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Should I upgrade to a D7000?

Consulo 13 840 10 Scotland
22 Nov 2010 3:55PM

I've been shooting with my Nikon D70 since the camera was released. It's been a fine camera to use and I've produced many images that I've been very, very happy with. Recently, however, I've become very much aware of how it's starting to show it's age: its ISO capabilities, its MP count, and its dynamic range. Low light photography has always been a bit of a problem due to having to use low ISO's to avoid high levels of noise creeping in (unless I was wanting to shoot long exposures for creative reasons), and the low MP count has meant that I've only been able to print to a certain size before print quality begins to breakdown.

Having waited and waited for camera technology to move on a good bit (unless you're a working pro, upgrading with every new generation of camera seems like wasting money a bit to me, unless there's some kind of massive technological leap) and now having the money to do so, finally upgrading is now a real possibility.

Nikon's recent D7000 has really caught my eye. The ISO performance around the 1600/3200 is reportedly very good indeed, and the 16MP sensor would allow me to start shooting with the intention of selling larger size prints. A D300 upgrade is probably not too far off in the future, but the way I see is that if I were to buy a D7000 and a D300 replacement comes out quite soonish, I could probably recoup a great deal of the cost of the D7000 and upgrade if the D300 successor was a real knockout (I fully intend to utilise the video function as well on the D7000, and if the D300 were able to produce 1080p images at variable fps rather than the D7000's 24fps, it would persuade me to jump).

I've read the review of the D7000 here and on other sites, and all in all the verdict is very good. I know that in upgrading from my D70 I'm going to see a massive jump in quality (not to mention having a large viewscreen on the back is going to be a godsend). I know that the camera is new and that perhaps not many people have it yet, but I was hoping that if any users on here have it, could you give me your verdict? Definitely worth the money? I'm almost there with buying it, but as this is a lot of money to me, I just want to be 100%.

I've waited a long time to upgrade to justify doing so, and I know that there will never be a perfect time to buy due to technology changing constantly, but it kind of feels like the right time. Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Michael. Smile

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cameracat 14 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
22 Nov 2010 6:09PM
Just a few thoughts while we wait to hear from someone with hands on info......Smile

If and thats a big IF this side of next spring at the very earliest, Nikon should release a D300/D300s replacement, Chances are the specifications are going to be very similar to the D7000, With perhaps a few tweaks to justify its price tag, Maybe the 1080p Video, But probably the biggest difference will be the " Body " as it will emulate the " Pro Body " layout and be entirely constructed from mag alloy, Rather than the mix, Maybe if your real lucky a heavier duty shutter ( though I doubt that one ).

All in all a new D300/s will probably be like the D200 was in relation to the D70/D70s/D80, Similar but a heavy duty build with the Pro control layout.

Glad to hear your D70 is still going strong, I still use mine from time to time......Grin That said it pales into the dark ages of technology alongside my D700....Smile

Its really unfair to compare them, But given a decent lens and the right conditions, The D70 still delivers excellent results....!!!

thewilliam 9 6.1k
22 Nov 2010 6:42PM
When you upgrade, you need to regard your outlay as a "sunk cost" - they lose their value at a frightening rate.

Examples are the D2Xs bodies that She-who-must-be-obeyed bought for about 3k each about 4 years ago - MPB lists them for about a quarter of their new price. Worse still, my Kodak DCS 760 bodies were 7.5k +VAT in 2002 and now fetch about GBP200. Both are still superb image-making machines. Rockwell calls it "digital rot".

Entry level bodies seem to hold a greater percentage of their new price.
gus 14 156 England
23 Nov 2010 2:17PM
Michael, well said.

My D70 is good and is still working fine but lowlight and resolution are now a limiting factor, I do wish someone would bring out a review a month on with real hands on rather than the launch reviews as I am sure that there are many in the same situation as us and are looking to upgrade.

