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Tandberg 17 1.2k 2 England
31 Mar 2011 10:59AM
Hey guys i have bought plenty off e bay with no problem, but i never ever sold anything and my lens and other item have had no interest on classifieds here so i'm thinking ebay to sell
So any hints tips, advice for selling for a selling newbie would be appreciated

Cheers in advance
sallybea 10 41 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2011 11:19AM
Go to the help pages on e-bay - they tell you in great detail how to go about selling - good luck - dead easy - Sally
Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
31 Mar 2011 11:57AM
For the best results list at 99p no reserve...and take the gamble. Normally there are enough people spotting stuff that it fetches what it's worth. List it at a time that means the end will be when lots of people are on line. I understand Sunday evening is a good time although it's not something I've noticed.

Take a good clear close picture for the listing and preferably several others showing the lens etc at different angles and host them on your own site and link to them.

Describe the lens in detail saying exactly what's good about it, why they should want to bid etc - big it up!!!! but don't lie...describe any defects, scratches flaws etc.

Look at other listings for the same lens that have ended...(completed option on left when you're logged in)
See the difference in end price and work out why the highest priced stuff was attractive...sometimes its description, other times it's lucky that too people are desperate and biding against each other.

Make sure the title is clear what the item is...and no spelling mistakes.

I hope these tips are useful. Smile
MikeRC 15 3.6k United Kingdom
31 Mar 2011 12:00PM
What worries me about selling an expensive lens on Ebay...if the bidding reaches 1000 and the winner changes his mind, you're still left with massive commision charges and a whole lot of difficulties.

I'm very impulsive and I've bought lot's of lenses which for one reason or another I've not been happy but I have always been able to sell on Ephotozine classifed, sure I've lost money but I feel better that than being stuck with a Nigerian scam artist as a final bidder.

....I have sold many thousands of s worth of photographic equipment through EPZ, completely free of charge and had control over who I've sold it thanks Pete...I owe you a pint.

User_Removed 16 17.9k 8 Norway
31 Mar 2011 12:02PM
I'm in the exactly the same situation Dave - great question and great answers!!

RoyBoy 15 303 2 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2011 12:12PM
Ditto! I also found the question and responses intersting and helpful.

Thank you
justin c 16 5.1k 36 England
31 Mar 2011 12:15PM
Thanks for the useful info Pete, a big help to us e-bay newby's. Smile
31 Mar 2011 12:23PM

Quote:What worries me about selling an expensive lens on Ebay...if the bidding reaches 1000 and the winner changes his mind, you're still left with massive commision charges and a whole lot of difficulties.

Not so Mike. If someone does not pay up, put it into 'dispute' with eBay and they refund the charges.

I've just sold a Nikon D3 on eBay and I've two SB 800 flashguns that are finishing today (both already past their reserve) and also two sd-8A battery packs. I've always been very successful selling using the ePhotozine classifieds but the beauty of eBay is that there is obviously a much larger marketplace and people can use PayPal to pay (i.e. they can use plastic if they wish).

With regard to timing the scheduled end of an auction, Pete's suggestion holds true if your buyers are UK buyers but many are not. We also sell ceramics and of our last bunch of 20 items sold, 5 went to Australia and 3 to the USA. eBay is a truly international marketplace.

As an observation, I feel the problem most people have when trying to sell their gear is that they over-rate the value of the item they are trying to sell. Unless you have something rare or unusual, you need to remember it is USED. Someone buying used gear from a dealer can expect some sort of warranty and after sales services.. they won't get that from a private buyer so that needs to be factored into the price too.

Best of luck

PS: Anyone interested in the Nikon SB-800s or the Nikon SD-8As, they end around 4pm - PM me and I'll send you details Smile
Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
31 Mar 2011 12:24PM
Plenty more where that came from.

Also make it available to other countries... select Europe, USA and Australia in the options.
Package the item up before you list to get an idea of the size and weight then you can be sure to charge enough to cover postage in all three zones.. If it goes above 2kg it can become very expensive to send abroad by Royal Mail.

