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Shall I stay or shall I go


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Reason : question answered

ZenTog 16 7.9k 1 England
27 Oct 2006 7:12PM
I am contemplating my further involvment on this site and forums, I have been on here for a good few years now but what of the future??

I have noticed the last few months a lot nasty comments creeping in, when I contribute to forums some seem to have a go at every thing I say and do, criticising for the sake of criticisng. You know who you are and why you do it, I have been guilty of arguing back in the past and having digs at those concerned, sometimes fairly on my behalf, over times I am guilty of going over the top I admit.

I have made a good number of friends on here at home and abroad, from California to Brazil, to South Africa, from wales to the north East, but at the same time I seem to attract a small but vicious number of enemies.

Whould I be missed if I went from here??, I would like to think that I would, but who knows, maybe I am deluding myself as I do in many things ?

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User_Removed 14 17.9k 8 Norway
27 Oct 2006 7:18PM

Quote:...but at the same time I seem to attract a small but vicious number of enemies.

Number One Paul. Ignore them.

Number Two... Take a break. Clear out your PF to one level or another - and take break. Leave it for a while, do something else and after a while - see how you feel.

Quote:Whould I be missed if I went from here??,

Undoubtedly by those who really know and value your friendship.

My two cents here...

Good Luck.

Kris_Dutson 15 8.2k 1 England
27 Oct 2006 7:27PM
It would be a shame to see a fellow biker ride off into the sunset. Smile

Carabosse 15 41.0k 269 England
27 Oct 2006 7:27PM

Quote:Whould I be missed if I went from here??, I would like to think that I would, but who knows

If you want an honest opinion Paul, I think with 4000 active members on EPZ the loss of any individual - however active - has a relatively small impact.

Occasionally people may wonder "Where is X" - haven't seem him/her on here in a while. But mostly it will rarely impinge on people's consciousness.

If you have made enemies, you have to ask yourself why this is so... unless you are someone who easily makes enemies in the real world as well as the virtual world, in which case the question is otiose! Lol!
JohnHawthorne 12 1.7k 5 Scotland
27 Oct 2006 7:28PM
This is the kind of thread that moderators do not want to see. We want to be able to deal with abuse as soon as it occurs so that it doesn't turn into a lingering problem.

Paul, I for one, would not like to see your portfolio cleared out and I even thank you that you haven't just stormed off in a huff as is a common reaction for a lot of people. I'll PM you about people having a go at you.

If any member feels they or someone else is being unfairly treated, please press that red link that exists at the bottom of every page.
Carabosse 15 41.0k 269 England
27 Oct 2006 7:31PM
Paul will correct me if I'm wrong but I suspect the problems he is having with what are (apparently) other members from here may be beyond the reach of the moderators.

He has mentioned messages posted on his personal website.
27 Oct 2006 7:34PM
Paul there are ways to deal with isses such as this, if we can help we will. I can't abide bullying, abuse, lies, gossip and any other low life antics but if you leave 'they' have won, don't ever give people this satisfaction. "Will you be missed", YES!
ZenTog 16 7.9k 1 England
27 Oct 2006 7:34PM
CB that is one part of the problem , but I find like you do that certain people who are still members seem to like having a dig for no set reason.

sometimes you can shake them off like water off a ducks back other times you think is it worth contributing on here.
dougv 14 8.4k 3 England
27 Oct 2006 7:36PM
Hi Paul.
It would be a shame if you decided to leave the site as your photos are excellent.

Look at it this way.
I don't know why you are suffering abuse, but one thing is for sure.
They are trying to make you feel uncomfortable and drive you away.
Very much how terrorists operate.

Are you going to let them succeed?

I wouldn't give them the pleasure.

Doug ;o)
aftertherain 13 4.2k 2 United Kingdom
27 Oct 2006 7:43PM
Well I'll miss you - I often marvel at your surfing photo's in the gallery.
ZenTog 16 7.9k 1 England
27 Oct 2006 7:43PM
you are probally right Doug, but it still hurts on a personal level when people on a friendly site have a go in such a way the perp had a go on my website.
At first I thought it was a spambot as the email address took me to a porn site, then a week later another email same address then a new name at the bottom of the page which has been mentioned in a locked thread on here, then find I am could to be threatend with libel for speaking my mind on here.
Sus 13 3.2k 9 England
27 Oct 2006 7:43PM

Quote:Is this a small flounce or a big, slamming of doors type flounce??

(This from Westers on another thread made me chuckle - hope he doesn't mind me quoting it here!)

Come on, if you are going to flounce, do it with a bit more oomph! It's Friday night, I want a big, stormin' flounce so I can procrastinate the experimentation with flash portraiture I've got planned for tonight!

(Seriously: Don't flounce - ignore it. But I would like to see more bare torsos in your pf rather than all that lycra covering it up...)
Carabosse 15 41.0k 269 England
27 Oct 2006 7:44PM
I very much doubt Pete would want an established member like Paul to go, that's for 100% sure!

Well said, Sus!!
ZenTog 16 7.9k 1 England
27 Oct 2006 7:46PM
LOL at sus theres no lycra in my portfolio only neoprene, as for further portraits of me the laughter I caused and the horror is unreapeatable
Sus 13 3.2k 9 England
27 Oct 2006 7:46PM

Quote:Well said, Sus!!

I'm assuming that's referring to the bare torsos?