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sensor cleaning

jingler 11 18
21 Mar 2011 6:14AM
i have noticed a spec of something on the sensor of my canon 50d
it dosent show on the images but its anoying me every time i look through the view finder
what is the best way to clean the sensor.
ihave tried the cameras sensor cleaning but no good.
21 Mar 2011 6:52AM
If you can see it through the viewfinder then the good news is that it is not something on the sensor. It is most likely dust or some other foreign body on the viewing screen or mirror but the bad news these can be quite delicate and must be cleaned with care.

Initially, I suggest using one of the cheapily obtained blowers but make sure you don't touch the mirror/screen with any part of the blower as you can cause damage Smile
cheddar-caveman 18 1.2k England
21 Mar 2011 8:25AM
I've had "spots" for years somewhere in the view-finder system on my 40D. Tried a few times with blower etc with no success so in the end I just lived with it! And yes, the good news is that the spots have nothing to do with the sensor so won't affect pictures.
franken Plus
19 5.3k 4 United Kingdom
21 Mar 2011 8:34AM
There is a possibility that the spot is on the inside of the focusing screen.

If it is, no amount of blowing with a blower brush will remove it.

I would ignore it or send the camera off for a clean if it is on the inside and it really bothers you.

davey_griffo 12 213 165 England
21 Mar 2011 3:04PM
One of those little blower/brushes should do the job. You can give it a bit of a brush & blow at once, & one or the other should dislodge the dirt. I've got 3 I don't use. I seem to get one free every time I order something.
Personally, I use a Jessops Rocket Blower, as it's much bigger, & has a more powerful blow (ooh-er!!).
I was advised in a branch of Jacobs not to use the canned air, as they can cause damage. Rapidly expanding gases, as come out of the nozzle of an aerosol, can leave condensation. Not a good thing.
jingler 11 18
21 Mar 2011 6:35PM
thank you all for the feedback.
i will try the blowing idea first.
but it might be that i just live with it.

23 Mar 2011 9:45PM
Apologies to Jingler for hijacking their post - but it seems daft to start another on the same subject.
I have an annoying black spoldge on my images so I am guessing that is something on the sensor. I don't live near anywhere that I can take it for a sensor clean so, can any of you recommend a product I can use and let me know whether this is a difficult or easy job please?


RogBrown 14 3.1k 10 England
23 Mar 2011 10:34PM
Sue - this subject has been discussed sooooo many times on here. Just type Sensor Cleaning into the search box.
24 Mar 2011 5:54PM

Quote:Sue - this subject has been discussed sooooo many times on here. Just type Sensor Cleaning into the search box.


Thanks I will do that. There is so much information on this site but I am sure I will get used to where to find everything.

Thanks once again

peterjones 19 5.2k 1 United Kingdom
25 Mar 2011 10:01AM
I have just discovered how good the SensorKlear pen is; I bought mine from WE; I cleaned my D3 sensor in about two minutes: quick blast with the rocket blower to dislodge any loose dust; I used an illuminated loupe to identify dust and removed it with the pen; another blast with the blower and a final check with the loupe again; the pen made it a breeze; the cleaning tip is triangular in shape so that makes retrieving the crud in the corners an easy matter.

peterjones 19 5.2k 1 United Kingdom
25 Mar 2011 2:39PM
Warehouse Express stock three loupes, this is mine however I think that the loupes by Visible Dust and SensorKlear are better.

I have never tried a normal loupe say for viewing transparencies on a light box and I have one .... I may give it a go.


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