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Should there be a Olympic events where doping is allowed?

thewilliam 12 6.1k
19 Aug 2015 5:03PM
Now that the fight against doping seems to be all but lost, should the Olympic Games be extended to include events where doping in legal.

Just think: the three-minute mile would be just around the corner and a two-minute mile won't be far away!
19 Aug 2015 5:13PM
To show which drug is the best? Athletics is (or should be) human beings trying to achieve their maximum output not another platform for the already overwealthy drug companies.
robthecamman 9 1.7k United Kingdom
19 Aug 2015 5:36PM
absolutely not
ChrisJP 12 1.9k Wales
19 Aug 2015 5:46PM
The viagra assisted pole vault?
RayBeck 15 43 United Kingdom
19 Aug 2015 6:38PM
Hmm I thought Ephotozine was a photography magazine.
saltireblue Plus
10 11.2k 68 Norway
19 Aug 2015 7:04PM

Quote:Hmm I thought Ephotozine was a photography magazine.

Thread is posted in Healthy Debate where all non-photographic subjects can be discussed - as long as things are kept within the site T&Cs.
Cymrucwtch 5 55 Wales
19 Aug 2015 7:32PM
The dope-a-thon.
Shot (up) putt.
A new category - crack and field.

Seriously though - no.
19 Aug 2015 7:48PM
Absolutely not. If people can't show their excellence of their chosen sport by their own prowess then they shouldn't be there or they should just stop the sport all together (including the huge fees that the top athletes are paid). That might make them think twice.
Paul Morgan 19 19.5k 6 England
20 Aug 2015 3:07AM
No never, its just plain wrong.

I worked for an organisation for a number of years, part of my job was taking calls and giving advice on certain medical conditions, I got my far share of people wanting advice on certain medications that could enhance there performance in sport.
Paul Morgan 19 19.5k 6 England
20 Aug 2015 3:20AM
Here`s one good story Smile

Big Bri 19 16.6k United Kingdom
20 Aug 2015 8:22AM
reminds me of a strip from 2000AD back in my childhood where the athletes were genetically modified for their sport. One of the runners had a bullet shaped head Smile
mikehit 11 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
20 Aug 2015 9:06AM

Quote:Now that the fight against doping seems to be all but lost,

That is an assumption I am not yet sure holds. I think it is significant that the two media companies making that claim have refused requests from IAAF to show the information they have, and I suspect that is because they are worried it can be refuted more solidly that IAAF already have.
If big corporations or MPs refused the same request there would be all sorts of accusation of cover-up.
altitude50 16 20.5k United Kingdom
20 Aug 2015 9:29AM
The penalties for being caught using performance enhancing drugs seem to be very light.
There are also several athletes who failed to respond to repeat requests for scheduled drug tests and were banned for a very short time and are have returned to the stadiums, appearing in public, winning races and other events, setting new records, but that seems to be acceptable by a lot of people..
mikehit 11 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
20 Aug 2015 9:39AM
You need to be very careful linking 'using performance enhancing drugs' with 'missing drugs tests'. Where athletes have enforced absences (be it suspension or pregnancy for example) It is quite common for athletes to come back stronger if they get their training right and take the opportunity to relax and recharge their bodies so simply drawing the conclusion as proof they were taking drugs is too simplistic.

The problem is not so much the penalties as the lack of consistency between countries. The US has always taken a more lax approach to the problem than UK as an example which is why Justin Gatlin would have been banned for life by now in UK for his 2 offences.
altitude50 16 20.5k United Kingdom
20 Aug 2015 10:08AM
I was thinking about those athletes that 'went shopping' or 'didn't hear the doorbell' or 'was just forgetful'. Not for just one test that their careers depended on but several.

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