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Second curtain flash


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patters 16 1.8k 1 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2005 2:10PM
frenchie is a benny, la la la-aaaa
Listen lads, I have to go and sleep this off. Thanks for trying to help me always, I apreciate it.

Frenchie, I hope you get a leak in the night, and it ruins your wallpaper and makes your hall smell mouldy.

Night all (except frenchie, hope you toss and turn all nite, NO RETURNS)
xxx (except frenchie)
Boyd 17 11.2k 11 Wales
8 Oct 2005 2:13PM
LMAO @ Patters.

You twit.
UserDeleted 18 3.6k
8 Oct 2005 2:14PM
Lol Patters

You truly have to sink to the depths.

MeanGreeny 15 3.7k England
8 Oct 2005 3:20PM

Quote:..........My router didn't come with a manual, the help file on the CD was also pi55-poor................If you want to look at all of my forum posts Simon, you will find that I can be helpful.

Andrew I have looked and I can see that you usually are. More than anything, your civil reply has impressed when a lot round here would just strike back.

In your reply above, I didn't know you didn't have a manual and I'd just draw a parallel.

See you around the campus I hope.


DeanH 15 45 1
10 Oct 2005 5:14AM
Well im glad that my obvious "dumb" question has raised so many posts from some, "helpful", and some, "unhelpful", individuals.

Up until now i was very impressed with the overall helpful nature of the people on this site and never felt that if i had a question to ask it would be ridiculed. Unfortunately that is now no longer the case due to people like some of those above.

Yes I could have looked in the manual and yes i could have googled for an answer. However I chose to use what i considered to be a, so far, very useful site. The site has answered many questions that the manual certainly wouldnt by me simply browsing the forums.

In future I would suggest you keep your pointless and unproductive, opinionated views to yourself and not hijack peoples threads who are genuinely asking questions and not just bored and randomly posting comments because they feel superior to others and feel the need to insult.
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
10 Oct 2005 5:23AM

I only have the built in flash on my *ist DS at the moment but wondered if it was possible to use second curtain flash at all?

Just to remind people of the question, Dean has the question been answered?

DeanH 15 45 1
10 Oct 2005 5:27AM
Yep question has been answered. Most useful being "p157 in the manual". :o)