got on the case, and sent a number of e-mails citing sales of goods and services act etc - and we got a full refund!

I hope it all gets sorted for you - its never nice having things like this hanging over you! Get on Google and see if anyone else has had the same problem, and what they did to sort it out! Even try CAB - they have been good to me inthe past!!

Good luck!
MrGoatsmilk 9 1.5k England
25 Jul 2012 5:29PM
Are you not covered by distance selling laws that enable you to cancel during the cooling off period which I think is 7 days?

Worth checking with citizens advice if your worried.
KevSB 14 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2012 6:26PM
Searching the net there seems to be no proof that they have gone beyond threats stu , but there site claims they are not bound by the distance selling rues.
The 9 pound a day penalty seems to frighten some into paying up, they also send pictures of your house taken from google in some cases, long searches show threads of peaple at the same stage as me but none beyond that.
Based in malta they use genuine companys to give off an air of respectability. with the thousends out there duped by them i cannot believe they can continue to advertise and operate.
some even claim to be taking legal action against them but again the track goes quiet after this.
The most sensible answer I saw was what they was doing was not strictly illiegal but if it went to a court it would be laughed out but again no proof.

Remeber I cancalled within 4 minutes of signing up when the membership showed up, after you have signed
I just wanted to put this warning out there in case someone comes across them as they advertise on genuine well respected sites. the strange thing was I used a nickname to sign up with and they keep refuring to that name in the emails not my real name.

A search on google for ziinga will bring up lots more info

This has been the third warning issued to you. Our records indicate that you have an overdue payment on your membership that must immediately be paid. Please review the information below and be sure that your account information is up-to-date:

.The system shows that you have an unpaid balance as detailed below:
Membership Fee - 2012-05-18 to 2012-06-17 : £ 59.99
Penalty Fee (Reminder) : £ 9.00
Penalty Fee (Warning) : £ 27.00
Total: £ 95.99.

When you entered into a contract on Ziinga.com you agreed to our terms & conditions and also signed up the first 3-month binding subscription. You are therefore legally bound to pay for your membership for an additional 1 month(s).

As there is a valid contract between you and Ziinga.com we are ready to take legal actions and hand your case to our collection agency if the overdue amount is not settled within 5 business days. This will incur heavy charges to your balance and affect your financial credibility.
big fella 14 485 England
25 Jul 2012 9:26PM
It might be worth having a look at the CAG site (Consumer Action Group) they have lots of advice and help on their site.
26 Jul 2012 7:49AM
I notice that they do not let you know what membership costs are involved until after you've signed up, surely this is not legal?

How are they still operating, cant sending pictures of your house be classed as intimidation?
KevSB 14 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2012 8:33AM

Quote:I notice that they do not let you know what membership costs are involved until after you've signed up, surely this is not legal?

How are they still operating, cant sending pictures of your house be classed as intimidation?

Yep, which is what Catches you out, the legality issues seem to be in a grey area, Even microsoft pages have carried adverts for them as well as facebook and other sites. there office is based in malta and company who owns them are in British Virgin Islands, Which is the reason when you ask them that they claim that the distance selling rules dont apply to them, this is international scam as ive read reports from all over the world of peaple falling for this.

In fact they have featured on NZ Watch dog recently, if you win a prize, they demand copys of your passport and utility bills which seems very strange, Not something ive provided or would ever do so.

This is best reply ive seen so far

I have now sort legal advice and have been told that if the company is foolish enough to make application through the British courts for debt recovery, the claim will be thrown out. Should I receive a fancy document from the company threatening all sorts of actions I should respond by stating that I will be very prepared to meet them but I will be accompanied by third parties from:

My Metropolitan Borough Council Trading Standards Department
CIFAS – The UK Fraud Prevention Service
Action Fraud – The National Fraud Authority
The Home Office’s Identity and Passport Executive
My solicitors
Financial Fraud Action
My bank’s Consumer Retail Disputes Department
Financial Services Authority

I will be contacting Watchdog as this company needs sorting out. But it is a very worrying situation to be in. Thank goodness I’m not alone.

You must read the small print.

Remember, you don’t get something for nothing!

Hindsight is great!

And also this one I found

This is the response from Dorset Trading Standards:

Dear Mr Bassett

I have received your complaint regarding www.ziinga.com and thank you for passing it on to us.

Having looked into this company it appears that they are using addresses based in the British Virgin Islands and they may also have links to Malta. As such it is very hard for us to be able to take any action into the way that they conduct their business as we do not have any jurisdiction in either of these locations.

However, I will be reporting the matter to the Office of Fair Trading and I will be in contact if they need any further information.

With regards to the money taken from your account, I suggest that you contact your bank and inform them that you signed up for this 7-day free trial and show them the evidence of this and ask for 'chargeback'. If you look for this on the internet then there are explanations of how this works and also letters that you can complete to send to your bank stating that you did not receive the goods that were ordered, and you cancelled within the 7 day time frame so the money has been taken fraudulently.

I wish you well in your course of action and shall contact you in the future if I need any further details.


Trading Standards Enforcement Officer
Colliton Annexe
Colliton Park

Anyway just be a aware, I decided to put my embarrassment aside to warn others, they are also using mobile phone offers from what ive read, I intend to Ignore emails and thrests from them, I intuition is they rely on the threats to worry peaple into paying.
mikehit 8 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2012 8:51AM
I have a couple of friends in a certain military unit who may take on a bit of additional work....
Focus_Man 7 481 631 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2012 8:51AM
This Ziinga is based in the Virgin Islands and I too was charged for membership which I too was unaware that this would happen. I asked the bank to cancel any payment to them and they refused saying I had made an agreement and it was for me to sort it out. Ziinga kept up demands and so I rang the bank and cut up my credit card whislt on the phone informing them that I had cancelled it as from now. It remains cancelled.

They told me there would be a debt and so I told them to forget it as I would never pay. I then wrote to the fraud section of the bank and eventually it was sorted out and I did not have to pay.

Ziinga needs to be taken out of business as it catches even the astute as you are not asking for membership at something like £30 per month when you sign up. At least now Trading Standards seem to be on to them but given the time since I nearly fell for the scam I am surprised it has taken so long.

Beware do not get involved at all.

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