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Shall I stay or shall I go


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Reason : question answered

ZenTog 16 7.9k 1 England
27 Oct 2006 10:35PM
Twordley good job you dindt say that to Jay44, I have always been called a drama queen

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SuziBlue 15 16.2k 10 Scotland
27 Oct 2006 11:13PM
Glad to hear you'll hang around, Paul. The good sorts on here far outweigh the spiteful ones by a massive percentage. Seems there are always one or two around happy to slash and burn, whether here or Out There. Sad innit Smile
GlynB 11 29
27 Oct 2006 11:44PM
STAY!! And as someone just said, DLTBGYD!! I've not been on here nearly long enough, but I'd say the negative creeps on here are
GlynB 11 29
27 Oct 2006 11:52PM
Sorry, most of my post seems to have been cut off?!?!
What I was trying to say was:
STAY!! And as someone just said, DLTBGYD!! I've not been on here nearly long enough really, but I'd say the negative creeps on here are less than 1 percent (ie for every knobsack there's at least 100 people who I'd happily buy a pint if I bumped into em). I've seen enough of your stuff to know that your very worst stuff is quite good and your best stuff is excellent. I wonder if a lot people just think "hmmm... I know jack sh!t about surfing so I'll just ignore this pic" when really they should just be objective and learn to recognise good composition, exposure, timing ect for what it is - quite frankly if everyone could do this we wouldn't even have this thread.
Rant over... count to 10...
Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
27 Oct 2006 11:54PM
I would say the negative ones were considerably less than 1%, given there are about 4000 active members.
GlynB 11 29
27 Oct 2006 11:58PM
That was just an estimate, CB! (I did say less than 1%!)
Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
28 Oct 2006 12:00AM
Fingers of no more than two hands I would say!
jimthistle73 14 2.4k 1 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2006 12:09AM
"...there's at least 100 people who I'd happily buy a pint if I bumped into em...". Well, lets hope you don't meet them all at once on an EPZ meet or you'll be skint!
GlynB 11 29
28 Oct 2006 12:18AM
Yeah but you know what I'm saying - if for example you're employed in a workplace of 100 people and there's one idiot, then you just ignore the idiot as much as you can (even if he's the boss!).
What I was trying to articulate was that Paul doesn't get the recognition he IMHO deserves because he deals in a very specialist area that people feel 'unqualified' to comment on. I consider myself wholly unqualified to comment on the minutiae of surfing, watersports, etc. , but I'd like to think I can put that to one side and recognise a decent photo when I see one.

Jim: yes I've made a rod for my own back by saying that, haven't I?! I was assuming I wouldn't bump into em all at once - fingers crossed, eh?!
Nike55 12 957 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2006 12:34AM

You are one of the few here that have inspired me not to give up photography. Your use of colour and light in depicting the "surf sports" allows your gallery shots to stand out like a beacon compared to the many sunset/sunrise landscape images on the site and is a refreshing and challenging change.

I find myself disapointed by human nature generally and when, sadly, others receive grief or are flamed (rarely on this site - compared to others) I often want to give up, frustrated at being sucked into some threads which I know should'nt get involved in.

I have been saddened by triviality and pretence before, cleared my portfolio and left the site previously - this is my second incarnation - but I rejoined.

In my case I try and help where I can with advice (and a silly sense of humour and sometimes get flamed for it) but without photographers of your calibre there is precious little for the rest of us to "shoot for" when not idly trolling through threads waiting for better weather, or a job, or saving for a 600mm lens so I can have a go at surfers on the beach!

Sometimes a rest is as good as a change - but please be in no doubt that whatever you do decide there is at least one person that would be disheartened and disappointed by your leaving.

Best wishes. Nigel
Camairish 12 1.4k Scotland
28 Oct 2006 1:09AM
F**k me what a pointless thread, your photography is ace mate but if you need reassurance simply to keep contributing to a web site then I'd look into things a little deeper. Love your photographs but if the site gives you so much grief... move on. A cry for help?

Hope you get things sorted,

Nike55 12 957 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2006 1:13AM

Quote:F**k me what a pointless thread

Maybe to you.
ZenTog 16 7.9k 1 England
28 Oct 2006 6:00AM
Ian I am happy enough with where my photography is at not to have to come on here for reassurance for that.

what I wrote this thread was to see if people had the same feelings as me over the less than 1% of perps who cause me trouble on here, and it seemsfrom the number of replies they do!!!

thanks all !!!
Graysta 13 1.1k England
28 Oct 2006 8:16PM
Maybe Paul that some people envy you in the life you lead & where you are based. your honesty maybe upsets some people but, your opinions are valued,and your skills in your field of photography are a benchmark.- graham . ( p.s back in Perranporth 9th dec hope to meet this time)
geoffash26 14 2.5k United Kingdom
28 Oct 2006 9:04PM
Paul I think you should leave

this thread alone and stuff those who don't like you or pictures