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RichardJSlipper Avatar
4 Apr 2020 12:11PM
I may be a bit of a traditionalist but I really fail to see (based on my own experience) how anybody can use just the screen to take a photo in bright sunlight. All the screens on cameras and phones I have had have been effectively invisible in sunlight. Indoors or in shade, yes, they can be useful and can be easier than a viewfinder in some situations. But bright sun no way.
I'd be interested to hear of anybody's practical ideas to get around this (other than putting the screen on max brightness which is an obvious step but really doesn't overcome the problem)
Surely, manufacturers would not make such wonderful camera phones or such as the EOS M6 if they were unusable.
Why am I interested? My dslr kit is heavy. I'd like something lighter and some phones are quite capable for most snapshots (and more) this would then mean I could limit any larger kit to special situations. If a smaller CSC was the best solution using this at all times would save money on an over sophisticated "mini tablet camera with a hone in it'
Thanks in advance for any views and ideas.🙂
RichardJSlipper Avatar
4 Apr 2020 12:12PM
sorry 'hone' = phone Smile
Tianshi_angie Avatar
4 Apr 2020 1:10PM

This is probably what you need but at the moment unavailable. However I suspect some very handy people could in fact make something similar - perhaps even improve on the design!
RichardJSlipper Avatar
4 Apr 2020 2:31PM
Thanks for the link. I once tried making a cardboard shield similar to that. I found that while it shields the top of the screen the bottom can still be effected. It also is only useful for landscape. It can also make reaching the screen settings a bit fiddly. But it's better than nothing.
Finding you need a canopy is like finding you need a viewfinder on a camera that doesn't have one eg: the M6 I mentioned before.
I have a D7200 which has a fixed screen. Whereas a tilting screen is much more useful in my view. So Nikon make a right angle viewfinder. But it is solving an avoidable problem.
Thanks for your reply. I think what I need is a camera (with a viewfinder) with a phone in it. 🙂
Tianshi_angie Avatar
4 Apr 2020 5:11PM
Don't think they make one of those (yet). But I also had the 'too heavy' problem and I bought a Sony A7 mirrorless which is very much lighter - has a viewfinder but also a tilting screen.
RichardJSlipper Avatar
4 Apr 2020 10:59PM
I expect I shall change to something smaller in the next 12 months once the virus restrictions are over. Phone contract is complete in September. Phone updates are a bit of a racket.
Tianshi_angie Avatar
5 Apr 2020 9:15AM
I don't know how much you use your phone Richard but have you looked into buying a phone and using a Sims only deal? I think it works out much cheaper. And you are not at the mercy of a 'contract'.
Cephus Avatar
Cephus 18 2.7k England
5 Apr 2020 9:33AM
RichardJSlipper Avatar
5 Apr 2020 12:30PM
Thanks for those two contributions. Yes, I've looked at different packages. Essentially, I'm pretty active on mobile although primarily wi-fi so the 1p payg offer is attractive and I'll look at that further 🙂. But then it's a case of what phone. I do quite a bit of photo adjusting on my mobile and manage Social Media for a friend's business for whom I also do courier work hence I'm taking photos for use in promoting the business which is travel provision. I also stream coms with the family and do some simple doc editing too, plus an increasing amount if inline shopping and so forth. So in my dilemma I am also wondering whether a tablet would meet those ends better. So I have considered a very simple phone for calls of which I make and receive very few these days, a sim capable tablet and lightweight but sophisticated camera (I do aviation, nature and landscape, travel plus have desire to do macro) - but now its back to carrying a lot. Or a large screen 'phone' as it's primarily 'not a phone' for me with the lightweight camera option which I could then link together. In fact the more I consider that last combination the better it sounds. Thanks for all your thoughts. 🙂


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