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Shall I stay or shall I go


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Reason : question answered

Sus 13 3.2k 9 England
30 Oct 2006 10:24AM
That quote made me laugh so much when I first read it Westers, I couldn't resist!

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ZenTog 15 7.9k 1 England
30 Oct 2006 10:47AM
Ian my slimmed down frame can get through the door frame with out hitting on the way out!!
plus I am no going anywhere, I am destined for greater thing on here yet!!!!LOL
Westers 12 3.9k 1 Burkina Faso
30 Oct 2006 11:02AM
Good to hear it, Paul.
deviant 13 3.1k 1 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2006 11:33AM
I don't want you to leave for that's worth Paul. You're a part of the furniture here (in a good way)
stevekhart 11 4.5k 3 United Kingdom
30 Oct 2006 11:43AM
Paul - you're a voice of reason in the wilderness; keep with it! Wink
GeoffP 12 130 Portugal
30 Oct 2006 9:21PM

Simply take a break for short while a week a month whatever and come back and fresh and brush yourself down so to speak.

I've had exactly the same treatment when I was here last - it's a simply fact of life that all web forums have their so-called experts who will be looking for an argument and like you I was guilty of responding to these TOSS..S but don't repsonse and don't take the bait - cos that's exactly what they want you to do.

Come back wiser and just give them a wide birth - those who act like this (and they know exactly who they are) are insecure, jeoulous of anyone who has an ounce of talent and in your case that would be several hundredweight of talent.

Web forums of all dominations develop tribes - meaning that people with sycophantic personalities will follow these self appointed photo gurus - when the vast majority of us know the truth - and can cut through the CR.P and pretence.

The vast majority of contributors on EPz who are genuinely decent people who have a genuine passion for photography and ability or lack of it is not a benchmark for how we should behave.

I got as much pleasure of bumping into EPz member Reas (Loopix) on Saturday and helping him out as I would when I sold an image to National Geographic - WHY? Because he was a genuine bloke who had the politness to ask for help and I'm the type of person to help others. I guess that's why the Peak District Authority appoint me to lead all their photographic workshops at Losehill Hall - is that a plug or what? (-;

Paul, just ignore these critical posts, and look at it this way - they are just doing it cos they wish they could take shots like you - in a strange way its a compliment.

I had one idiot who recently put a rather cutting comment against another image "Hawthorne and the Hill" relating to the fact that the authors of this image was better than mine - actually it was - but whose bothered and what kind of low esteem must he have to post such a comment - the word SAD comes to mind.

Best Regards

Geoff Simpson
ZenTog 15 7.9k 1 England
30 Oct 2006 11:18PM
your wildlife and peak district are stunning Geoff. I havnt been up in the peak district since the late 70`s when I moved down to cornwall , I used to live right at the bottom of the snake pass near the riverlin valley area, we used to walk up onto the moors and across to Hathersage

I am not going to let the t----s drive me away , I have a lot of work to do getting a studio and gallery underway soon, so will not be postinga lot of images for a while

I cannot stand bullies though, as I was bullied through
5 years of comprehensive school both mentally and phiscally,
also a lot of people are PMing me and have had the same sort of problems on here but have kept it hidden, some too embarassed to tell people, and I think that is not on, but that is the mods problem for now.

I have had a surprizing amount of support,I though most would just say so what just leave, but very few have.
jimbo_t 14 959 England
30 Oct 2006 11:30PM
You could always tell them to go f*** themselves backward with a stick! I like that one it confuses the stupid!
Don't leave us, your action shots are probably the best on this site mate!
Pete Plus
16 18.8k 97 England
31 Oct 2006 6:07AM
Last two posts removed.
Clearly two people with a gripe about each other.
Please take your personal fights away from public. It does neither of your reputations any good whatsoever.
And I think as the thread is winding people up it's time to come to a halt. I think you have the answer to the Q now Paul.