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Selling photos

Ingymon Avatar
Ingymon 8 1 United Kingdom
29 Oct 2016 10:27AM
Can anyone point me in the direction of sound info for setting up a website to try to start selling my photos. I haven't a clue how to get started, whether you can sell digital downloads, how to protect copyright, pricing etc. etc.

Any tips hugely appreciated,

arhb Avatar
arhb 16 3.4k 68 United Kingdom
29 Oct 2016 10:44AM
Just google Photium, Foliopic, Zenfolio as 3 examples of selling from your own website.
All the above use easy to set up, with easy ways to add your images, and all have options for e-commenrce, which allows you to sell your images.

There are others, just look up photo hosting websites.
Chrism8 Avatar
Chrism8 17 1.1k 34 England
29 Oct 2016 10:48AM
I use Zenfolio now, have been down the Photium route, a good starting point but after a few years I found I wanted more flexibility which Zenfolio gave me, its around £100 per year and I certainly make much more then that from leads and sales, easy to set up and a doddle to maintain.

Have a quick look HERE if you wish, Not had any issues on speed etc or any down time at all in something like 3 years or having the site, just to add, no issues with Photium either rand the support on both options is very good.


Dave_Canon Avatar
Dave_Canon 17 2.2k United Kingdom
29 Oct 2016 2:40PM
A few of my camera club colleagues offer photographs for sale on their websites. However, they tell me that sales are very low and they do much better selling at exhibitions and events. Generally people like to see before they buy and talk to the artist/photographer. I have not attempted to sell photographs from my website though I have sold a handful at some exhibitions.

Chrism8 Avatar
Chrism8 17 1.1k 34 England
30 Oct 2016 7:20AM
Morning Clive,

Email replied to

brian1208 Avatar
brian1208 20 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2016 9:34AM
I use my foliopic website + flikr as "shop windows" to assist with face to face sales, rather than selling on-line.

Several of my "arts & crafts" friends, including painters and photographers use Etsy for their on-line sales businesses and seem to do very well with it (I have no experience of using it myself)
arhb Avatar
arhb 16 3.4k 68 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2016 10:02AM
A very important point to make is that having a website to display your images is just the start.
You have to shout from the roof tops to let people know that you have a website, and what kind of images are on it.
Driving traffic to your website can be done by any and all of the following means:
Printed business cards, flyers and postcards
Social media - Facebook-Twitter-Google+ etc remembering to hashtag images(or links to your website images) accordingly.
Blogging and Youtube videos with website links.

In my experience, increasing regular website audience is done by regular weekly news updates, relating to new images or other activities you've been involved in relating to your photography, so at least once a week.

That said, you might have better results selling at exhibitions and events, as Dave Canon has mentioned, which is also a great way to drive traffic to your website using printed media, for when the event is finished and everyone is back in the comfort of their own home. They've seen the quality of your work at the event, so they will find buying from your website easier(so long as your website e-commerce is straightforward!).

Chris_L Avatar
Chris_L 9 5.5k United Kingdom
30 Oct 2016 12:57PM
I agree with Andrew. Have seen many people put all of their efforts into building an amazing website that nobody visits. It's a bit like having an incredible shop on a street that nobody walks down. Don't fall into that trap.
PhilT2 Avatar
PhilT2 Plus
13 645 35 England
30 Oct 2016 1:52PM
Just an observation as I have absolutely no experience in selling pictures

In addition to events and exhibitions I have seen many small cafes displaying framed photographs and unmounted prints for sale, especially in areas where tourists visit. Also I have visited the odd Pub and gift shop which does the same thing. Possible outlet for you and I suppose you just pay them commisions for space and sales.
Have no idea of the legal implecations of doing this but I think looking at the finished article rather than relying on the quality of a computer screen and website is the better option. The initial outlay may be high and obviously sales may not be forthcoming.
I have been tempted to buy which is more than I can say for websites.

Ross_D Avatar
Ross_D 9 843 1 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2016 1:54PM
I noticed that Zenfolio have teamed up with Photobox to offer an integrated sales/printing service:

arhb Avatar
arhb 16 3.4k 68 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2016 7:38PM

Quote:I noticed that Zenfolio have teamed up with Photobox to offer an integrated sales/printing service:


I'm really surprised by this. I've had such inconsistent results from photobox, I stopped using them, and yet I see Zenfolio one of the best.

Another collaboration is that between Smugmug and Loxley, which again from experience, is a better option - for print sales anyway.
779HOB Avatar
779HOB 11 1.2k United Kingdom
31 Oct 2016 1:20PM
With Zenfolio you can pick from a few different printing labs not just Photobox. Can't actually with one I picked but they are very good quality and process orders really quickly. Takes all the hassle out of selling prints all you have to do is click approve order.
TonyPrower Avatar
TonyPrower 13 43 4 Iceland
14 Aug 2021 11:37AM
You could also look into Print on Demand (POD). Companies like Printify, or Printful are Print on Demand and you only get charged for each print as your orders come in. Most POD companies will allow you to Synch products with Shopify, Etsy or Woo-commerce. If you created your own website with woo-commerce, you could sell your photos from your own website. This will also give you the flexibility to run a blog or business bookings etc.


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