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Scottish meet 18-20 November


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Reason : Happy Ending :-)

daviewat 17 4.1k Scotland
20 Feb 2005 1:45AM
I have provisionally booked the youth hostel, My wife`s and mine !!!!!!!!!!!, for the night of Saturday 19th November 2005. The plan would be a days shoot on the Saturday. Then an evening of comparing images, as well as a few lectures, demos,instructions of PS etc. Hopefully Andy Currie of will be here and has said he is more than happy to give a talk on photography in Scotland and share his wealth of experience in the proffesional field.

At the moment I would like notes of interest for this and will print out a small leaflet of the hostel and surrounding areas, but for now look at and check out Rowardennan.

It is self catering but I can organize a night at the local hotel for dinner and drinks and get some some scottish music as well(Saturday)

Initially the cost is 350.00, for the hostel only, food at hotel etc extra and indavidualy paid on night, for the whole hostel (75 beds) on the Saturday night, I have also blanked off the 18th, Friday, so people can arrive here then as well to allow an early Saturday start.

So if any one is interested lets start it off and When I have a beeter idea of numbers I will let you know the cost each. I was thinking approx 20.00 per head, for this we need approx 30 persons. I will provide a desktop with PS cs and if folks bring laptops etc along this would be great as well as someone bringing a digital projector as well.

So lets see some interest in a beer filled photo weekend to remember. It is a stunning location.


PS wifes/partners etc more than welcome as well.
daviewat 17 4.1k Scotland
20 Feb 2005 1:55AM
There is also good scope for indoor work and can try to arrange lighting etc for a small studio like set up inside for portraits etc. Weather should not be an obstacle to us as lots of indoor oppertunities exist.

daviewat 17 4.1k Scotland
20 Feb 2005 1:57AM
This is open to all members and the chance of roping some English and possibly overseas members would be a great thing to do.
And of course Pete you must need a break sometimes and I am sure we would all like to meet you personaly and buy you a beer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There cannot be such a chance comes about so often for this type of overnight/2day event/meeting.
We are even only a 40 minute drive from both Glasgow and Stirling and a bit over an Hour from Edinburgh.


The price structure would be 350.00 devided by the numbers attending. This has to be paid at least 5 weeks prior to arrival, as it is an SYHA hostel and we only work for them. so the more the cheaper it becomes for the weekend.
IanO 17 195 Scotland
20 Feb 2005 5:08AM
Sounds good to me Dave, even after yesterday!! (actually really enjoyed meeting you all, and the weather was reasonably kind - at least it was dry). Provisionally put me down for 2 (me and the better half).

daviewat 17 4.1k Scotland
20 Feb 2005 5:35AM
Thanks Ian for kickit it off,

I`ll keep a spreadsheet of interested parties and it will hopefully fill up over the next few weeks.

noelyboy 16 89
20 Feb 2005 7:06AM
Put me down as an interested party - I can't be a definate until nearer the time but it sounds pretty good and your sales pitch is good!!!!

The only down side is having to put up with you lot again....LOL! Just kidding!!!!!


johnc1711 16 9 Scotland
20 Feb 2005 7:53AM
Sounds like a great weekend. I'd like to be put down as interested (can't confirm till nearer the time!), particularly as I missed out on the Balmaha meet.

mdpontin 16 6.0k Scotland
20 Feb 2005 8:02AM
Sounds like a very interesting idea. As others have said, I'd like to express my interest, but can't confirm that I'd be available until much nearer the time. Who knows, maybe by then the chaos at work will have calmed down a bit...or maybe I'll have resigned! Smile

MikeFisher 15 202 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2005 8:11AM
Dave , I would be interested too, and a good rest after an early start would be very welcome!
(would probably have to bring the wife along too, to read the map and carry the tripod LOL)
....just Hope she doesnt read this!..
so i am provisionally down for 2 please
ajm 16 232
20 Feb 2005 8:40AM
Hi Dave, Count me in for 2 please.

I should be able to borrow a projector from work for the weekend, and also bring my laptop.
keithh 16 25.7k 33 Wallis And Futuna
20 Feb 2005 8:44AM
Could well be on for this myself.
dcdigital 19 20
20 Feb 2005 8:50AM
Perhaps even myself!
daviewat 17 4.1k Scotland
20 Feb 2005 9:35AM
Great all noted.

What I plan is to keep this thread going and in a couple of months will have a leaflet done for this weekend and I`ll get everyone interested to send a letter to the hostel requesting a leaflet. It will contain a booking form with all details of payments etc and then all can send it back no less than 1 month before the weekend with a cheque.

As I said the hostel is booked so even a few last minute folks could still arrive although it is obviously best to know in advance.

Keep it bumped if possible.

scottishphototours 16 2.6k 2
20 Feb 2005 9:59AM
Nae pressure on poor Andy then, eh Dave ?!!!!!!

I'll need to start preparing for this now by the looks of things. Put me down for a deluxe master suite with jacuzzi bath please.

I'll put it in my diary right now.

Paul_Barr 16 544 Scotland
20 Feb 2005 10:03AM
I dare say that I could be persuaded Dave.