A courier is often cheaper. - Interparcel are recommended

When it's sold send an invoice straight away and give them a week to pay. Send another invoice if payment isn't received after a week.

If the payment is paypal (it usually is these days) make sure the buyer has a confirmed address with paypal. It says so on the email that comes telling you you have funds. If they do not have a confirmed address read the T&Cs very carefully - it's easy to get stung.

Any more questions ask away?
jondf 14 2.8k
31 Mar 2011 12:42PM

Quote:PS: Anyone interested in the Nikon SB-800s or the Nikon SD-8As, they end around 4pm - PM me and I'll send you details Grin

Regarding selling on ebay -

If your selling photo gear and you've shot some decent pics with it, get some of those pics into your advert. Doesn't matter what the equipment is. The fact that it was used in the creation of the image(s) is sufficient to increase the confidence of your intended audience.

Large 100% feedback is an obvious plus, preferably with a mix of bought and sold items.....again, it's a confidence thing.

Fact is that there's a mass of prospective buyers of photo gear out there. Follow the advice given by folk above and you'll not go far wrong.
ge22y 12 115 12 Wales
31 Mar 2011 12:50PM
Ditto everything thats been said already by Pete and Barrie, I've sold loads on ebay and the wife had a little ebay business going a few years back, one mistake a lot of new sellers make is undercharging for postage, make sure you weigh the item in the packaging you intend to use, you may be surprised how much the packaging can add to the weight, don't forget the ebay fees as well its about 10% for ebay and 3.5% if they pay by paypal so sometimes you can make more money by using classifieds (although you say you haven't had much luck there - is your price to high?) I had a buyer on the epz classifieds within a couple of hours for a lens and could have sold it 4 times over within 2 days.
justin c 16 5.1k 36 England
31 Mar 2011 1:03PM
One other big advantage of the Classified's section is you can get an idea who the buyer or seller is just by clicking on their portfolio and seeing how long they've been a member of Ephotozine. Unfortunately you do get the odd timewaster, but on the whole the majority of enquiries are genuine and from well-established and/or known members. Enquiries are sometimes from someone who has no history on the forum and has just specifically joined on the same day as the enquiry is sent. These are best deleted instantly IMO and not worth even considering replying to. There could be a remote possibility it's genuine, but it's not worth bothering with as it's probably a 99% chance it's from a thieving Nigerian.
randomrubble 16 3.0k 12 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2011 1:12PM
I've sold about 3k's worth of kit in the last few months and spent almost the same (they are connected, the big clear out aloowed the purchase of new leses). There is a lot of good advice there. The main things I'd add is that when sending expensive gear make sure you can track the parcel. I'd also be very wary of sending to portugal and Italy as the postal systems there are a bit hit and miss. Also, pack your gear really well if it's at all heavy.
MikeRC 15 3.6k United Kingdom
31 Mar 2011 1:48PM

Quote:Not so Mike. If someone does not pay up, put it into 'dispute' with eBay and they refund the charges.

....that's well worth knowing Barrie but I still prefer EPZ even though stuff might not fetch as high a price there are no charges. Justin says, you get an idea of the buyer and can easily reject suspect buyers and I have done so many times.

I do think though that EPZ classified should be limited to photographic goods otherwise where will it end and do you want that Pete...esp. when it's free Smile
I have a few DVD box sets that I was tempted to put on but it just seemed too cheeky Smile

Some interesting info. in this thread.
digicammad 17 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2011 1:52PM
I have stopped selling so much on eBay since they changed their rules to prevent sellers leaving negative feedback on buyers.

I sold an item via auction, then after chasing the buyer for payment for over a week he responded saying the item was not worth what it went for, so he did not intend to complete. Well I'm sorry but if he is stupid enough to bid more than he thought it was worth why should I be penalised. I took my case to eBay but they refused to do anything about it and I couldn't even leave a message warning other sellers.

I will still use eBay but only for things I can't get rid of in another way.


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