Carrera_c 8 273 3 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2010 2:59PM
I had a little look on DXOMark to compare the D300s and the D7000 - linky here , I was quite surprised to see that the D7000 actually seems to outperform the D300s in every aspect; noise, dynamic range, tonal range, the lot. So I don't know if I would even look at the D300s anymore as your two main reasons for upgrading are for more low light capability and a higher resolution. The D7000 seems to be a no-brainer between the two options.
strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2010 3:29PM
I would like someone to do a real world comparison of images and compare that to the DXO mark as I am increasingly feeling that it is one of those "what does it mean" factors. Looking at images from various cameras in the test I wonder if the tone curves used are fooling the DXO test results. Its like cars and official MPG tests, very hard to get test results in real world and it is possible to tune a vehicle to get good results.

You need to factor in AF results etc.so the choice of D300 or D7000 ?????
Nickscape 12 708 9 England
23 Nov 2010 4:51PM
I think i'm going to change from a D200 to the new D7000 next year, but not until the prices fall to their proper level! The main reason is the low light capability as the D200 is terrible compared to these modern cameras above iso200.
NikLG 12 1.7k England
23 Nov 2010 5:43PM
I quite like the noise I get on my D200. If I don't like it, I run the pics through a noise reduction program.
Saying that though, I am starting to consider getting a newer camera body in the not too distant future....
LenShepherd 10 3.6k United Kingdom
23 Nov 2010 5:54PM
The first problem upgrading now is finding one in stock.
The second problem is getting a good discount on a just out in demand product.
peterjones Plus
16 4.7k 1 United Kingdom
24 Nov 2010 12:13PM
I would hang on six/twelve months before buying a D7000 and don't get caught up in the hype; then the shops may well be awash with the cameras and in spite of the impending VAT increase the price may well drop perhaps to 800+; it will give Nikon time to iron out the bugs with new firmware releases and perhaps we will be able to have a look at reviews by people who have actually taken photographs with the new whizzbang; meanwhile we soldier on somehow with the gear that we have ......Grin

For example I note that the new lenses the 28-300 and 24-120 have come down in price.
LenShepherd 10 3.6k United Kingdom
28 Nov 2010 9:48PM

Quote:and in spite of the impending VAT increase the price may well drop perhaps to 800+;

It should fall to no more than 875.
20% of current list is 840. The VAT increase takes 840 to about 860.
The 18-35 started at 1045 with no discount - I recently paid 820 official import.
kiasen 8 7 Australia
29 Nov 2010 12:05AM
Looked at one on the weekend, the sales person said he thinks there could be a recall. The Lens Change Button on the D7000
models he had were sticking and he had contacted Nikon about them.Sad
LenShepherd 10 3.6k United Kingdom
26 Dec 2010 10:25PM

Quote: the sales person said he thinks there could be a recall. The Lens Change Button on the D7000
models he had were sticking and he had contacted Nikon about them.Sad

The sales person was telling lies Sad
There is a firmware upgrade for the video - and no problems with the lens release button which works the same way as on the previous around 10,000,000 DSLR's Nikon have sold.
The shop was probable on bonus if they achieved more sales of another brand Wink
kiasen 8 7 Australia
27 Dec 2010 12:19AM
The sales Person was not telling lies as you claim! Grin I tried both cameras. Both the Lens Release Buttons were sticking on each camera. Grin
strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
27 Dec 2010 9:57AM
It may just be a batch issue. If you want to hear of even the slightest hint of a rumour haver a look at DPREVIEW as they blow every tiny issue into a full blown disaster. I had a quick look for you and saw posts on hot pixels and front focus/back focus and comments on how bad the noise was @ ISO1600 when you badly underexpose then correct. So the normal ailments every single camera gets there.

No mention of the problem you mention, but it is plausible for a batch of cameras to have such a problem. So the D7000 is probably fine once you upload the firmware update. And even without it I wonder how many of us do video with the lens cap on to look for stuck pixels.

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