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Sending photos to mags

mtrueman 17 69
10 May 2006 3:45AM

Just dipping my toe in the water here. When sending photos to magazines in the hope that they will use them, do you send them full res or low res (and then supply full res on request)? What about watermarking?

Many thanks

User_Removed 17 3.3k Russian Federation
10 May 2006 3:52AM
You might find this useful... There was another article on the site that Cheryl wrote that was even better, but I'm having trouble tracking it down...
whipspeed 16 4.2k 22 United Kingdom
10 May 2006 3:53AM
Read the articles suggested. I've sent out several & always send a low res watermarked file & then send large if requested.
BigCol 20 1.8k 1 Scotland
10 May 2006 3:57AM
Do a quick search of the forum, little yellow box top left and press Go, and you'll be presented with a long list of threads which all have some very useful information.

You might also like to look at this. This is Cheryl's article.

In general though, if an editor has to phone/write/email you to request full res copies of the images you've supplied then he won't! He'll go with image from someone who has already supplied what he wants. And don't even think about watermarking them, they won't get past the firs viewing.

FatHandedChap 15 1.3k England
10 May 2006 5:37AM
It's worth checking with the magazine their preferred way of receiving submissions - different editors have different preferences. Choices are emails with a few low res previews, emails with a link to a web gallery, CD's with high and low res images, CD's with high res images and hard copies.
The BFP Market Handbook usually has guidelines for each of the magazines.

csurry 19 9.2k 92
10 May 2006 6:32AM
Like Tony said you need to check out the individual magazines to see if they provide guidelines. I was writing mainly about the photography magazines and their portfolio sections.

The last one I sent to OP was presented as specified in the article referred to above, plus I included TIFFs in Mac Byte Order. Since I wasn't sure what effect this had on the file if it was not required I created an extra directory specifically labelled as Mac Order.

The feedback I got from the magazine was how well it was all presented, which means I have a good chance of getting any future submissions accepted as well.

If you were sending on spec by email then you may want to watermark, but it's like saying - I don't trust you. You have to weigh up the pros and cons.

I've not had any problems being paid by any of the photography mags when they have used my pictures - in fact some cheques arrive out of the blue for images submitted ages ago which as I don't buy the particular magazine I would never have known about.

So check in the target magazine and once you've sent them you need to just forget about it, no one likes to be badgered.

gib spawny 17 46 1 United Kingdom
12 May 2006 2:16AM
I would say read the detail of the submission guidelines and follow it exactly as their request. If you don't follow the basics it won't even get looked at. No matter how good you think you are.
exclusive 16 579 United Kingdom
12 May 2006 8:33AM
also don't get disheartened if you don't get a reply quickly.
I got a relply saying i am going to be featured in AP around 5 months after i sent in my photos.
gib spawny 17 46 1 United Kingdom
17 May 2006 1:57AM
Yeah forgot to say, don't expect quick results. I've been entering for the last three years with no success. Its only been this year that I have start to get winning results in all the magazines that I subscribe too. But that's because I'm starting to think a lot more about what I'm entering and making sure its the best it can be.
bikejourno 15 114 United Kingdom
17 May 2006 8:46AM
i dont know about competitions etc but certainly when it comes to submitting shots for use in articles etc it helps to make life for us ed's and journos as easy as possible

burn your high res images to cd/dvd and name them too you wouldnt believe how many shots are just filed as they left the camera so can easily become just another pic you cant find a few weeks down the line

along with the disc include a contact sheet of the shots contained

dont edit or sharpen if at all possible as this will often render a shot useless once it goes through production as they will do all of that anyway

dont water mark or any other such marking
a publication will not ( or shouldnt) use yourpic and if they do without negotiating payment then you have them banged to rights
Mark_Readman 15 922
17 May 2006 9:19AM

Quote:dont water mark or any other such marking
a publication will not ( or shouldnt) use yourpic and if they do without negotiating payment then you have them banged to rights#

i think you will find they have you bang to rights if they print and you then ask for payment.
Photography is no different to any other trade and you don't get your local take away sending a free meal and then asking for payment at a later date, they make the terms quite clear, no payment no food, like what you smell,pay up !
send at a maximum 300 x 300 sample on digital at 72 dpi so they couldn,t print it if they wanted to, nicely sharpened to look good and if they agree to buy, then send the full image.
bikejourno 15 114 United Kingdom
17 May 2006 9:42AM
your making us out to be sharks
ive never come across such practise and personally never would try to rip a snapper off like that

if i had to get in touch to ask for, and the await the high res image it would be much easier in the first place to use a tog that trusts me and vice versa
Mark_Readman 15 922
17 May 2006 9:53AM

Quote:if i had to get in touch to ask for, and the await the high res image

you should discover broadband, a 8mp image can be wired in 70 seconds.
Any Tog who sends full images without any assurance of payment would not be a tog for very long
bikejourno 15 114 United Kingdom
17 May 2006 9:58AM
yep got broadband ok

but that isnt the way the world works is it?

we need a choice of pics and be able to lay them in to a page to see if they work

300 x 300 @72dpi wouldnt work would it

i suggest you stick to your suspicious way of working and i will stick to mine!!
Mark_Readman 15 922
17 May 2006 11:08AM

Quote:i suggest you stick to your suspicious way of working

Don't worry my way of working has kept me in a good living for 23 years, it's called let some other mug do the free work and i'll stick to the paid stuff

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