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kodachrome 6 703
19 Apr 2013 2:17PM
I'm not sure just how authentic this is, but I read on another web site forum that Nikon's new D5200 and possibly the D7200 are now using Toshiba sensors rather Sony, As for other models, Nikon apparently say with out giving much away, we source a sensor that is suitable. Hmm, not much there but its interesting to see how fluid the componant market is. I also read that the new D3200 is still a Sony sensor.

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Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
19 Apr 2013 2:21PM
They're probably all made in the same factory, whatever the "badge". Lol! Wink
cameracat 14 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
19 Apr 2013 2:42PM
All we need now is someone brave enough to strip down their D5200/7200/3200 so we can have some really accurate information.....Grin

Quote:They're probably all made in the same factory

That would be my guess, One absolutely gianormeous huge factory about 5 miles long by 2 miles wide, At one end the sign reads " Sony " the other end it reads " Toshiba " !!!

In between the two signs you get smaller ones, Somewhere around the middle that read Canon/Nikon/Olympus/Pentax etc, This would be the part of the factory where the badges are made....Grin

It is nothing new mind, In the world of computers this system of one factory use has been going on for 20 years or more.

Take the Foxconn factory for example, They make just about everything computer, Anything from a Dell to an Apple iMac come from within the Foxconn emporium.....Smile

All made for a one price fits all, Charge what you think you can get away with warranty.!!!

Some are cheekier than others....Wink
Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
19 Apr 2013 2:55PM
My previous laptop's manufacturer badge was a just a sticker you could easily peel off. The instruction manual had no manufacturer name on it at all! Grin
mikehit 8 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
19 Apr 2013 3:02PM

Quote:All we need now is someone brave enough to strip down their D5200/7200/3200 so we can have some really accurate information.....Grin


lemmy 11 2.7k United Kingdom
19 Apr 2013 6:22PM

Quote:t is nothing new mind, In the world of computers this system of one factory use has been going on for 20 years or more

Before that, British cars, Wolsely, Riley, Austin, Morris, MG and many others all the same except for the radiator grill and a few trim cosmetics. At the time it was known as 'badge engineering'. La plus ca change.....
cameracat 14 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
19 Apr 2013 8:59PM
Cheers Mike, They are very interesting links, Specially if your thinking of buying one of these models.

No idea why the switch to Toshiba, Could be a financial thing, ie: Toshiba offered to make them cheaper, Maybe that Sony was not only asking to much, But as a major competitor in the camera market, Nikon figured they might just nick their designs for themselves ( As If they would )

No matter who actually produces the component, It will be a Nikon design or designed in collaboration with etc, However Nikon do not have the factories required to roll these things of a production line, So in order to keep in step with the market price wise, Parts are sub contracted out, Makes no odds who nails them together at the end of the day.

Whatever, Toshiba are to be congratulated on doing a great job.

Back to the links provided by Mike.

Take a look at the comments posted by some of the readers, PMSL & ROTFLMAO, Talk about a bunch of misguided, Misinformed, Bigoted, No nothing Numpties, Some of whom seem to have a degree in the obvious, Some not so obvious, With an ability to repeat repeat repeat utter nonsense......Grin Smile Wink

When it is cloudy and grey with perhaps a forecast of rain, You can get some great laughs just reading through the reader replies on sites like " Photography Blog " , The technical inaccuracies alone suggest a serious lack of any idea what so ever, Some seem to join sites just for an argument about a tiny misprint, Or worse your " Disin " ( LOL Smile I believe a modern term for disrespecting ) their chosen toy, Hell! I have seen writers/reviewers on some sites get a tirade of death threats for suggesting a certain products are rubbish.

Quite right Lemmy....Smile

Ford Fiesta and a certain Mazda model, the list goes on, Gone are the days you by brand A and get something made by brand A, Hence I can't understand all the agro from fan boys of any particular brand of any particular product, It really makes no sense unless ( A ) You have shares in the company. ( B ) Get a big bung from the company. ( C ) Are sponsored by the company with goods or money.

Whatever, It is hardly worth scrapping over....Wink
Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
19 Apr 2013 9:42PM
Toshiba probably undercut Sony on price. Times are hard! Wink
kodachrome 6 703
20 Apr 2013 8:35AM
I think each new model of camera brought out will be an attempt to be better than the last model and competition and I suspect that will include the sensor. Keeping costs down must be a priority for any manufacturing these days and I gess also applies to sensor manufacturing. However, how much cheaper it may be than the last supplier, it still has to move on in performance even though it may be just a tad, as its no good going backwards. Mind you there have been one or two examples, no names mentioned, where a later model was worse [in some areas] than the model it replaced.
This internet abuse on some forums is a sad indictment of how the human race has become and how small minded they can be. They should get out more.
Ade_Osman 15 4.5k 36 England
20 Apr 2013 11:00AM
I was reading something just now on the web that stated Nikon holds the patent for an interchangeable sensor, the idea being that instead of having to upgrade your camera, you could just send it off and have the latest sensor put in it complete with the latest firmware upgrade. Easy to see why they never adopted this system though as we'd all still be using Nikon D1H's and Nikon would probably have gone bust Smile Bloody shame though as they could have effectively killed the competition perhaps Tongue
kodachrome 6 703
20 Apr 2013 11:51AM
I think there must be a gentlemans agreement amongst the big 3 to not put each other out of business.

The only camera I know where the sensor is interchangable although that includes either a module with lens mount or a fixed lens module is the Ricoh GX series cameras. In principle the sensor is matched to the lense and thus give that lens optimal performance. However, in some reviews it was, 'nice idea', 'shame about the price and performance', so Ricoh need to do a bit more work on that system or drop it as a flop.
LenShepherd 10 3.6k United Kingdom
20 Apr 2013 8:08PM
My understanding is with the growing digital SLR market Toshiba set up a plant to compete with Sony and Toshiba is taking a slice of the action.
What Nikon do with the sensor significantly affects image quality - Nikon seem generally better at this in the Nikon bodies known to have Sony sensors than other makers using Sony sensors.
As long as the camera is as good as Nikon can make it I am not worried who makes the sensor.
kodachrome 6 703
21 Apr 2013 8:11AM
You are absolutely right, its more about the design and programming of the processing engine rather than just the sensor. Nikon seem to get the most out of the Sony sensor than many other users.
Its been said that every body seems to get more out of the Sony sensor than Sony themselves.
Ade_Osman 15 4.5k 36 England
21 Apr 2013 9:56AM

Quote:Its been said that every body seems to get more out of the Sony sensor than Sony themselves.

I think the reasoning behind this is that they makes sensors for just about every kind of application/camera you can think of. All the cameras in the CCTV webcam system I have in the garden and house have Sony sensors in them, despite the system being relatively cheap & cheerful, I know because I've had cause to pull the odd camera apart. I'm pretty sure nearly all sensors are turned out in some whacking great factory in Taiwan/China or some other God forsaken place, for what the cost of a few peanuts. As Len states it's the technology in that camera that sorts out the good from the bad.
mikehit 8 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
21 Apr 2013 8:54PM
It will not be unusual in the manufacturing world for Sony to make sensors to Nikon specification, so that Nikon than have a sensor that they can optimise with their processing engine. So Sony using the same sensor in their cameras may not optimise the sensor and may therefore be effectively useless. But also it is not unusual for component manufacturing to be totally independent of their end product manufacturing and the need to been to be independent is far more important than any financial advantages of 'pirating' a 'competitor' specifications.

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