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Sci-fi film shot on the Canon 5Dmk2

park my ferret 17 1.0k United Kingdom
8 Mar 2012 12:03PM
Hi everyone,

over the past 8 months me and a friend have been trying to shoot and edit a mini sci-fi movie on my Canon 5D mk2 and 7D cameras

I'm happy to say that it's finally finished and now online - together with a blog site detailing some of the problems and soloutions we encountered whist shooting the film.

please take a look if you have some time, and if you like it, feel free to spread the word - Thanks Smile

the link to the site is below:
film website
KevSB 16 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
8 Mar 2012 12:34PM
I have just watched it as im about to set out on this same journey into video so had an intrest. The film was very well made and felt I could be watching a film or tv show, It seemed to be very intresting but found it very hard to keep up and hang on every word at this time of morning.

I will watch it again tonight when Im in a more relaxed mood when I can hang on the storyline which is very deep(for me).
I was also intrested in the technique's as I am using the same cemera and found myself very impressed how you used lighting and Dof to create atmosphere.

made me look forward to starting my own project, Im sure will not be half as good as this but have to start someplace. well done and look forward to seeing more, I will also take a look at your earlier videos when i have a chance.
park my ferret 17 1.0k United Kingdom
8 Mar 2012 1:03PM
Hi Kev,
thanks for watching it and for the comments - don't worry, it's not just you - it's hard for us to follow it too (and we know the plot) - due to the fact that we wrote the script and shot it within about a week! and didn't have the luxury of going back and tweaking it etc, but I think it does get easier to understand on a second watch.

good luck with your project - I hope it goes well Smile

Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
8 Mar 2012 1:15PM
I thought the beginning bedroom scene was superb and intriguing, but (and I hope you don't mind me saying) I got bored in the underworld section. I think it was the acting that didn't seem convincing enough. (not sure but I wasn't gripped). Love the lighting and filming throughout, especially things like the cut from face to clock in the first scene, and the dropping of the signed documents. The blog is great idea for those wanting to make their own movies lots of useful info, things like LED on hand for the chest light which looked convincing.
park my ferret 17 1.0k United Kingdom
8 Mar 2012 1:35PM
Cheers Pete, I appreciate your comments. and thanks for sticking with it til the end Wink

yes, most people will find that middle bit the most challenging to watch, especially if they have a short attention span !
Regarding the blog, yes, thats what it's all about really, the shortcomings and problems of trying to do something on this scale, but in a limited time frame. Smile
Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
8 Mar 2012 1:42PM

Quote:especially if they have a short attention span

lol, thanks Wink I have the ability to watch and enjoy films by Werner Herzog and you need a stupidly huge attention span for some of his scenes, but there's something that compels you to watch... Try watching the Enigma of Kasper Hauser.

Incidentally I'm regularly mentioning you and your music videos, which I like to keep an eye on. Have any of the artists had any major successes yet?
park my ferret 17 1.0k United Kingdom
8 Mar 2012 1:46PM
Ours must have seemed like a 30 second advert then! Wink
johnnyboy114 12 231 106 United Kingdom
8 Mar 2012 2:31PM
Well, just had the dubious pleasure of watching this with no sound at all! At work, not possible, so I can only comment on purely a "photographic" level. For obvious reasons, I couldn't follow a story or had no idea what each character was saying, but from what I could see....visually, it was very, very impressive. Its amazing what these DSLR's are doing with video nowadays. I wouldn't have been able to know that this wasn't a pro camera or done with a massive budget. The lighting, the sets, the acting, the use of the camera....all superb as far as I could tell. Very impressive indeed for the setup. I have a 7D myself and have been told over and over again that the video quality on it is utterly superb, yet I have never done anything with it. This has definitely made me want to look into this a little more now.....

Well done, good luck with this and hope it pays off. This is a seriously accomplished bit of work with the gear you were using......makes you think eh?
park my ferret 17 1.0k United Kingdom
8 Mar 2012 3:52PM
Thanks John , maybe watching it with the sound down is the way to go Smile
Jat_Riski 12 89 United Kingdom
8 Mar 2012 4:35PM
Superb, I like it. Well done.
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
8 Mar 2012 7:07PM
I loved it, But then I'm an old " Twilight Zone " & " Tales Of The Unexpected " fan, ....Smile

Very impressed....Grin
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
8 Mar 2012 10:22PM
Just spent the last 5 min behind the sofa, if that is the 1st attempt I am impressed. The filming worked well and like Pete I did like the shift in focus from the bloke to the clock to the woman ,it worked well. I would have gone for a fish eye lens or a lensbaby for the "underworld scene" to add a distortion to the view (probably too B Moovey) though your lighting works well and it hangs together.

A directors cut with the underworld scene half the length?

I would not have known where to start, cracking attempt.
park my ferret 17 1.0k United Kingdom
9 Mar 2012 10:39AM
Cheers everyone Smile

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